How to Watch NFL Live Stream For Free – NFL 2020 Games

With the start of the NFL season, all the cord-cutter football fans are eager to watch their favorite team play. If you want to save some good money for football entertainment; this guide will walk you through how to watch NFL Live Stream for free in 2020/2021 NFL games.

1. NFL Free Live Stream For Locals

NFL is one of the biggest sports leagues in the world and who doesn’t love football? On the official NFL app for Android and iPhone, you can watch NFL live stream for free if you are a local. You don’t need to pay for cable or third-party subscriptions to watch NFL live streams in 2020. Additionally, you get bonus information such as News, Score-card, and inside rumors directly on your phone.

How to watch NFL Live Stream on the mobile app –

  • Download the NFL app from the Play Store or App Store on your device.
  • Open the NFL app from the app drawer to the live stream.
  • Allow location access on the app to enable NFL online live streaming.

    free nfl live stream

  • Launch the NFL app right before the match and enjoy it.

You can live stream NFL for free using the app only based on the location. If your region supports free streaming, you got some great luck in your pocket. But if this doesn’t work for you, we have more methods ahead.

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2. Live Stream NFL Games on Yahoo Sports

You can watch NFL games live on the Yahoo Sports app. This method of live watching the NFL games is available only for the regional audiences. On the Yahoo Sports app, watch the live stream of NFL Games in AR mode and enjoy the game.

  • To watch NFL live stream, download the Yahoo Sports app on your mobile device.
  • Select the NFL as your favorite sport.
  • Set reminder for your favorite matches and
  • Watch NFL live stream for free.

Yahoo Sports let you watch NFL live for free and doesn’t require any account. You can try connecting with your Wifi or cellular network to stream the matches. If this doesn’t work, you can try the next method.

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3. Free Live Stream the Matches For Verizon users

Verizon users can live stream the NFL matches for free on their devices. Yes, you can live stream every single NFL match if you are a Verizon user. This step needs you to be more careful and the reason is the amount of data usage. This method may want you to upgrade your monthly data plans.

nfl online free

4. Locast – Stream Local Broadcast Network Channels

Locast is a not-to-profit service that offers streaming local TV channels. Moreover, it allows streaming NBC, CBS, and Fox channels that stream NFL games. You can watch all the matches without having to pay the upfront cost. But the users can donate $5/mo at a minimum and help them grow.

  • Visit the official site of Locast using the link given below.
  • Enable/Allow the Geo-location when prompted.
  • Live Stream the NFL Games for free through local channels.

Note: Due to International broadcasting terms, they are only available in the united states. Additionally, this service is only available in 13 metropolitan cities.

5. Student Discount on Direct TV

If you hold a college email address ending with “.edu” then you get a student discount on DirectTV. You can sign up the NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV and never miss any NFL game. The offer has some terms and conditions that can bill you. So, it is recommended you read it once. It is a free trial access; so, make sure you cancel the account before the last date to avoid billing.

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Save up to $200 and this discount is valid only for post-secondary students. Check eligibility using the form with the link given below.

6. Watch NFL Live Stream For Free Using FreeStreamsLive

“Freestreamslive” is an online streaming website that lets you watch NFL live matches for free. Here, you don’t need an account or any kind of registration to stream live matches.

One of the trouble things with this free service is annoying ads pop-ups that are potentially harmful. To tackle this you need to have an ad-blocker installed in your browser. You may have to click the play button multiple times to start the live stream.

Visit Freestreamslive

7. Use VPN to Live Stream NFL Games

If none of the above options work, using a VPN can solve the problem for you. Use the best VPN apps and change your location; this will allow you to live stream NFL games for free. But make sure you have enough data to stream the live matches as they consume too much of the internet. The best option is to use a wifi connection with unlimited data connectivity and live stream directly from the NFL app. Make sure to choose a right VPN and don’t bank on free VPN services.

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8. Share a Subscription

The best hack to pay less for entertainment is by splitting up the subscription. Buy a subscription to an online TV service and split up the bill. You can enjoy with your friends watching the NFL together and cheering up your favorite team. In other cases, you can watch it individually chilling at your own place.

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To sum up, this is how you can watch NFL live stream for free. You can try the NFL, Yahoo Sports app, or the Locast service if you are regional to that area. Apart from this, you get a student discount on DirectTV to watch the NFL games 2020. If you want to watch the NFL live for free without any of the services, you can go with the freestreamslive. But make sure, you have an ad-blocker to stop those annoying ads before the live stream. You might have to click on the play button a couple of times to play the NFL live stream on freestreamslive. My best solution is to go with the subscription and splitting up the bill; Watch NFL with your homeboys or at your own place with all the perks.

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