Enable Dark Mode on your Windows 10

dark mode on windows 10

Staying up late at night and working late is often tiresome for the softball of our vision; eyes. It is important that we take care of them and strain them less to be more productive and healthier. No matter if you are a developer, gamer, student or an hardworking employee working late night, a typical solution to comfort your eyes is using the Dark Mode and less brightness.

Also you can use the Dark theme to make it look fancy or in my case, I just prefer darker environments over brighter Windows. Mostly you love it too.

To enable Dark Mode on Windows 10 follow these steps –

  1. Open start menu and Open Search bar.
  2. Enter Settings and locate it.
  3. Look for Personalisation and Select Colours.
  4. Scroll down and choose Default app mode as Dark.

Boom!! Your Windows is now in Dark Mode.

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The Dark theme will be applied to most of your Windows 10 menus, pop ups and default sections of the Operating system. However, third party apps and some of the internal features such as files will still be in the default theme they come with. You can also apply the Dark theme to the third party apps through their settings if available. Most of the IDE’s for developers come with the Dark Mode options.

This feature of Windows is available only for systems running on Windows 10 operating system.

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If you want us to write on Dark Mode themes for other versions of windows let us know in our Mail Box.

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