How to install python and pip on windows?

Pip is standard package manager for tools in python. It went into trend when most of the tools started using it in a positive way to install third party python tools. Most of the python users are linux oriented according to the stats but in my opinion there is significant number of windows users too. So, how do you install pip on windows? Is it difficult? Does it make things complicated? Let’s figure it out.

Python – Pre-requisite to install pip on windows or any other operating system – 

Python is an open source programming language which is interpreted and high level programming language. It is used by in almost all the fields and is now a must learn language for advance technology. It is easy to learn and code the python code blocks and much more fun than other programming languages.

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Likewise kotlin, python programming language uses fewer lines of codes. It supports object oriented, functional and procedural programming paradigms.

How to install Python on windows? [Skip if you already installed]

It is easy to install python on windows, it is all GUI based but considerably choosing the right one is necessary.

The first step is to figure out the operating system version on which you will install python.

Head to Python’s official download site

Select windows option and head down to files.

python installer windows

install python in windows

Here you need to select the either executable, zip or web installer depending on your convenience. Make sure you choose 32 bits(x86) or 64-32 bits(x86-64) based on your windows server configurations.

pyhton installer windows

By the same token run the python installer for windows.

On first screen, add the “python 3.6 to the path” and select the launcher option. You can choose to customise if you are familiar with the environment.

Moreover, if you want to use longer path names then disable the path length limit and head to next.

Python is successfully installed on your windows server.

Checking if the installation was successful – 

So, you have installed python on your windows server but pip demands checking if it is installed correctly.

Open the startup menu and look for cmd.

Type python in the command line.

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Successful installation of python won’t create any issue. Reconfigure the environment variable in case of unsuccessful installation.

How to install pip on windows?

Download file

Open command prompt and type the following command.


Successful installation of pip.

Verify pip installation – 

To verify pip installation on your windows server, open command prompt and type the following command

pip – v

Successful installation of pip displays the version information.

Python windows installer is a necessary step and it is not possible to run pip without the python setup. These were simple steps to install pip on windows.

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