Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Windows

Recover Permanently Deleted Files In Windows

Most of us accidentally delete some important files and can’t help later. These files are temporarily deleted and are present in the recycle bin until we empty it. You can easily recover those files by Right click on the files in the recycle bin and select restore option. But what if you have permanently deleted file by clearing the recycle bin? Or accidentally using shift + delete keys to delete the file? How to recover permanently deleted files in windows?

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Take Backup of your data using in built windows back up – 

Windows backup feature will help you recover permanently deleted files by creating a copy of it. Using the restore options you can restore the data.

Steps to back up the data using windows backup feature – 

data recovery in windows

  • Open control panel
  • Go to system and security > Save backup copies of your files with file history

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You can also back up your system image just in case you have to recover your whole operating system. This backup will create an image of your system either on your local drive or external hard disk.

backup windows system

Steps to recover data from the backup – 

  • Open control panel
  • Go to system and security > restore your files with file history

windows data restore

Backup your data on external hard disk – 

It is always a good practice to backup your important files on external hard disk. There are a lot of spacious hard disks available at lesser prices. You can always rely on them to save your important data and also carry them wherever you wish to.

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My personal favorite external hard disk is WD elements 1TB which does most for me and is at a reasonable price. Buy it here from amazon.

Backup data to cloud – 

The cloud platform is one of the best alternatives if you cannot afford an external hard disk and have less data to be backed up. There are a lot of platforms you can save a backup of your important data.

One of the best examples is the Google drive. Google drive provides you 15GB of free space which is best if you have less data to be backed up. Another benefit of using the google drive is you can share the data just by sharing a link to the person in random possible way. This is the most efficient way of sharing the data without physically sharing the drive.

Recover permanently deleted files without using any software –

Click windows + x

Select command prompt(Admin)

Type the following command

chkdsk X: /f ( X defines your drive name)

Enter ‘y’ to confirm

Enter your drive’s drive letter (X)

Type the following command

X:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*

These set of commands will recover permanently deleted files without the use of any software.

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Using the backup software to recover permanently deleted files – 

  • EaseUS software 

One of the best software to recover permanently deleted files is the EaseUS software. As soon as you launch the app the screen let you scan the drive to be copied. The files are backed up and are displayed in a proper explorer view. The files can be previewed but quality is not assured.

This free software is easy to use with no much of configuration and with the space limit of 2GB. The files can be recovered easily and if you want to recover permanently deleted files then you can navigate to the specific location.

  • Stellar 

Install the software in different volume or USB hard drive( recommended).

Launch the software and select the drives/directories to be backed up. Select all if you want to backup all your directories and drives.

Once you have a backup of your files and you have mistakenly deleted some files. It is time to recover permanently deleted files. First, scan for particular directories and drives from where the files were deleted.

If a drive is missing or you have deleted the whole partition itself then you can use the Can’t find drive option to recover the whole partition.

Select the file to be recovered and save it to your computer. Stellar is one of the best software’s to recover permanently deleted files.

There are many other best alternatives to EaseUS and Stellar such as Diskdrill, MIniTool Power data recovery, Recuva and Undelete my files pro.


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