How to Automatically Delete all Tweets and Retweets on Twitter

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Want to clear all the mess from your twitter account? Want a fresh start? You must be wishing to delete all tweets instead of creating a new user ID on twitter. And the reason is simple, you have all your friends and family connected for ages on your current twitter. Again, deleting old tweets is a nasty job but can you delete retweets and tweets at once? automatically? Yes, you can. Here is, how to automatically delete all tweets and retweets on twitter at once.

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1. TweetDelete – The best tool to delete old tweets and retweets

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Tweet delete is one of the best places to delete all tweets in bulk. It is a handy tool on the internet that allows the user to delete tweets based on the ages of the tweets.

Additionally, you can also delete likes and take a backup of your old tweets with one click. This backup is helpful when you need to go back to refer some of your old tweets and this is an offline copy just for you.

Moreover, tweet delete allows you to delete your tweets for once or often, automatically. It is an amazing tool but is not completely free(Freemium).

TweetDelete allows you to delete only 3,200 of your recent tweets but if you want more, you need to pay. This is because Tweet delete needs to crawl through the twitter servers and find your tweets to delete.

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Alongside this, tweet delete has decent clear privacy and policy. Your data is stored on the servers for 3 days and is collected to make the tool functional. Your Twitter ID, Screen name, and access keys for the twitter API are collected and temporarily stored. The best part, you can view these files when you sign in with the paid version.

2. Tweet Deleter – Mass Delete All tweets and Retweets

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Tweet deleter is another third-party tool to delete your old tweets and retweets from the twitter account. It is easy to use and has an amazing list of features. It is a freemium tool with features that allow you to delete all tweets and retweets.

Starting with the “search by keyword”, it allows you to search all tweets related to a specific keyword. If you have ranted about a topic on twitter and now feel disgusting, you can delete all the tweets with one-click. It is free to use the feature and I find it useful enough to delete selected old tweets and not just all the tweets.

Secondly, you get the “search by tweet” feature for free and allows you to delete selected tweets, retweets, and reply. There are a few more features such as “search tweet by date“, “search by the media type“, “auto-delete the old tweets“, “Mass delete tweets“; all these other features are included in the premium version.

The privacy policies are likewise to tweet delete online tools and ensure the protection of data. The information accessed is your twitter screen name, id, and access token to crawl twitter servers to retrieve your tweets.


To sum up, these are the best tools on the internet to bulk delete all tweets and retweets from your twitter account. There are many other tools like Tweet Wipe and Tweet Eraser that will do the job, but I find the above two as the best fit.

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