[IOS 13] How to set Your Favorite song as iPhone Ringtone

Ever wondered if you can set your favorite song as your iPhone ringtone.

You don’t have to download any app, your default apple apps and a file manager are sufficient to set your favorite song as an iPhone ringtone.

Let’s get started without making you wait more

Step 1 –  Downloading your favorite ringtone

To set your iPhone ringtone you need to have the garage band app and a file manager. I prefer you to go with Documents by readdle. It is the best file manager app and works well with our method. Surely check the complete review on our blog – 3 best file managers for iPhone.

We need the documents file manager app for surfing and downloading your favorite song on your iPhone. If you are running ios 13 on your iPhone device then you can download your favorite song directly from the safari browser and save it in the iCloud.

If you are not using ios 13 then documents file manager is to be downloaded from the app store.

I have placed a link for you to download it.

file manger for iphone

Documents by Readdle

Open the documents app and surf for your favorite ringtones. I usually surf marimba remixes as they give you the iPhone ringtone at the start and mix them in middle with your favorite songs. They sound cool.

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Download your favorite song and then move it to the iCloud folder from the download folder on the document app.

Now we are half the way to make your favorite song as your iPhone ringtone.

Step 2 – Using Garage Band to Set iPhone Ringtone

phone ringtone

Open the garage band app and select the live loops option from the slide menu.

Select the new option to create new music and here we will make some changes.

Make sure you untick the bell just beside the record button.

Now, select the plus (+) icon and choose loops to select the song you placed in the iCloud drive with the documents file app.

iphone ringtone

Select the files option and browse for that song. After this step, go on files and browse for the song on Files. Select the song and drag it on the cue.

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apple ringtone

Click on the song to know if it is playing and working well.

Now, click on the record button [red button] and play the music. After the desired length, stop the recording.

Note: You can set a ringtone of only 15 seconds. So, make sure where you start the recording from.

The next step is to select the drop-down menu on the top left corner and select my songs. You can long-press and rename your file or just select the share option.

custom ringtone

Once you have clicked the share option, you have reached the final step to set your iPhone ringtone.

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apple ringtone

Select ringtone and you have then successfully set your iPhone ringtone.

We have made a youtube video for the same. Check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Can you set the iphone ringtone for ios 12 or lesser using garage band?

Yes, You can set the iPhone ringtone for ios 12 or lesser using the same steps for ios 13.

How to set custom iphone ringtone on ios 12 using older version of garage band?

Open the garage band and click on the plus icon on the top left corner.

Now, select my music / new music and then choose the audio recorder.

Make sure the player is in FX and the ticking bell is off beside the record button.

Now click the button beside the settings icon and select the song. Record and play the song.

Export the recording and share it as a ringtone.

Can you set any song as Iphone Ringtone?

You can set any song as iPhone ringtone but the length of the song should be 15 seconds or lesser.

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