Top 3 Best Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming

Top 3 Best Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming

We all struggle over the normal keyboards while we are into intense gaming. Definitely we break down the keys instead of breaking guns in our gaming experiences and that’s a problem.  Here are best mechanical keyboard for gaming and programming.

Mechanical keyboards are specially designed for accepting hard key strokes and gaming. Mostly programmers and gamer prefer buying mechanical keyboards for their own purposes. The keys are designed for rough and comfortable use.

Best mechanical keyboards for Gaming and Programming –

Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Lapboard Combo

best mechanical keyboard for gaming

The corsair K63 is definitely a look out laptop for gaming and also to an extent for programming and quick typing purposes.

It comes with memory cushion for protection and soft rest for long hours on keyboard. The corsair k63 is best mechanical keyboard for gaming and programming as it comes with a mouse pad combo for comfort and blue lit keyboard for gaming experiences.

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The best part of corsair K63 is the wireless technology and lightweight nature. It is designed in such a way that the keyboard is removable keeping the mouse pad still. This multipurpose feature enhances the keyboard for different purposes.

The Bluetooth connectivity is ultra fast with 1ms 2.4GHz and low latency Bluetooth. It is fast and reliable over a distance and much comfortable than other wireless keyboards. The combo of keyboard and mouse pad allows you to move a complete I/O system on the couch and use comfortably.

best mechanical keyboard for gaming

Corsair k63 has 100% Cherry MX red switches with gold contacts is perks for programmers. They allow fast key register and are much more comfortable than any other wireless keyboards. The long lasting battery and vibrant blue lights enhance their quality. The battery lasts up to 15 hours wirelessly while you can also connect with USB for uninterrupted work and gaming.

The corsair k63 comes with 128 bit security restricting attacks such as eavesdropping and other key recorders. They are secured and much more reliable in security compared to basic keyboards available in the market.

Redgear Manta MT21 Gaming Keyboard

The Redgear manta MT21 is not exactly a mechanical keyboard but has all the qualities of it. It has a premium finish at lower price and is way more attractive along with quality.

As a gamer you must be concerned with what built quality is this keyboard made up of? Well, the keyboard is made up of aluminium which makes it slightly heavy but durable.

There are 104 keys and all of them are made up of plastic with a bit sustainable print on them compared to other keyboards.

You and I, we all want a complete gaming experience when we are dedicated to play games we love. The Redgear manta MT21 has 3 led lights evenly distributed along the keyboard.

The intensity of these LED lights can be changed using Function key combinations. Desired colour can be selected among the three available colours and also they can be set to automatic.

The Redgear manta has a good quality of cable material which makes it sustainable for longer time while the space bar operations will take time. The space bar key comes up with every two keys pressed or doesn’t come at all. This will take time to get used to it.

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Manta MT21 is not wireless but it has very good connectivity standards. It also comes in combination with a Mouse.

The key placements on the keyboard are done using floating point architecture which gives enough space for convenience. The Floating point architecture also allows quick response time for gamers.

Redgear manta MT21 although is made up of Membrane it does better work than mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is both comfortable and attractive.

Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB Pass-Through (Carbon)

best mechanical keyboard for gaming

The Logitech G413 is a perfect and best mechanical keyboard for gaming. It exist somewhere in the middle of professional keyboards and gaming keyboards.

The Logitech G413 belongs to the carbon series from the Logitech hub. It has mechanical keys and is made up of aircraft grade quality with rubber grip at back.

It is not like the RGB keyboards with multiple lights, it has only one RED light which gratifies the user experience. The keyboard comes in with Romer G tactile switches which are efficient and reliable. The traditional cherry red MX switches are good for RGB keyboards.

It comes in with thick cable quality and dual USB connections; One for connectivity and other for backlit. The cable is 6 feet long and durable.

best mechanical keyboard for gaming

Logitech has been working on getting comfortable with its gaming keys. Logitech G413 packaging contains extra keys that include W A S D , Q W E R T Y and 12345 keys along with key cap remover. These keys are intended from the corners which make them more comfortable and provide better gaming experiences. Keys are quite attractive with matte black finishing.

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The trigger game active mode switches gaming experience to another level. 26 key rollover lets you click multiple keys plus the modifier keys.

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