All-Time 18 Best Netflix Series in India to Binge-Watch When You are Bored

Best series on Netflix India

Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms in India and if you are having a tough time on what to watch then this article is soulfully designed for you. Binge-watching Netflix series keeps you occupied and the last thing you wish would be rotten tomatoes. 

I curated the 18 best Netflix series list based on genre, reviews and have personally watched some of these. Ultimately my goal is to bring you the best entertainment and buy you some good watching time on Netflix India. 

Here is the list of Best Netflix series that you will love watching – 

  1. Never Have I Ever – Teen Rom-Com
  2. Money Heist Season 4 – Addictive
  3. Breaking Bad – Can’t-miss this Best Netflix series
  4. Delhi Crime – Gut-Wrenching 
  5. Little Things – Relatable Modern-Day Relationships
  6. You – Psychotic crazy love
  7. Sacred Games – Kabhi Kabhi Lagta Hai Apun Hi Bhagwaan Hai
  8. College Romance – The Perfect Rom-Com (Web Series)
  9. Dark – Mind-Bending and Suspenseful
  10. Stranger Things – Creepy sci-fi
  11. Narcos
  12. Black Mirror
  13. The Haunting of Hill House
  14. The Originals
  15. Yeh Meri Family – Reliving the Summer of 1998
  16. Descendants of the sun
  17. Suits
  18. My Love From The Star

1. Never Have I Ever – Teen Rom-Com 

rom com netflix series

IMDB Rating – 8/10  Critic review – 96% watch Audience review – 91% watch 

I know this is a recent release and you must be wondering why it is already on the list of 18 best Netflix series. But trust me it is a must-watch Netflix series and the script is quite relatable and refreshes your teen love. 

Staring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Never Have I Ever is a teen rom-com of an Indian- American girl who wants to live an engaging social life. She wants a have a boyfriend who feels her hair, wants to get invited to an alcohol-drug party (Just to have the opportunity to decline) and she wants to go to Princeton. 

The character Devi by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is sassy, moody, and savage which you will relate to the most.

Devi’s father was demised just a year ago and a new journey begins with Sherwood High school in LA. Having troubles with her Mother, Devi is often misunderstood and mislead but her thoughtful friends are always beside her to warm her up. 

2. Money Heist Season 4 – Addictive 

popular netflix series in 2020

IMDB Rating – 8.4/10

Honestly speaking, the Netflix series Money heist was no good until season 3. But it turns out record-breaking best Netflix series for season 4 and all because of the interesting character reforms and yes the professor. Also, it got more hyped with the song Bella ciao getting all the attention and the pencil bun by Raquel Murillo. 

The plot s about executing a heist plan to pull off the world’s greatest heist led by the mastermind professor. To help him with this plan, he assembles 8 people who have nothing to lose but have great skills. The heist is to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain but will this plan be successful is worth watching. 

3. Breaking Bad – Can’t-miss this Best Netflix series

breaking bad tv series

IMDB Rating – 9.5/10 Audience rating – 96%

For those who have not yet watched this Netflix series, you are missing out on the best suspense thriller and drama on Netflix. 

After discovering that he has cancer, Walter White who is a chemistry teacher decides to step into the meth-making business. The only priority when he started was to pay his medical debts and secure the future of his family after his demise. But the plot changes after he partners with Jesse Pinkman. 

It is addictive to binge the breaking bad Netflix show and it is because the last 15 minutes of every episode is filled with plot twists wanting you to watch more. 

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Breaking bad is one of the highest-rated television shows and has won most of the awards. 

4. Delhi Crime – Gut-Wrenching 

best netflix series india

IMDB Rating – 8.5/10 Audience Rating – 97%

It will never be the same again after the 2012 Nirbhaya case and it is gut-wrenching watching the true story and commitment of Delhi Police. 

Staring Yashaswini Dayama as Nirbhaya, Delhi crime portrays the investigation involved in her rape case. Vartika Chaturvedi (Shefali Shah) leads the investigation along with Delhi police in commitment to find the men who executed the crime.

It is a must-watch Netflix series and I highly recommend you to watch it. 

5. Little Things – Relatable Modern-Day Relationships 

little things review

IMDB Rating – 8.3/10 Audience Rating – 95%

Little Things is my personal favorite and one of the best Netflix series in India. It portrays the ups and downs in the everyday life of a couple living in a live-in relationship. 

You can easily connect to the plot and relate to the modern-day relationship scenarios. Momo (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavu (Mithila Palkar) are the characters soaked from our real life. This couple which lives in Mumbai tries to make the most out of their relationship despite all the problems they face. 

Season 3 is too much of an emotional connect and it may leave you in tears and palpitations if you loved the couple in the first two seasons. 

6.You – Psychotic crazy love 

You netflix series

IMDB Rating – 7.8/10 Audience Rating – 91%

A brilliant, charming, intensive bookstore manager crosses paths with an aspiring beautiful female writer. Soon, the manager is obsessed with the crush he has on the writer and this turns out to be more harmful. 

Using social media, this charming and handsome manager stalks her every day and soon comes close to her. The plot is about the obsession of being her only choice, he pushes all his limits and clears all the obstacles including people.

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This Netflix story is all about the person with psychotic love for the girl. How far will this obsession take him? 

7. Sacred Games – Kabhi Kabhi Lagta Hai Apun Hi Bhagwaan Hai

sacred games series download

IMDB Rating – 8.7/10 Audience Rating – 95%

Turning out to be the most popular Indian Netflix series in 2019, Scared games is something you cannot miss watching. 

The story revolves around unrevealing the doom which has been planned on Mumbai and the efforts of Sartaj Singh to stop it. When he gets an anonymous tip from one of the biggest gangsters (Ganesh Gaitonde), he starts unfolding his past crimes and connections with this doomed plan. 

The planned threat is to launch nuclear weapons and kill everyone on the planet by starting the war. The pillars of this plan are set by Guruji who believes this will be the beginning of Satyug and life on earth. 

Will Sartaj be able to stop this plan? The show is quite realistic and all the details are well covered. It is a must-watch binge and the dialogues have no match to any other Indian Netflix series. 

8. College Romance – The Perfect Rom-Com (Web Series)

college romance netflix series

IMDB Rating – 9.1/10

One of my favorites and the best Netflix series in the rom-com comedy, College Romance is adopted from every Teenager’s life. 

This Netflix acquired Tv series portrays the life of three friends who are looking for love, laughter, and some big-time memories. The characters are funny and the script is quite relatable to what we experience in the college lifestyle.

Deepika Singh is quite a watch and Bagga is an all-time favorite character to watch. You will love watching this Netflix series with all the funny plots.

A must watch hilarious Netflix show with perfect Indian rom-com. 

9. Dark – Mind-Bending and Suspenseful

dark tv series netflix

IMDB Rating – 8.7/10 Audience Rating – 96%

The first-ever German Produced Netflix Series turns out to be one of the best you have missed watching. 

After two kids go missing in a small German town, the authorities start suspecting something more than murderers and kidnapping. Dark is more about the supernatural past the town suffered 33 years ago.

People realize they are part of these supernatural activities and everyone is going sick. It is interesting to watch a suspenseful and thrilling plot of saving the town from the evil supernatural.

10. Stranger Things – Creepy sci-fi 

stranger things netflix series

IMDB rating – 8.8/10 Audience rating – 97%

If you are low tolerance for creepy supernatural shows, I recommend you not to watch this. It is not scary but it is creepy and everyone has their tolerance. 

The story revolves around the plot when a young boy goes missing and his mother does a terrifying investigation to find supernatural involvement. 

As they investigate deeper, they find the involvement of government agencies conducting unnatural experiments. This investigation also leads to the unusual finding of a little girl and there are no traces of information about her past. 

Let us know in the comments about this little girl. 

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Overall, It is an Ominous, Scary, and Exciting Netflix series to watch and best for binge-watching for late-night horrors. 

11. Narcos 


IMDB Rating – 8.8/10 Audience rating – 94%

Depicting the real-time story of the world’s powerful and notorious gangster Pablo Escobar, Narcos is Gritty, Dark, Suspenseful, and Exciting to watch. 

The story revolves around the life of drug lord Pablo Escobar and other kingpins who trade drugs. It is an exciting story of the ’80s in Colombia when drug trading was on peak and efforts are made to control this trade. 

Many of the legal, political, police, military, and civilians are involved in this conflict to save the most valuable commodity which can bring them a fortune for life. 

12. Black Mirror 

best netflix show

IMDB rating – 8.8/10 Audience rating – 93%

What is the technology for you? Spending hours together on technology? Do you know how dangerous it can be? Black Mirror Netflix series is one of the best Sci-fi which portrays how technology can manipulate our behavior. 

Black Mirror is an anthology which revolves around a group of people’s personal life. It is more of a Sci-fi series with dark comedy and modern society tech are evolving to become more dangerous.  

The episodes are standalone which are frequently take you from past to near future and back from future to present with dark senses. 

13. The Haunting Of Hill House

best horror netflix series

IMDB rating – 8.7/10 Audience Rating – 97%

Growing up in a haunted house, as adults will you wish to go back and fight your past? The haunting of hill house is one of the scariest Netflix series and leaves you with goosebumps. 

The plot is about two children who grow up in what turns out to be the most haunted house in the city. Forced by fate, they are destined to go back and fight their past and it is scary to watch how they survive their own house. 

Staring oscar award winner “Timothy Hutton” will you watch this scary Netflix Series? Let us know in the comment section. 

14. The Originals 

the originals netflix series klaus

IMDB Rating – 8.2/10 Audience rating – 97%

The family of original vampires settles in the city of New Orleans which they built several decades back and now they have to fight their old friends and new enemies to get it back. 

The center of attraction Klaus Mikaelson played by Joseph Morgan is an eye-candy to watch. Klaus is one of the protagonists and is the most powerful original and a hybrid (Both Werewolf and Vampire).

Klaus has to get back his kingdom and also save his daughter who is yet to be born. Will he be able to save her (Hope) and get back his kingdom? 

15. Yeh Meri Family – Reliving the Summer of 1998 

yeh meri family best netflix show

IMDB rating – 9.2/10 Audience rating – 98%

There are some things which leave a mark on your memory, Yeh Meri Family is one of those childhood retreats which reminds you of the summer of 1998. 

Harshu, who is a young boy has to balance school, family, friendship, and other challenges. For me, it is difficult to express what it feels like to watch this Netflix series and it is a one-time watch to memory lane. 

It is nostalgic to watch all the fun and cherish the first childhood love. But it is also an emotional connection when his brother leaves for Kota for higher studies and he cannot bear the pain of his separation with whom he has always been fighting. 

It is one of my most favourite and best Netflix series on Netflix India. 

16. Descendants of the sun

decendants of the sun

IMDB rating – 9.7/10 Audience rating – 97%

This South Korean television series is one of the greatest hits of its time. It is a love story between Captain Yoo Shi Jin and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon which is stuck in between warn-torn country. 

Yoo Shi Jin is a captain in Korean special forces who gets injured and is treated at the hospital where Doctor Kang Mo Yeon works. Both have different perspectives and philosophies but fate has different plans for them. 

It is one of the cutest and best blockbuster Netflix series by the South Korean television industry. A must watch.

17. Suits 

best netflix show series suits

IMDB rating – 8.5/10 Audience rating – 95%

Despite not having any legal degree in law, Mike Ross makes it to one of the biggest law firms under the best lawyer [Harvey Specter] as an associate. 

The story revolves around solving intense cases with intelligence and keeping Mike’s qualifications a secret. The duo pair of Harvey and Mike is a treat to watch while they also have some differences in this journey. 

I love suits Netflix series, it is great to watch a combination of intellect and drama. It is intense with a lot of plot twists. 

18. My Love From The Star

best netflix shows india

IMDB rating – 8.3/10 Audience rating – 97%

Social distancing for centuries after coming on the earth, Do Min Joon falls for the top actress of the modern era. The story of DO Min Joon on the Earth begins approximately 400 centuries from now where he lost his way back to his planet to save a girl. 

Joon has to change his identity every 10 years because of his near-perfect human looks and all the abilities except for aging. In the modern era, he works as a professor who is almost 3 months away from going back to his planet. But he falls in love with the top actress who stays in his neighborhood. 

It is one of the finest romantic south Korean Netflix series. I find it near best to binge-watch all night long.

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