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Beats PowerBeats Pro Review | Totally Wireless Earphones

Beats Powerbeats Pro Review: Nourished by Dr. Dre and later acquired by Apple, Beats is one of the most powerful audio companies. One of the beats products, Powerbeats Pro, is totally a wireless earphone you need to look out for. Be it design, the audio quality, premium touch, or comfort, Powerbeats Pro has it all. Here is a detailed review of Powerbeats Pro, and should you be buying this TWS in 2021?

The Beats Powerbeats Pro is a totally wireless earphone that is in direct competition with top TWS earphones. If you look closely at specifications and the user reviews, Beats Powerbeats Pro is almost as good and maybe better than the AirPods Pro; we shall see that later in the review.

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Design | Beats Powerbeats Pro

Soft Ear Tips

Beats Powerbeats Pro has an ergonomic design which makes it a comfort when using it. Unlike most popular and newly released TWS earphones, Beats Powerbeats Pro comes with a soft ear tip. These are comfortable to use especially when you are an athlete working out for long hours or for anyone who prefers wearing earphones for a long time.

The soft ear tips are available in multiple sizes with Powerbeats Pro ensuring you don’t have to compromise on comfort.

Best Beats earphones

The cushion/soft ear tip part of the Beats Powerbeats Pro is designed to slim to comfort the ears of one listening to them. This ensures less pressure around the ear lobe, and soft comfort is maintained when using them for a longer time.

Comfortable Hold

Most of the truly wireless earphones that we see these days, such as AirPods, do not fit genuinely in our ears. It is common to find either one or both of your TWS earbuds on the ground if you are doing activities.

Powerbeats Pro is not something that can fall easily, even during intense sports or activities. The reason for this is a comfortable over-the-ear hold design that keeps the Powerbeats Pro in place despite what you are doing.

We have been using the Powerbeats Pro for quite a time, and hardly we have seen it displaced. The comfortable hold makes it more desirable to use than the AirPods, OnePlus Buds, or other truly wireless earphones.

Of course, the Powerbeats Pro is sweat and water-resistant, making them more attractive and desirable for sports and athletes.

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Control Button over Gestures

While most totally wireless earphones prefer gesture operations on their earphones (Such as Noise or AirPods Pro), Beats Powerbeats Pro has the traditional control buttons over gesture.

In our opinion, gestures are not as better as the traditional button system because they are confusing, at least for us. Compared to some of the TWS, such as Noise, the gestures are quite hard and require you to repeat them several times before they actually work.

The Beats logo on Powerbeats Pro is actually a button that can play or pause the music. In addition, there are volume buttons that are hardly visible from a distance and give you quick control over your music.

The Magic of H1 Chip

apple beats powerbeats pro totally wireless

Apple owns beats, and it is nowhere hidden about how serious and innovative Apple is with its hardware. The Powerbeats Pro comes with an H1 chip that makes it more desirable to use than other non-Apple products that rely solely on Bluetooth connectivity.

The H1 chip allows you to use a Siri voice assistant to perform tasks like adding reminders or making notes of thoughts while working out or doing something else. To activate Siri, all you need to do is wake Siri by “Hey, Siri,” and it does not involve touching the earbuds.

But only for Apple, right?

No, the H1 chip also allows you to use voice assistants like Google from your Android device. All you need to do to activate the voice assistant is to long-press the center button under the beats logo and activate the voice assistant.

Connecting the Powerbeats Pro is also seamless on iOS devices; when you open your Powerbeats case, the connection notification is quickly popped on your iPhone or iPad. However, Android devices have to connect through traditional Bluetooth only.

That’s not all; The H1 chip on Powerbeats Pro also helps you save the battery when you remove and place them in the charging case. You don’t have to manually pause the music or access your device to stop playing when you are done.

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The most annoying thing about using wireless earphones is the struggle to keep a battery backup on your wireless earphones. One of the best things that we liked about the wired earphones was you didn’t have to worry about charging them; plug them in and play your favorite music. However, using wireless earphones like Powerbeats Pro has its own perks.

The Powerbeats Pro comes with a charging case similar to the AirPods when you place the earbuds in the carry case.

The Powerbeats Pro can be used for a minimum of a promising 8 hours on a single charge. So, be it your music audition, writing, scripting, sports, workout in the gym, or tiresome desk job, Powerbeats Pro is always up for the mood-changing music game.

A fully charged charging case and Powerbeats Pro pair can together be used for at least 24 hours without having to recharge. So, we know that battery is something that Beats Powerbeats Pro has not compromised upon.

Another battery smartness Beats introduced in the Powerbeats Pro is the fast charging capabilities. If your Powerbeats Pro is dead, 5 minutes charge in the case will allow you to use the Powerbeats Pro for at least an hour.

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Charging Case

The Powerbeats Pro’s case is also a charge reserve similar to the one we see in AirPods. However, it may be hard to carry it around due to its size.

The size of the case is comparatively more, maybe double that of AirPods. If you are on your way to the office, college, gym, or traveling around, you can toss the case in the bag.

However, carrying the case in your pocket consumes a lot of space making it comfortless. The case could have been smaller, but it is the Powerbeats Pro design and the charging capacity that consumes space.

Beats Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods

AirPods and other truly wireless earbuds are easy to place in the charging due to their sleek body and space. However, this is not true with Powerbeats Pro; When you want to place the Powerbeats Pro in the charging case, it must be placed at a proper angle. As we have seen so far in this review, the design is more for comfort but compromises in size for both earbuds and the charging case.

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Sound Quality

The most important factor to note when selecting a wireless earphone is knowing the sound quality. You don’t want to pay way too high for cheap sound quality, and it would be a total loss.

The sound quality on Beats Powerbeat Pro?

Two words: Absolutely awesome.

Beats Powerbeats Pro can isolate you from the crowd with the amazing bass quality. So, if you play Hip Hop or music with too many beats, Beats Powerbeats Pro shall show you the magic.

In our opinion, these are honestly way better in sound quality compared to the AirPods. The bass is perfect, and with the HQ settings, you can feel the music beyond what AirPods is capable of.


If you plan to buy the Beats Powerbeats Pro, buy it from Amazon as they host dozens of offers. 

These truly wireless and comfortable earphones made for sports and athletes are overpriced, in our opinion. When first launched, the price of Beats Powerbeats Pro was around $250, whereas at first, AirPods were priced $70 to $80 less than the Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Powerbeats eventually reduced $50 from its original pricing, and you can save a couple of more dollars when buying from Amazon.

With the changing offers, the Beats Powerbeats Pro is available on Amazon in a range of $180 to $230 in and around the United States of America.

You can check the offer below,

Beats Powerbeats Pro Review

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro is available in 6 colors and multiple offers –

Beats Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods

AirPods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro
Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro
4.5 5 0 1
Great in sound quality, best in design for sports and athletes, and comfortable but has a bigger charging case, which is uncomfortable to carry.
Great in sound quality, best in design for sports and athletes, and comfortable but has a bigger charging case, which is uncomfortable to carry.
TQ Score iScores are based on our review
Very good
Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods
4.3 5 0 1
AirPods are better at carrying and give a more than decent sound quality. However, there are a few things to look out for, such as a failed design for sports.
AirPods are better at carrying and give a more than decent sound quality. However, there are a few things to look out for, such as a failed design for sports.
TQ Score iScores are based on our review
Very good

Both AirPods and Beats are owned by Apple and powered with an amazing set of features, but there is a competition to look out for. The Beats Powerbeats Pro has a much better design and sound quality than the AirPods.

The first major difference is the soft ear tips on the Beats Powerbeats Pro, making it more comfortable to use for a longer period. On the other hand, the AirPods have a hard plastic with one size fit that you may not be comfortable with for long hours of play.

Secondly, the design of Powerbeats Pro makes them stay on your ear no matter what you are into; be it playing basketball, soccer, or ice hockey, these will stay on your ears. AirPods, on the other hand, may fall off with a simple bump making them less convenient.

In our opinion, we don’t think highly of gesture operations on AirPods or any other earphones. They make it hard and confusing at times, and a simple task of controlling music or calls is better with physical buttons. The Beats Powerbeats Pro has physical buttons that are perfectly positioned and are not visible from a distance; one of the buttons is under the logo.

Beats Powerbeats Pro is slightly uncomfortable to carry due to its huge charging case. It is also slightly heavier compared to the AirPods. If we just wandered around the city without any bags, we would always carry AirPods than Powerbeats Pro. Because carrying Beats Powerbeats Pro in our pockets is not a comfortable idea.

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Frequent Questions

Is Powerbeats Pro worth it?

Powerbeats Pro focuses on design, comfort, sweat and water-resistant and a couple more features. Best for athletes and sports are the best and worth the price (around $200).

Do beats Powerbeats Pro have a mic?

Both the earbuds have a mic on Powerbeats Pro to make calls and activate voice assistants like Siri.

Are Powerbeats Pro louder than AirPods?

Powerbeats Pro offers a more dynamic range of audio and makes it much better than AirPods. However, AirPods have better audio quality, but Powerbeats Pro doesn’t disappoint too.

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Conclusion | Beats Powerbeats Pro Review

Beats Powerbeats Pro is one of the best totally wireless earphones; it has a stylish design, comfortable features, top-notch sound quality, and a powerful H1 chip. In this Beats Powerbeats Pro review, we also saw the hefty charging case problems, making it difficult to carry if you don’t have a bag or pouch.

Beats Powerbeats Pro also solved one of the bigger issues, such as being overpriced. Recently, Beats dropped $50 from the original pricing to make it premium affordable. Beats Powerbeats Pro is the best alternative to AirPods Pro, and we also saw the comparison in this review; AirPods Pro vs. Beats Powerbeats Pro.

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