How to Block Hulu Ads? 5 Tested Methods That We Use

block hulu ads

We love watching shows and tv on the internet, and one top choice is Hulu. No doubt there are several OTT’s such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and more, but Hulu has always been one of the top choices for Americans and Japanese. One of the most annoying parts about Hulu is ads, and we get frustrated about it too. So, we figured out a few methods that are helpful to skip Hulu ads or block Hulu ads.

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How to Block / Skip Hulu Ads? [5 Methods That We Use]

Hulu is one of the top streaming platforms that people love watching for favourite TV shows and movies. But don’t you feel annoyed watching advertisements as long as 4 minutes right in the middle of your favourite scene? We do. That’s why we figured out 5 simple ways that work to block or skip Hulu ads.

While you are reading this post, it might occur to you why don’t one go premium to skip or block Hulu ads? The problem is even the basic plans on Hulu show a few advertisements. On the other hand, the highest plan is costlier and non-affordable, which is why we figured out these 5 working methods to block Hulu ads.

[Method 1] Using Ad-Blockers

A lot of tech-savvy suggests this common solution which actually works well. Ad-Blockers have been around for a lot of time; they help you surf the internet peacefully and also helps to load Hulu videos faster and restrict ads.

The problem with most of the Ad-Blockers is they don’t work all the time. Especially the ones which are free. In certain cases, Ad-Blockers are malicious and capture your sensitive data from the backend.

The best practice is to use an Ad-Blocker, which is paired with anti-malware or anti-virus. We use BitDefender (Affiliate Link) for blocking malicious activity from ad-blockers on the web and also has a dedicated ad-blocker.

There are several benefits of using BitDefender apart from blocking ads on Hulu. It has powerful solutions such as Anti-malware and Anti-virus that ensure your PC is safe while surfing online.

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[Method 2] Two Tabs Method – 100% Working

The two tabs method is one of the most working methods to block Hulu ads or skip them while watching your favourite TV or movies. But this method consumes a lot of internet data and needs faster Wifi as we will be playing Hulu on two different tabs simultaneously.

Here is how it works –

  • Open Hulu on two different tabs of the browser on your computer.
  • Now login into both the windows with Hulu and play the same show or movie simultaneously.
  • Ads are placed at a different position on the timeline each time a video is played on Hulu.
  • When one of the tabs is playing advertisement, you can mute the tab and switch to the other tab.
  • In this way, each time a tab plays an advertisement, you can mute it and switch to another tab. This is effective and helps to avoid or skips ads on Hulu.

One of the advantages of using this trick is you don’t have to watch any advertisements on Hulu. But there are a lot of disadvantages too, here are a few –

  • Does not work with apps or on Smart TV.
  • It needs to have a good internet connection; a poor or no wifi connection can cause trouble streaming on both tabs.

[Method 3] Enounce My Speed [Faster Video]

The major problem with advertisements on Hulu is they can be as long as 4 minutes. Anyone can get annoyed if they are said to watch a four-minute video while watching their favourite TV show or movie. If you cannot skip or block ads on Hulu using any of the listed methods, another hack is to fast forward the video. Enounce is software that can fast forward the advertisement from 4 minutes to anything lesser than 1 minute.

Enounce is a helpful software and charges $29.99, or you can even opt for 7 days of a free trial. Using the software, any ads that are not skippable can be converted to lesser than a minute. There are a few complaints about the performance, but most of them are due to bugs that are under work.

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[Method 4] Hulu Ad Skipper – Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome has thousands of extensions that make surfing the internet easier and more productive. One of the extensions, “Hulu Ad Skipper,” is a great extension to skip or block ads on Google. The extension blocks the ads when you are playing any video on Hulu, and this method works only on the google chrome browser.

Step-by-Step Installation –

  • Open “Chrome Web Store” on your Google Chrome browser.
  • Search for the extension “Hulu Ad Skipper” and look for the right extension from the list.
  • Now, click on the install button to install the extension on the Google Chrome browser.
  • Once the installation is completed, stream any video on Hulu without Ads.

One of the problems with this method is it may fail sometimes. The extension is new, and there are a few complaints about Ads not being blocked. If this method does not work for you, there are other methods in the list, especially the second method, which is guaranteed to work.

[Method 5] Refresh Page

Refreshing the page is one of the helpful options. However, it does not block or skip Hulu ads; Instead, it offers something better. If you are do not want to invest in software like Enounce or don’t want to go premium, this option is for you.

Does refreshing the page remove the Hulu ads?

No, It does not remove the Hulu ads; instead, it replaces them with shorter ads.

However, there are a few limitations –

  • Reloads the entire page and begins the video from the start.
  • It only works when you use Hulu using a browser.
  • There can be long advertisements even after a refresh. It would be best if you refreshed continuously until you don’t get a shorter advertisement.

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Final Words

These are the simple ways how you can skip or block Hulu ads without buying a premium pack. Out of all these methods, the first two methods are our favourite, and they happen to work all the time. Did you manage to skip Hulu ads or block Hulu ads? Let us know in the comments.

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