25 Best Torrent Websites for Movies, Games, and Software

There is an unmatched list of torrent sites that are great for downloading software, movies, and games on the internet. Though torrent gives you access to these, most of the torrent sites are dangerous or otherwise broken. What you need is a list of the best torrent websites that allows you to download movies, games, and software. Additionally, with these best torrent sites, I am going to explain to you how torrenting actually works.

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What is a Torrent?

A torrent is a metafile that includes information about the file you want to download and other chunks of data. Suppose you are downloading a movie from a torrent site; the torrent file downloaded contains related information such as seeds and leeches and verification.

A torrent website allows you to share files(torrents) between a network of peer-to-peer connected computers. When the file is requested, it is downloaded in chunks and only after a verification process.

What is a Seed?

A seed is a person who has the complete file you are torrenting. In other words, the file is not present in bits and pieces with different users.

What is a Peer?

When the file is not available in a single location and instead available in chunks.

What are Leeches?

Leeches are the individuals or the group of users that are not interested to share files. Moreover, the files are visible but you cannot download them though they are in seed or peer.

Torrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing system and is safe to use unless you are not downloading copyrighted material. Downloading and sharing copyrighted material such as movies, games, and software is illegal in most of the countries.

We do not encourage you to download torrent files that are copyrighted and illegal. In fact there is a high risk including ads, malware, viruses, and notification from governemnt.

It is illegal to use torrent in India. Hide your IP address using a VPN on a safer side if you are experimenting. We still don't encourage you torrenting.

Use a VPN service to hide your IP addresses. To guide you on how to choose a right VPN, here are a few articles that might interest you,

The 25 Best Torrent Websites

Here is my list of the 25 best torrent websites to download movies, shows, games, and much more. These torrent sites are great for faster download and it is much likely to get access to almost all the content. If you have any additions to this list, you can add them to the comments.

25. BitPort – Torrent Engine for Games, Movies, and Shows

BitPort is a freemium torrent engine that allows you to have limited downloads each day. With a free account you can download one torrent per day and allows you up to 1GB of cloud storage.

Additionally, the free plan is not that great for high speed downloading and safe torrenting. BitPort torrent site can be the best with paid subscription that starts with $5 per month and 30GB of cloud storage. Moreover, if you are unsatisfied you can readily have a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Get a better security and faster download speeds with the paid plan. But you can try this torrent engine for free before having to pay for it.

24. Dirty Torrents

One of the best among the torrent websites, Dirty torrents allows you to have access to content from multiple torrent engines. These include The pirate bay, Lime Torrent, 1337x, and a few more torrent engines.

With a good download speed and verified torrents, this turns out to be one of the best fits among the torrent sites. Surf content based on categories and keywords and get access to torrent files from the biggest search engines.

23. Your Bittorent – Movies, TV Shows and more

The very old Your Bittorent is back after it unknowingly shut down a few years ago. This torrent site originated in 2003 and has millions of verified torrents.

You can find torrents based on different categories such as movies, TV shows, and more. Additionally, the torrent links have a good downloading speed and are free of cost.

A good interface and simple to use torrent site adds a best fit to the list.

22. BTDigg

This old-style user interface allows you to search torrent and download directly from BTDigg without any hassle. The torrent search engine does not store any torrent file or content but instead allows you to surf torrents from different sources.

21. Monova – Torrent Search Engine

One of the good torrents out there, Monova has been around for quite a long time.

You get good quality torrent files but with a lot of advertisements this can be unappealing. Additionally, you can create your own account and upload torrent files to share with others. It offers a great set of search results based on categories and is one of the best options.

20. Toorgle – Search Engine at it’s Best

Indexing results from over 400 torrent sites, Toorgle is one of the best torrent sites on the internet. Additionally, this is a great site with Firefox search bar and Facebook integration for easy and faster search within the browser.

Moreover, this torrent site shows the health of a torrent site and the number of seeds and leeches. The download speed and number of downloads of that torrent file is also specified for each torrent file.

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19. Sky Torrents – Torrent Engine with Maximum Privacy

A torrent engine with maximum privacy, sky torrents is the best choice among millions of users around the world.

I appreciate how clean this torrent website looks and does not have a lot of advertisements. Additionally, it lists out torrent files from a database of millions of torrent files and with maximum privacy.

Though it is free, you can always donate to the torrent website in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and ethereum. It is a large database of torrent files and is one of the best fits in the list.

18. iDope – Fairly Good One

Standing against the top and best torrent sites in the list, you cannot have anything such good. iDope may not have a large database of files and you may or may not find videos in 1080p too; but one thing that makes it stand out is the faster downloading speeds and trust of millions of users.

17. TorrentFunk – The best Torrent website for Movies and TV Shows

TorrentFunk is one of the best alternatives to the pirate bay torrent engine with a huge database. It has a filter mechanism that removes unhealthy and fake links; additionally, it allows users to add a comment such that others know if there are any problems with the torrent file.

There are a few more additional features of this torrent engine; such as file health, uploader, number of seeds and leeches, and date of the uploader. Additionally, there is a verification status indicator to make sure you are torrenting the right file.

16. Torrents IO

In the first place, torrents IO is a meta search engine that include links from several torrent websites. The enormous database has a fast downloading torrent files that can be easily accessed with a great user experience.

Additionally, different information about the file is displayed. These include the status of the file, seeders, leechers, file size and much more.

15. ETTV Torrents – Best Torrent Website for Movies

One of the best torrent website options for movies and TV shows; ETTV torrents is mostly used by movie freaks.

ETTV Torrents is a better place to find all the movies and shows in one place. But there is a slight disadvantage because they usually upload the latest episodes a bit late. So, you may have to wait before having the access to the latest episodes; say a few weeks.

An additional disadvantage of using ETTV torrent engine is that you may not get many 1080p quality videos. But with 720p there are a plenty of good options.

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14. Torrent Galaxy – Get all type of Torrent Files

No best place to download any kind of torrent file on the internet; Torrent galaxy offers a set of handful categories to download files of any kind. You get torrent files from anime, music, movies, Tv shows, documentaries, and more.

Addition to this, you will find a good set of torrents that you may not find in other websites. It is a best place to download movies easily and there is a less clutter in the user interface.

13. Nyaa si – Best for Anime

Nyaa si is a great website to download Anime content from Japan, China, Korea, and East Asia. Additionally, if you don’t understand Japanese, this website is not for you. This is because it is a Japanese website and has a clean clutter free interface for torrenting.

12. MagnetDL – New Torrent Website

A new addition to the best torrent list, it is a light-weight and fast loading torrenting website on the internet. It may be against the top most torrent websites but MagnetDL is no doubt one of the emerging websites in the list.

Fast download any torrent based on categories such as movies, music, TV shows, and many more. It has a simple user interface and rich set of results for each category.

11. Zooqle – The Best torrent website for Movies and Shows

Zooqle is one of the most loyal torrent website that has been around for a few years now. It has a heavy database of movies and TV shows that are fast to download and easily available with a few clicks.

Not to mention, there are torrent files on other categories such as software, games, and music too. It holds a database of around 50k movies and 1k plus TV shows.

To sum up, zooqle is one of the best choices in torrents with a clean and simple UI/UX.

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Torrentz2 came up just after the original Torrentz Search Engine gone down.

It is not actually a torrent website instead it acts as a search engine that lists out other torrent websites for results. You can mainly find Monova and YourBittorent website for almost all the search results. Addition to this, you can find 100+ torrent websites in the search result.

9. EZTV – Evolved Torrent Website

This lightweight torrent site used to struggle with indexing on various torrent websites such as KAT and TPB. But over the years, they have evolved with a loyal fan base acquiring thousands of visitors each day. Additionally, it is also among under 1000 websites in Alexa as stated in one of the reference websites.

EZTV is great for downloading TV Shows and Movies; apart from this there are various other categories of media available for download. Not a much fancy looking, this torrent site offers something that interests it’s user and adds value to it. By creating a user account, you can favorite the torrents that you like or want to download later.

It is pretty impressive.

8. Torrent Downloads

Just another best torrent website that offers a set of good features such as link health and other information.

It is has a huge database for movies and shows with a comment options on each link so that users can let others know if it is working. Additionally, there are number of other features such as date of upload, uploader name, number of seeds and a few meta info.

The advance search result allows you with a broader torrent searching and surfing; You can surf torrents based on category, provider and status of the file.

7. KickAssTorrent

KickAssTorrent is one of my favorite torrent website from the list. It has a one of the best catalogues of torrent files with a familiar user interface and less ads. Additionally, you can choose from the most downloaded torrent files and top torrents.

It has a better number of seeds and leeches with rich set of results. With the mirror websites, you can still download the file if the current server fails.

6. Tor Lock

Tor Lock is always a best back up option among the torrent websites; it is clean and non-toxic as it contains verified torrents only. Additionally, you can earn $1 by finding fake torrents on Tor Lock which is a great initiative to keep the website clean. But you may still find torrents with no enough seeds and leeches and moreover there are a few links that will redirect you to unwanted websites.

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5. Lime Torrents – Finest Torrent Website

A decent torrent engine with faster downloads and neat organized layout, Lime torrents is serving it’s user from years.

It has ton of great information for users such as uploaders, seeders, leechers, and meta information. Additionally, it has better trackers for the files that allows you a better downloading experience. Also, the user interface is quite simple and easy to understand for beginners and regular torrenting community.

You can find this torrent handy and download verified torrents only by checking the star mark alongside each torrent. By the same token, it has a better catalogue that displays top 100 torrents each day.

It is the best choice for torrent websites when other sites are down.

4. RARBG / RBG – Don’t Miss out checking this

This multipurpose Torrent website is a best fit to download games, movies, softwares and music for free. It has tons of active users with better seeding and continuously updates the files.

Though it is one of the best, on the contrary, you can find too many advertisements when you click on a torrent. You can use the best adblocker to avoid nasty advertisements.

3. 1337x

1337x is a by far the most reliable torrenting website for me. It has a decent look and 90% of the time you can find torrents you have been looking for all around.

Choose torrent from a variety of categories including anime, movies, TV shows, software, games and much more. Additionally, there are a lot of active users and moderators checking on individual trackers. I suggest you to use an anti-malware and anti-virus before downloading these though there are active moderators.

2. YTS – One of the Best Torrent Sites for Movies

YTS and YIFI successor, YTS is one of the best options to download movies in high quality. Additionally, it has a friendly user interface and a simple design that improves the performance of the users.

Moreover, YTS allows you with faster download speeds and better quality of videos compared to other torrent websites. It is my go to choice and the best torrent website for movies.

1. The Pirate Bay – Unmatched Torrent Site

The pirate bay alias the king of torrents is an unmatched torrent site that offers all the features summed by other torrent sites. It is a great place for downloading movies, games, tv shows, videos, software, anime, and more.

One of the reasons it is the best torrent website is because of the rich search results. This means it has a strong torrent search engine with tons of results or the requested files.


These are the best torrent websites that great for downloading movies, shows, software, games, and many more. If you have any suggestions on the list, you can comment down and let us know.

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