How to Create Facebook Poll on Mobile and Desktop

create facebook polls

Polls have been on Facebook and Instagram for quite some time; they are one of the best ways to engage your audience, but how to create a Facebook poll? How to add polls in a Facebook video and how to add polls from mobile or desktop? Don’t worry, and I will guide you on creating engaging polls on Facebook in this guide.

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How to Create a Poll on Facebook Mobile App – Android and IOS

You can create amazing polls for your audience on Facebook, but these polls are available only on stories. To add a poll on the Facebook stories, you need to have the Facebook app installed on your android or IOS device.

Follow the below steps to create a Facebook poll –

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Navigate to your profile and click on “Add story” to create a Facebook poll.

    facebook poll story

  • Swipe the available cards and select the “poll” option.

    add poll to facebook video

  • Write the question and give the poll options to create a Facebook poll.

    create facebook poll

  • Customize the background with available backgrounds or upload your own background.
  • Post the story, and you have successfully created a poll on Facebook.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Additionally, you can add multiple stickers; a few of them are Music, Boomerang, Text, Questions, and many more. But how do you add a Facebook poll from the desktop in a group? The next guide is all about it.

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How to Make a Poll on Facebook Group?

Creating group polls on Facebook is a great option to engage with your audience on social media platforms. It lets you know the preferences and choices of your audience regarding a topic. Additionally, these polls are not a story, but instead, they are posts on your group news feed; this allows you to hold the poll for a longer time and not just the 24 hours of time frame. Summing more additional features to this, users from your audience can select multiple polls, and the poll options are not limited to two.

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Creating Facebook polls in Groups using Mobile App

  • Open the Facebook app on your android or IOS mobile device.
  • Go to the Menu option and navigate to the group you want a conduct a poll.
  • Click on “Write something” and scroll down to select the “Poll” option from the list.

    creating poll post in groups

  • Write down your question and enter poll options for the users. You can add more than two options and let the users click on multiple options.

Now, you have successfully created group polls on Facebook groups. How about creating polls using Facebook on the Desktop site? Let us explore the next section for the same.

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How to Create Facebook Polls in Groups using Desktop Site

  • Open the browser on your desktop and navigate to Facebook.
  • Login to your account credentials and go to groups.
  • Select the group you want to create a poll for.
  • Click on “create a post” and then click on the “More” option(three-dot menu).

    creating facebook poll post

  • Select Poll from the list of available options.

    adding polls to facebook g

  • Now, write the question for the poll and add multiple options for users to choose from.

    facebook poll guide

  • Once after completing the poll, click the share button.

You have now made a group poll on Facebook Group using the Desktop site. This amazingly simple, right? These polls are visible to all the group members if the group is private and to anyone if the group is public.

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How to Create Facebook Video Polls?

You might have stumbled upon watching polls on videos from the explore. Want to create one? It is pretty simple if you own a Facebook page and ask your audience a question. These polls will show up while the video is running, likewise to toast messages. Additionally, you can place multiple polls throughout the Facebook video.

Here is how to add a poll to Facebook video –

  • Open your Facebook page and create a new post.
  • Upload a video using the “photo/video” option.
  • Now, click on the More button (three-dot menu) and select a poll from the list.
  • Great, you are doing pretty well. Now, add the question, options, and time frame.
  • The time frame is the value at which the poll will start and end.
  • Hit the share button. You have added a poll to a Facebook video successfully.

Video polls are a great way to communicate with your audience. It keeps them engaged and buys you more viewing time on the video. Additionally, you can know if your videos are performing well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add a poll to Facebook video?

Yes, you can add a poll to your Facebook video. Additionally, you can add multiple polls to your Facebook video, which helps you analyze the performance.

Can you add polls from your Android and IOS device?

Yes, you can add polls to your android and IOS devices. Download the Facebook app, log in with your account, create a new post, click on the three-dot menu, and select polls.

Can Facebook poll have more than 2 options?

Yes, a Facebook poll can have more than options, but it is not true when adding a poll to your Facebook story. You can only add two options to polls in the Facebook story.

Additionally, you can add images to your polls in Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages.

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To sum up. this was a complete guide on how to create a Facebook poll. You can add polls using both mobile and desktop Facebook. Additionally, this guide also teaches you how to add polls to Facebook groups for Android and IOS devices. Polls are a great way to keep your audience engaged and let you the choices of them. Moreover, adding polls to a Facebook audience also lets you analyze the performance and user engagements.

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