How to: Tenor GIF keyboard on Android, IOS and Mac

How to: Tenor GIF keyboard on Android, IOS and Mac

Often typing can seem boring and isn’t the best way to show what you feel. Not at least in the world of memes and gifs. Tenor Gif is one of the most used Gif keyboards on android and iPhone. 

The Tenor GIF keyboard is so popular that the company claims 300 Million users communicate their feelings with the Tenor GIF keyboard. This makes me quite curious so I dig up on more statistics to know how popular is the GIF keyboard. 

Here is what I found

  • Tenor GIF is the most popular GIF keyboard with 12 Billion plus searches every month. 
  • 50,000,000+ installs and average ratings of 4.7/5 on Android devices. 
  • Average rating of 4.7/5 on Apple devices. 
  • The first-ever gif keyboard for Apple mac users.
  • Used by Google Keyboard, WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other platforms for the GIF feature. 

Gif’s let you communicate your feelings and thoughts when you fail to express it through words. They are the short video loops which express your emotions like hugging, kissing, and also funny. 

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It is easy to install and use the GIF keyboard on any android, iPhone, and MAC devices. Here is the installation guide.

How to install and use Tenor Gif on Android devices – 


It is easy to install Tenor GIF on android devices, it doesn’t take much time for setup and the UI is perfectly clean. The best part is you can use it without integrating it with your normal keyboard.

Here are the steps, 

Go to play store and search for Tenor GIF. If you are reading this article on your Android device, simply click here to download the GIF keyboard. 

install tenor gif keyboard on android

After installing the GIF keyboard, Open the app and search for your favorite terms. I search for things like “WOW”.

Once you find your right gif, click on send and you will find numerous options to share your favorite gif. You can WhatsApp, Send it on messenger, share it on your Facebook timeline, and many more options including embedding it on your website or sharing it with a link. 

gif keyboard

If you wish to integrate it on your messenger app, you need to allow the keyboard access from the settings. 

This is how you can install the Tenor GIF keyboard on your android device and send GIFs to your friends and family. 

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How to install Tenor GIF keyboard on iPhone – 


It is easy and quick to install the gif keyboard on the Apple iPhone. You don’t need additional keyboard downloads as tenor directly integrates with your apple keyboard. 

Here are the steps, 

Go to the App Store and search for GIF Keyboard and download it. If you are reading this article on your iPhone, Click here to directly download the tenor gif keyboard. 

gif keyboard iphone

Once the gif keyboard is downloaded, open it and you will find the prompt to enable the keyboard access. 

Go to settings and click on “Gif keyboard”. At the bottom, you will find the keyboard setting. 

Click on the keyboard and enable the gif keyboard. 

Now, toggle full access to complete the settings. 

gif keyboard settings

Your Tenor gif keyboard is ready for use. 

To use the Tenor gif, long tap on the 🌐 (Globe symbol) on your keyboard. Select Tenor Gif Keyboard, search for your favorite gif and send it directly to express your exact thoughts. 

This is how you can install the GIF keyboard on your ios device. It is simple to use and send gifs.

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How to send gifs on MAC using Tenor Gif – 


You can easily send gifs on mac devices using the following steps. Tenor Gif is the first Gif keyboard on your mac devices and it is easy to use. Simple drag and drop. 

Here are the steps, 

Click here to download the Gif keyboard on your MAC. If you are using OS version 10.11 or less, download it from here.

A dmg file is downloaded and you can find it in the Downloads folder. 

Click and drag the DMG file in the Applications folder and then open it from the applications. 

If you don’t want to install it using this method, then you can directly download the gif keyboard from the Mac App Store

To use the gif keyboard, open the application, search for your favorite gif, and simply drag it into a conversation. The gif is now sent. 

This is how you install and use the tenor gif keyboard to send gifs on MAC devices. 

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Conclusion – 


The tenor GIF keyboard is amazing and it lets you browse from millions of gif searches. Every month a total of 12 Billion+ searches are made through the gif keyboard which makes it one of the best gif keyboards for android and iPhone devices. Adding gif functionalities to mac, it also turns out that it is the first gif keyboard for mac devices. It is a must-try gif keyboard in my opinion.

Frequently asked Questions –

is tenor gif safe?

Tenor gif keyboard is a third party app on apple iPhones and apple cannot directly control the inputs you make on the tenor keyboard. While it is now acquired by Google, it seems pretty much safe to use the gif keyboard based on trust factor of google. It still sends the anonymous data to Google.

How to use the tenor gif keyboard on iPhone?

Once you install the tenor gif keyboard, toggle the permissions, open keyboard and long tap on the 🌐 (Globe symbol). Click on the tenor gif keyboard, search your favorite gif and send.

How to upload your own gif?

Yes, you can upload your own gif. To upload your own gif to tenor gif database, Click on the upload button and select the gif, jpeg, or png image from your device. The file size should be less than 10mb. Add relevant tags which makes it easier to find your gif and then click on upload to tenor.

does google own tenor?

Google acquired tenor in march 2017

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