How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death? Avoid BSoD using these tips.

It is a great loss when you lose data while you are working on your system and it abruptly crashes. Windows is much likely to face the system error -Blue screen of death which is very profound as BSoD. It is a state where your system cannot work in safe mode. How to fix the blue screen of death? is a must question.

First of all we shall understand, What is actually meant by BSoD?


And the answer for this is: It is a blue screen displayed on your system when your operating system faces a fatal  system error known as a system crash and; as a result of which you might be forced to restart your system. In fact, it can be due to software or hardware issue.

What causes BSoD (Blue Screen of Death)?

Blue screen of death also known as STOP Error is a result of various problems which include:

  1. Unmountable boot volume
  2. Inaccessible boot drive
  3. A malware attack that corrupts system files
  4. Page fault in no paged area.

Let us understand how to fix blue screen of death in the light of software issues.

As a result of the blue screen of death issue, when a blue screen occurs, Windows automatically creates a “minidump” file that contains information about the crash and saves it to your disk. You can view this information to help in identifying the cause for the blue screen. It is always preferable to boot your system in safe mode when your system is not booting up. Following are the steps to boot your system into safe mode and learn how to fix the blue screen of death.

  1. Turn your system on
  2. Click on F8 before the system turns on
  3. Select arrow key and Press enter.

How to disable automatic restart option?


The reaction time with blue screen of death is so quick that it never allows you to read explicitly what the error is. The following steps let you disable the automatic restart option.

How to fix blue screen of death

  1. Go to My computer properties
  2. Click on the advanced tab
  3. In start up and recovery section, click the setting buttons
  4. At system failure, uncheck the automatic restart option.
  5. Save the settings.

To enumerate, if you are not into much technical knowledge then follow these tips to avoid blue screen of death –


Tip 1 – System restore

Always have a back up of your operating system and restore the safe state in such situations. The common problem with Blue screen of death is incorrect installation of device drivers. Certain device drivers which are not required in first place are incorrectly installed which is one of the main reasons for system crash. Restoring the system will delete the software and drivers installed after the back up.

Tip 2 – Install updates

Make sure that your PC or laptop is free of viruses because they are responsible to infect the Master Boot Record(MBR) or Boot Sector. Latest versions of windows update include patches for bugs and possess improvements. As a result of which there is an increment in security from internal threats and malware to your computer.

Read the instructions to Enable and Disable the windows update on your windows 10

Tip 3 – Install the latest drivers

Incompatible windows drivers or outdated windows drivers can also be another reason for BSoD. For this purpose, you can regularly update them and check them in device driver setting available in properties of my computer. Most of the best drivers for end users can be provided by Windows Update, but some pieces of more obscure hardware may require you to go to a manufacturer’s site, key in your model number or serial number, then Download and Install the latest driver.

Tip 4 – Monitoring and Diagnosing memory

The operating system when crashed consequently leads to blue screen of death. This can happen as the problem in computer memory being the case. For the diagnosis of computer memory, follow the mentioned steps.

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Search for memory
  3. Click on diagnose memory and
  4. Follow the next steps.

Tip 5 – Startup repair

You can run the Startup Repair tool if it’s preinstalled in your system. Then, goto Advanced boot settings select for startup repair which will fix most of your issues caused during startup. Get into Advanced boot by pressing F8 before on starting the windows.

How to fix blue screen of death?

Unmountable Boot Volume issue – 0x000000ED

fix blue screen of death

The main cause of blue screen of death is wrongful information of windows partition in boot configuration files. You can always use tools like easy recovery essentials or OnTrack easy recovery. Using these tools you can significently fix the windows disk partition using automated repair and then restart the computer.

The best about OnTrack easy essentials is the number of features it provides. With automated disk diagnosis it performs file recovery and repair and data recovery.

Inaccessible boot device – 0x0000007B

how to fix blue screen of death

There can be many factors responsible for this issue. For instance, you can check your hard drive cables for loose connections or make sure your data on hard disk is not corrupted.

Insert your windows installation disk and repair your computer using appropriate options. You can also use command prompt while repairing your windows type bootrec/rebuildbcd for the same.

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NTFS – 0x00000024  


The corruption of hard disk file system is also one of the reasons for blue screen of death. How to fix blue screen of death for the same? It is simple. Particularly, Check for disk utility tool and try diagnosing the error. This should fix the issue and if it doesn’t then follow these steps.

  1. Insert your windows installation disk and enter the boot mode
  2. Run repair your computer
  3. Select for command prompt
  4. Type chkdsk /f /r
  5. Run

Systems thread exception – 0x0000007E

how to solve bsod

0x0000007E is a system thread exception. To fix this exception lead by blue screen of death, make sure that the BIOS is properly configured and you have enough space on hard disk. It is equally important to Install compatible device drivers to avoid this problem in future.

Kernel mode exception – 0x0000008E

Fix blue screen of death

The 0x0000008E is an exception by Kernel. To fix this issue it is preferable and significantly important to keep the BIOS up to date and also remove any latest drivers installed.

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