TestFlight App – How To and List of Invitation Redeem Codes Updated [2021]

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What is the TestFlight App?

Android users have always earned perks because of their Open source features. One of the perks is easily installing Beta Apps on their phone and availing themselves of the new features before the market launch. If you are an App tester, you must be missing testing the beta apps on your iPhone devices, while Android testers can easily do that. Worry not; we have made a list of TestFlight invitation codes that you can redeem right now.

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iOS is not an Open source platform, and that’s why one cannot directly install apps from Safari just like Android packages (APK), but there is a solution. Apple has an alternate way to install beta Apps on your devices by using TestFlight App. TestFlight apps let users download the beta programs from the developer’s public invites. These invites are in the form of links sent by Email or available on the official website.

Use these simple steps to install beta apps on your iPhone

Head to App Store and install the TestFlight app.

testflight beta apps list

After successfully installing TestFlight, look for public invitations by the developers on the official site of the Beta app you want to install. For example, You can find the WhatsApp beta testing for TestFlight on their official site Wabetainfo

After tapping on the install, the link will move you to the TestFlight app and start installing it on your IOS device.

Boom!! You are now using beta apps with the latest features on your IOS device.

Also, TestFlight has several other features available for the Beta Apps. The beta programs are for testing purposes, and it is necessary to know that your device information will be shared with developers to know the expected outputs on different devices.

Test flight

Other information may also be shared depending upon the type of application you have enrolled in the Test Flight. There are patches readily available for the issues in TestFlight once you have reported to the developers about the problems you are facing.

How to Install and Delete the Beta program on the TestFlight app?

You can install the previous builds by developers for the same beta app if you face complications after updating.

To do this,

Open TestFlight app > Beta App > Previous Builds > Select Build number > Install

Other information can be accessed in the TestFlight app, such as App Information and Notifications.

test flight app

To delete the beta program, just click on the Stop Testing Button at the end of the App page. This will let you leave the beta program.

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The developers can set the maximum number of testers for the beta program. If all the slots are full, you cannot join the program. If you wish to enroll back to testing the App, then there should be slots available, or else it will not be possible.

TestFlight for Developers

Testing your developed apps is easier than before with the help of the TestFlight app. After uploading your app into the developer’s section, which will take time, log in to iTunes Connect and click on the top menu on the TestFlight tab. You will see your build uploaded and which you have to note down to add users to the beta group.

To create a beta group, click on the new group in the sidebar and follow the steps. It will require you to input the email addresses of the testers. Click on the Build tab and add your build number to the testers group.

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After you have selected the build number, it will ask you to fill out some basic information about the app. This information is regarding how to use the app and what is to be tested.

Apple also uses this information on TestFlight to accept or reject the app. If the app is accepted, you or anyone else from the beta group will receive an email within 24 hours.

As a developer, you might want people to test your ios application and if you are not having their email-id; here is how to create a public beta link to your IOS app –

  • Log on to App Store Connect.
  • Navigate to Groups and create a new beta tester group.
  • Once the group is created, we need to add our build for testing.
  • To add the build, go to the build section of your newly created beta testers group and click on Add Build (+ build)
  • Select the appropriate app/build and click on okay.
  • Now, go back to the testers section in the group and click on “Enable Public Link.”
  • You can also the maximum number of testers and check the number of testers currently using your build.

Redeeming TestFlight Invitation Code

Redeem your invitation code using the simple steps listed below –

  • Download the test flight app on your apple device.
  • Set up using the iCloud credentials.
  • Open the email containing the app invitation.
  • Click on “View in Testflight.”
  • Once the app opens, click on redeem, which will redirect you to a universal page.
  • Click on the download option on the universal page.
  • Your beta app is downloaded and ready to test.

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List of few available beta apps on TestFlight

This is the complete list of few beta apps available for testing. You can directly click on the invitation code given along with the app name.

Install the TestFlight app and click on the invitation link.

Beta AppsTestFlight Redeem Code
Google ChromeRedeem Testflight Code
Facebook lite Redeem Testflight Code
Facebook MessengerRedeem Testflight Code
Pocket: Save. Read.Redeem TestFlight Code
MicrosoftRedeem Testflight Code
Trello — organize anythingRedeem Testflight Code
Omnifocus 3Redeem Testflight Code
Tapatalk – 200,000+ ForumsRedeem Testflight Code
1Blocker XRedeem Testflight Code
1PasswordRedeem Testflight Code
Airchat for AirPods Redeem Testflight Code
Buffer: Social Media Manager Redeem Testflight Code
ClockologyRedeem TestFlight Code
DiscordRedeem Testflight Code
Firefox Subscribe for Pre-release
Kaspersky Security Cloud Redeem Testflight Code
Microsoft CortanaRedeem Testflight Code
Microsoft ExcelRedeem Testflight Code
Microsoft OneDriveRedeem Testflight Code
Microsoft OneNoteRedeem Testflight Code
Microsoft Outlook Redeem Testflight Code
Microsoft PowerPointRedeem Testflight Code
Microsoft To-DoRedeem Testflight Code
Microsoft WordRedeem Testflight Code
Mobile Legends Redeem TestFlight Code
Musixmatch Lyrics FinderRedeem Testflight Code
Omlet Arcade: Livestream GamesRedeem Testflight Code
ownCloud – File Sync and ShareRedeem Testflight Code
Skype for iPhoneRedeem Testflight Code
SpotifyRedeem Testflight Code
TelegramRedeem Testflight Code
WhatsApp Redeem Testflight Code
WhatsApp BusinessRedeem Testflight Code
WordPress Redeem Testflight Code
Xbox AppRedeem Testflight Code
YouTube | YTCount – Subscriber CountRedeem Testflight Code

These are some of the popular Testflight invitation codes. You can set up the test flight app on your Apple iPhone and click on the invitation code from the list above.

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