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VPN app – How to Choose a Trustworthy and Best VPN?

If you are a regular user or want to try your hands on VPN to have secure browsing and anonymity then you might want to consider a few tips before choosing the right VPN app. There are many reputable VPN services loaded with password sharing and ad targeting malware which are surely not good for use. You might even consider not using the industry’s most trusted VPN services after reading tips from our guide. 

One thing which I want to make clear before proceeding is Free VPNs do not exist. Free VPNs are filled with ad-targeting malware and also steal your sensitive data such as personal identity. These Free VPN providers sell your data to third-party and earn extra money. It is no secret that Free VPNs cannot unblock Netflix and no doubt they always scam your data. 

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There are plenty of VPN services on windows, android, iPhone, and many other operating systems that are farming on your data. According to reports, 283 VPN apps are analyzed with malware that steals your data and sells it for money. So, how to choose a VPN that is trustworthy and genuine? Here are the tips – 

Purpose of VPN app

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The most important aspect of choosing a VPN app is the purpose of use. If you are looking for a VPN app for gaming and streaming or other entertainment purposes then you should preferably go for router VPNs. It is better to use router VPNs because they give excellent security along with good streaming to your whole family. This also reduces buying multiple device subscriptions for each of your devices. You can directly use one VPN across all the devices instead of multiple apps. 

If you are strongly relying on public Wi-fi for most of your work then it is better to use a secure VPN app. Public Wi-Fi systems are favorite hotspots for hackers. You must use a secure VPN app rather than the one which is best for streaming entertainment in such a case. 

Many VPN apps are good for both services. This includes Nord VPN and Turbo VPN but Hotspot shield VPN is questionable after it redirected users to partner websites in the past. 

It is better to make a note on what is the purpose of using a VPN and which areas you use it the most. You can then cut off possibilities and choose the best VPN app. 

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Priority filter 

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Now that we are narrowing our possibilities and purposes of using a VPN service. Let us prioritize and filter out what is not needed in our VPN service using factors like quality, uses, privacy, and worth. 

A good VPN app should be good in quality. You need to make sure that if you are going anonymous on the web, the anonymity doesn’t break down in the middle of surfing. That would be the last thing you will be wishing for. The connections on your VPN must be secure and also make sure that there is no data farming by the provider. 

One thing most of us don’t do is read the privacy policy and terms and conditions. Most of the VPN providers mention their data collection policy in the privacy policy section to avoid later legal issues. So, make sure you read the privacy policy thoroughly before installing the VPN. 

Another quality filter I suggest, do not install APK versions of VPN from other sources. There are high chances that you end up installing malware on your android which locks out of the device. This holds good for all the other devices, although mac and iPhone are pretty alert about such malicious apps. But being safe on your side is much important.  

Taking quality into consideration, make sure all your needs are met and the VPN app is worthy. Do not pay an excessive amount for something which is not strong enough to protect your data. Mark all of the above points and prioritize which is the best VPN app for you. 

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Check for Server Locations 

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If you are frequent leisure or business traveler and keep on wandering countries, make sure you have servers from that location or nearby. If your VPN app fails in providing you important locations then it is no good for you in the first place. It becomes useless. 

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Interactive UI 

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Any app which has a complicated user interface makes it difficult for the user to interact with it. No matter if you have the best VPN subscription, if the user interface is bad then you will face huge difficulties. 

Look for a VPN app that is user friendly and easy to interact with. If you are not a techie then setting up things and make it work every time will be one of the difficult tasks for you. 

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Devices Compatible

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If you are not using a router VPN or if you are a frequent traveler then it is necessary to note that the VPN app works on all the devices. 

Take my example. I am a content writer and tech-savvy and I use multiple devices to work to give you the best information. In such a case if my VPN app is not supported by other devices then I have to buy another new one and set it up again. So, I need to make sure I use the VPN app which is supported on all of my devices. 

The same goes for you. No one likes to pay for multiple VPN apps just because they (VPN) don’t work on other devices. 

The easiest thing you can do is list up all the best VPN apps you chose from the priority filter. Now, you can filter out the list using device compatibility. 

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Subscription charges

Look for the subscription charges. If you are an individual who is planning to use a VPN for self then there is no use of buying the Elite or costly packages. 

VPN subscriptions are also on the data usage basis. In this case, you have to pay according to the data usage you require. Some of the VPN services charge a hefty amount for unjustified data.

It is better to compare subscription packages before buying VPN services. 

Customer service 

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Being a productive person, you want your VPN to be working all the time. But in some cases where you are facing trouble using a VPN app, the first thing you want to do is get in touch with the support. 

Your VPN providers should have an effective and fast customer service to solve your problems. You cannot be waiting for your services to continue after hours of getting in touch with customer support. 

Also, customer support helps you with the user interface problems you face. So, make sure you contact them during difficulties. 

Give my money back 

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Most VPNs promise a lot while you are buying their subscription. If you are an entertainment freak, you may fall for traps like “This VPN unblocks Netflix”. Although, once you buy these subscriptions, you don’t get what you are looking for. 


Ask for a money-back guarantee. Choose a VPN service which gives you a money-back guarantee on being unsatisfied. Also, read terms and conditions before buying the subscription. Most of the VPN apps trick you while buying subs.

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Do not fall for captivating traps of VPN services. Check all the above tips before buying a subscription and remember, free VPNs do not exist. Make sure you use the priority filter and check for malware cases on the VPN apps. 

Here is our list of best VPNs, if you have no time to surf and study hundreds of VPNs on the internet.

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VPN app – How to Choose a Trustworthy and Best VPN?

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Frequently asked questions –

What is VPN app used for?

A VPN app is used to establish a secure connection on the internet, hide your IP, and encrypt your data. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more.

Is it safe to use VPN apps?

Yes, it is safe to use VPN apps as long as you choose a trustworthy and reliable app. Meanwhile, also remember, free VPN apps don't exist in 2020 and they sell your data.

Can you be tracked with the VPN app your are using?

Yes. VPN apps don't make you completely anonymous. You can still be tracked if you are on the same public LAN using other methods. Free VPN apps also leak your IP at times.

is it legal to use VPN in India?

Yes, VPNs are legal in India but there are certain conditions that come along with its use.