How to Fix and Troubleshoot Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13

hulu error rununk13

If you are having an error playing the video, you probably encountered Hulu error code RUNUNK13 on your device. This error is usually a cause of trouble connecting to the internet or a corrupt cache data on your device. Moreover, you can also encounter this when the Hulu servers are down.

In this guide, I will show you some of the tips on how to fix the Hulu Rununk13 error on your device. Meanwhile, you can view our Hulu Archives and solve other Hulu related issues.

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How to Fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13?

There can be a lot of reasons for the Hulu RUNUNK13 error and the following tips will help you fix this. After all the steps, if you are still facing the issue; the problem persists at the server side on the Hulu.

1. Reload the Video

The most basic step is to reload the video and refresh the web page to solve this issue. This should pretty much solve the error. Moreover, if the problem persists you can try changing your web browser and play the video before going to the next step.

Again, even after changing the web browser, if you are facing the Hulu error rununk13; there is a high chance that the problem is not with your device but with the Hulu server.

2. Network connectivity

One of the most common reasons for most of the errors in Hulu is the internet connection. It is likewise with Hulu error code rununk13 too.

Check for your network if it is working fine on other connected devices or there is an internet issue. Flush the DNS cache or trying using the free google public DNS server.

Here is how to change the default DNS server to Google’s Public DNS server.

Run a power cycle if you are on your home network and let the network configure with the default settings.

3. Clear Cache and Data

The cookies and cache are two useful memory storage for quick reloading of websites or accessing the data. But they can cause a few errors as the content refreshes and it is quite obvious. If you are Hulu on Firestick, Roku, or any other smart TV, there are high chances to get this Hulu error. The reason for this is the small amount of cache and cookies memory allocated to these devices.

The best option is to clear the cache memory from your web browser and android or any other smart TV.

To clear the cache from your web browser, follow these steps –

  • Click on the browser menu usually located on the top right-most of your web browser toolbar.
  • Select the settings > general settings option and navigate to the privacy and security section.
  • Now, select clear cookies and website data

To clear the cache and cookies data on your android app, follow these steps –

  • Navigate to the settings and select application management.
  • Search for the Hulu app and you will find the clear data and cookies button.
  • Click on it and you are good to go.

Clear Cache and Cookies on IOS devices –

There is no option to clear the cookies and data on your IOS devices. The best thing you can do is to uninstall and reinstall the application once again.

To Clear cookies and cache on Fire Stick –

  • Navigate to settings and application management on Fire Stick.
  • Select manage installed application and click on Hulu.
  • Click the button mentioning Clear cache > clear data.

Once you have cleared the cookies and site data; try reloading or playing the video. This should solve the issue if the corrupt cache data was causing trouble.

4. Update the Application

A lot of developers disable the accessibility to the older versions of the app since they tweak some changes and add new features. If that is the case, you might want to first update your Hulu application and then try playing the video.

If the error persists, you might want to check the next point.

5. Wait Patiently

If the above fix is not working and the Hulu error code Rununk13 still persists; the problem is not at your end. This is probably a server issue and you might want to consider waiting for a few hours and check back if things are normal.

Meanwhile, you can check the Hulu community if the users are bombarding with a similar type of errors. This will ensure you if there is actually a server issue.


These are the tips to solve the Hulu Error Rununk13 and these should pretty much work for you. Try switching browsers and other devices to know the actual origin of this error. Additionally, there are also the chances of network issue that can be solved by running a power cycle or changing the DNS server. If the problem doesn’t end, wait patiently for a few hours, until the technicians at Hulu, fix the server issue.

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