How to Become an Apple Beta Tester?

Apple releases the newer version of the IOS a bit late, and if you are an early bird and can’t wait, then the apple beta program is for you. Apple beta program is one of the ways apple tests its new ios through its users.

Every year at WWDC, Apple brings out newer features for your iPhone and sometimes you can’t just wait for the official release. So, you can join the Apple ios beta program and get the features before the official ios release.

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Also, if you want to become an apple beta tester, you can enrol in the public beta program. Initially, the Apple beta testing program was paid, and the developers had to give 99$/year. Recently, it set the beta program to the public, and anyone can get access to apple ios beta software for free.

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For sure, you wouldn’t like to wreck your device as beta software is buggy and unstable. So, the public beta program, in my opinion, is to be tested on dummy iPhones. These Beta software are available for iPhones and Apple TV, IPad, iPods, and MacOs.

How to Join the Apple Beta Program on the iPhone?

apple beta tester

The foremost step is to visit the official Apple beta program site (Join beta program)

In the second step, scroll down to select the sign-up option to enter your Apple ID and password.

apple beta

The program is further divided into three simple steps

First, you need to archive a backup of your device. Why do you need to backup your device? Because we know that beta programs are buggy and unstable. You need to make sure you can get back your device in working condition if you no longer want to test the beta program.

To archive a backup of your iPhone, you need to connect it with iTunes on your laptop.

In the second step, you have to download a beta profile on your ios device. The beta profile is the actual beta software you are going to install on your device.

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The last step is to update your iPhone as you do for any IOS update you get. To make it easier, go to settings, open up general and select software update. You can now update the software.

Settings > General > Software Update > Update

The update process will take some time, and after finishing the required installation, You can use the beta program on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Can anyone become an Apple Beta Tester?

Yes, anyone with an Apple iPhone, Mac, or other Apple product can join the beta testing program. If you have an iPhone, you can join the iPhone beta program.

Is there a beta program for Apple macOS?

Yes, there is a beta program available for Apple macOS. You can join the beta program through the Apple Beta Program website.

Who is an iPhone Beta tester?

iPhone beta tester is the one who gets access to the early testing stage of new iOS releases. For example, a beta testing program for iOS 15 before the launch.

Is it safe to join the beta program on Apple?

The beta program is a testing phase where the developers test the new iOS releases before it is launched for the public. If you are joining the beta program, you might be testing features that may break your iPhone. So, it is a 50-50 situation.

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This is how you can enrol for the beta testing program for Apple iOS, macOS, WatchOS, and more. When you join the beta program, you might risk your device since you will be testing the developing and changing features that Apple is introducing in their newest release. Besides, the beta program is open for anyone with an Apple ID and an Apple device.

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