How to Watch & Activate NFL Account on Smart TV

National Football League is one of the major football events in America, consisting of 32 teams. This league is played amidst 32 teams and is an 18-week long tournament played from September to January. First formed in the year 1920, NFL has been people’s favourite sport; however, with live streaming facilities, you can stream all NFL games. Now, you can watch NFL sports on not only your laptop but also streaming platforms such as Roku, Xfinity, Fire Stick TV and more. To do this, you need to activate the NFL. Here are the steps to activate the NFL on any streaming platform.

NFL networks can be activated easily on most streaming devices and need no special subscription. However, you need to have an active account and fast internet service to stream seamlessly.

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How to Activate NFL |

Activate your device NFL

You can activate an NFL account on multiple streaming services such as Roku, Fire Stick, and Xfinity. The process to activate NFL on NFL com activate is similar on almost all the platforms, but they differ on how you install them. The following section discusses activating the NFL account on popular platforms.

Before activating the NFL, it is essential to have active and faster WiFi connections to stream seamlessly. Ensure you are getting sufficient speed, or use a WiFi speed booster or extender to stream buffer-free.

Watch NFL Faster and Outside the US

NFL logo

Stream NFL using VPN

If you have moved outside the US and wish to stream NFL, we have a clear cut and unbiased opinion that NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the best fits. You can stream faster, securely, and from 1800+ servers individually.

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How to Activate NFL on Roku Streaming Device

Use NFL on Roku

Roku users have commonly faced problems while activating their NFL account; it is a streaming platform similar to Amazon’s firestick but complex interface. If you are unaware of how to watch NFL live on Roku and activate it, here are the easiest steps you can follow.

Activate NFL on Roku

  • Connect the Roku streaming device to your smart TV and ensure you are connected to the internet.
  • To install NFL, navigate to the streaming channels menu using the channels menu button on the remote or navigate manually.
  • In the streaming channels menu, search for NFL and then add it to your streaming list (NFL app).
  • Open the NFL app on your smart TV and then you will be shown an activation code on your screen. This is the same activation code we will use to activate NFL using NFL com activate.
  • Now, open a web browser on your Android or iOS/PC and navigate to the Ensure you are connected to the same network as that of your smart TV.
  • Login using your NFL credentials at and in a new tab, open (Activation Link) for activation purposes (Do not open in incognito mode).
  • Now, enter the activation code you see on the screen and wait until the screen refreshes.
  • NFL is now successfully activated on your Roku streaming device.

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How to Activate NFL on Xfinity

Watch NFL on Xfinity

Xfinity users can stream NFL live using the Xfinity digital TV subscription; this should cost you around $10 and $300, depending on your chosen features. It would be best if you also had an active NFL subscription to watch the games live. Once you have an active subscription, it will be easy to activate NFL using

Activate NFL on Xfinity

  • Download NFL on your preferred device having the Xfinity subscription.
  • Launch the NFL app and you will see an activation code.
  • Now, navigate to activation link and enter the activation code from the app.
  • Select the Xfinity as your service provider and login using your account.

That’s it. You can now stream NFL games live on your Xfinity subscription. Alternatively, you can ditch the Xfinity digital cable using the Xfinity Stream app and directly download the NFL app. Downloading NFL on Xfinity is similar to downloading apps on Android TV or the store.

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How to Activate NFL on Fire Stick

How to Activate NFL Network

Amazon’s plug and play Fire Stick TV also supports streaming NFL live. However, it is a little different on how to activate NFL networks using Fire Stick compared to other services as the operating system is different.

Activate NFL Networks on Fire Stick

  • Connect your Fire Stick plug and play to your Smart TV; Ensure your TV supports it.
  • Open the Application Store and get the NFL TV app.
  • Download the NFL app and install it on Amazon Fire Stick TV.
  • Now, open the app and sign-in using your login ID and password (if prompted).
  • You will now see an activation code on your screen. Please write it down or copy it on your PC/Mobile.
  • Open the web browser on your PC or Mobile with the NFL TV app logged in with your credentials.
  • Enter URL (Activation Link) in the web browser and enter the activation code displayed on your screen.
  • Your Amazon Firestick should have the NFL activated now.

It is common to face problems with the older version of the Amazon Fire Stick when activating the NFL Networks. One of the prominent reasons is outdated firmware. To avoid such issues, you can get the latest Amazon Fire Stick.

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How to Activate NFL on Xbox?

Watch NFL on Xbox

If you have a gaming console such as an Xbox, you no longer need to buy a streaming device, likewise Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or Google Chromecast. You can watch NFL games live using your Xbox gaming console on your smart TV with the NFL activation code on

Activate NFL on Xbox

  • To activate on your Xbox, the first is to ensure your Xbox is correctly connected to a monitor or smart tv.
  • Now, open the Xbox store; search and download the NFL app on your Xbox drive.
  • Open the NFL app and now you can find an activation code.
  • Using another device such as Android/iPhone or a PC; Open a web browser and navigate to in one of the tabs; login using your NFL username and password if you wish to stream live.
  • In another tab, open the Activation Link and enter the activation code as seen on the Xbox screen.
  • Your Xbox should now have NFL running successfully.

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How to Activate NFL on PlayStation

Activate and Watch NFL on Playstation

Like Xbox, you can activate NFL on PlayStation and enjoy your favourite shows and movies without buying an additional streaming stick. The trick is to get the NFL on your PlayStation gaming console, activate the account using and enter the activation code. Once done, you can watch and enjoy the NFL on your PS gaming console once done.

Activate NFL on PlayStation

  • Ensure your PlayStation console is connected to your Smart TV or a monitor and getting sufficient internet connection to activate NFL.
  • Now, open the PlayStation store and search for “NFL” and download it.
  • The next step is to use an Android, iOS or PC device and login to in one of the tabs of the browser.
  • In another tab, navigate to and you can find the activation field. Enter the activation code from your PlayStation in the activation field.
  • Now, NFL should be activated on your PlayStation; you can now watch your favorite football game directly on NFL using the PlayStation.

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How to Use NFL on Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a device similar to Amazon Fire Stick featuring thousands of streaming platforms like Netflix, Roku, Hulu, and more. If you are wondering how to use NFL using on your Google Chromecast device, here is everything you need to know.

Activate NFL on Google Chromecast

  • Connect your Google Chromecast device to your smart TV and ensure it is connected to the same network.
  • To install NFL, navigate to the Chromecast channels menu.
  • In the streaming channels menu, search for NFL and then install it on your Chromecast device.
  • Open the NFL app on your smart TV and you will be shown an activation code on your screen. This is the same activation code we will use to activate NFL using
  • Now, open a web browser on your Android or iOS/PC and navigate to the
  • Login using your NFL credentials at and in a new tab, open (Activation Link) for activation purposes (Do not open this in the incognito mode).
  • Now, enter the activation code you see on the screen and wait until the screen refreshes.
  • You can now watch NFL networks on your smart TV using your Google Chromecast device.

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How to Use NFL on Apple TV?

Watch NFL on Apple TV

Apple Mini is one of the premium streaming platforms with media available in 4K; it enhances the entire experience of watching the NFL live on a TV with clean clarity and sharpness. However, users may sometimes find it challenging to find NFL and activate it on their Apple Mini.

If you are unsure how to install NFL on Apple TV and watch matches live, below are the steps to help you out.

NFL on Apple Mini

  • Ensure your Apple TV streaming device is active and paired with the smart TV. Additionally, also ensure you are getting sufficient internet connection.
  • Now, Navigate to the Apple TV app store and then search for “NFL” and install it.
  • Open the NFL app and then you can find the activation code on your screen; copy the code or keep the screen freezed.
  • On an another device such as an iPhone, Android, or PC; open a web browser and ensure it is not in the incognito mode.
  • In one of the tabs, visit and sign in using a valid user account.
  • In another tab, visit to and then enter the activation code from your screen in the box below.
  • Once done, NFL is activated on your Apple TV.

Apple Mini is a modern and streaming friendly platform; you can find the most popular channels, platforms, and media content in the highest resolution. It is an experience to watch NFL live on Apple Mini.

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Frequently Asked Questions [faqs]

How do I activate the NFL network?

Download the NFL app on your Smart TV or the streaming device and enter the activation code on

Is NFL on Roku?

Yes, you can download and install NFL on Roku; to activate NFL, open the NFL app on Roku and enter the activation code at

How to Activate NFL Networks on any device?

NFL networks can be activated on any device by downloading the app and entering the activation code seen on the screen at

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Wrapping Up: How to Activate NFL |

This is how simple it is to activate NFL on any smart TV or streaming device; you can now watch live football matches and enjoy the extras directly on your TV. Additionally, you don’t need to get an additional subscription to activate the NFL. Your basic plan can be used to watch the NFL on streaming devices such as Roku, Fire Stick, and Xfinity. However, for Xfinity, you need to get an additional Xfinity digital cable or streaming app subscription to install NFL later and watch live matches.

We hope to have helped you activate the NFL; if you have any questions, drop them in the comments below. Also, subscribe to our newsletter below and never miss any prime tech updates from us.

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