Artificial Intelligence Making It Easy For Blood Donation

blood donation

At any rate, is it possible to implement artificial intelligence in blood donation? For every 2 seconds, there is a requirement for blood donors. The reason is simple; the development is at the peak and also accidents relating to them. Every second 100’s of patients are taking admission in hospitals. Alone development is non-justifiable for such incidents, along with joins stabbing, road accidents, half murders and what not? Donors are donating blood above legal age.

Why artificial intelligence in Blood Donation?

Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in determining the capabilities of the individual for blood donation. An object of Artificial intelligence- big data is in use for predicting, analyzing and determining.

blood donation

The details to amplify the possibilities of blood donation:

  • Blood group
  • Locality
  • Last donation
  • Health records

All things considered, there are different types of blood group and some are still unrecognized to be truthful. In such cases, it is very important to store data of which blood group is rare and readily available. It is very important to understand that a person needs to be charged with the same blood group he/she is born with. Acquiring a wrong blood group definitely leads to unnecessary complications otherwise to death.

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The American Red Cross states:

If the donor and recipient are from the same ethnic background, the chance of a reaction can be reduced and that African-American blood donation may be the best hope for the needs of patients with sickle cell disease, 98% of who are of African-American descent.

Accordingly, it is important to note the fact that, knowing about the rarest blood group is not enough. Availability to nearest plays a vital role. Using big data the localities where the blood group and blood donors are available can be classified. However, it helps in the reduction of time and increases in possibilities.

Health records:

Donating is a good cause and history is an important factor before the donation of blood. The reason is simple; In the first place, the donor needs to revive themself with strength and immune to avoid unpleasant situations for self. The records allow the donor to date when a donation is possible in the future.

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On the other hand, health records help in determining the capabilities of the donor. It systematically helps in keeping the personal details of the individual. Big data allows this to happen to avoid complications for the donor in the future.

All these data is simplified on a large scale and this allows a better system to donate in nearby centers and hospital. Artificial intelligence in blood donation propagates a better working system.

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