How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts? [Step-By-Step Guide]

recover deleted facebook posts

Facebook has been a great place, possibly my first ever social media to share “How I am feeling, today!”; to share photos, and connect with a ton of friends sharing about their personal lives. But what if you have deleted a few Facebook posts and now want them back, recover them?

Deleting Facebook posts won’t be retrieved back, as said by Facebook in one of their community posts. You can retrieve Facebook posts within 30 days of deletion and if you have deleted them from the activity section. In this guide, we discuss how to recover deleted Facebook posts from the activity section.

Note: This feature is only available on Facebook for mobile.

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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Recovering Facebook posts is only possible when you delete them from the activity and not the Facebook feed. If you delete the Facebook posts from the Newsfeed, you permanently delete them.

  • Open the Facebook app on your Android or IOS device.
  • Navigate to your profile and click on the three-dot menu.

    deleted Facebook posts recovery

  • Now, click on the “Activity Log” from menu options.

    how to recover deleted posts on Facebook

  • Here, you can see all your recent activities on Facebook such as Liking pictures, comments, posts, and more.
  • Now, click on “Manage Activity” and then click on “Your Posts“.

    how to recover deleted Facebook posts

  • Select the post you want to delete from Facebook, you can choose multiple Facebook posts to delete.

    recover deleted Facebook posts

  • Click on the Recycle bin to delete the Facebook post.
  • If you wish to recover the deleted posts, click on the recycle bin on the top.
  • In the new window, choose which of the deleted posts you want to recover. Remember these deleted posts can only be recovered within 30 days of deletion.

    restore deleted Facebook posts

  • Click on the restore button to recover your deleted Facebook posts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recover deleted Facebook posts?

Not all, but posts deleted using the activity menu can be recovered using the Facebook mobile app.

Can you recover Facebook posts from the Facebook web or PC?

No, you can only recover deleted Facebook posts using the Android or IOS Facebook app. Moreover, only those photos will be recovered that are deleted from the activity log using the manage activity section.

How long will the deleted posts be in the recycle bin?

You have 30 days to recover the posts from the recycle bin once you delete them.

I deleted my Facebook post, how can I recover it?

You can only recover a Facebook post that has been deleted from the activity log and not from the newsfeed. If you delete a post from the newsfeed, you cannot recover it.

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Final Words

Recovering deleted Facebook posts is only possible on your Android and IOS Facebook apps. This feature may roll out soon for the Facebook web; until then, you can use the activity section on your Mobile app to recover the deleted posts. On the other hand, you can only recover those Facebook posts that have been deleted through the activity section and not the Facebook feed. If you delete the post from the Facebook feed, it will be deleted forever.

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