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Skyrim is an open-world role-playing action game which is the fifth part of The Elder Scrolls series. This action game takes place after 200 years of the fourth series, “Oblivion” of The Elder Scrolls and revolves around the character, who is Dragonborn. The objective of the game is to fight the antagonist “Alduin,” the world-eater dragon. As a protagonist, your objective is to survive and stop “Alduin” from doing such a deed. The game has been active for 9 years, and there are thousands of mods to choose from, but which is the best? So, we made it simple. Here are the best 15 Skyrim PS4 mods for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

If you don’t know how Skyrim Mods are installed, here is a definitive guide on Installing Skyrim on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

As mentioned earlier, Skyrim has thousands of PS4 mods, and it isn’t easy to choose. There are mods for different devices, and the mods differ as they are specific to a part of the story. So, which are the best Skyrim Mods for PS4, Xbox One, and PC? The list is huge, and we picked 15 of the best—the list is mentioned below.

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15 Best Skyrim PS4 Mods | PC, Xbox One, and PS4

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Now that Skyrim has several mods, the best ones are compatible, smooth, and working. There are differences in how the Skyrim mods work on different platforms, especially the differences in PS4 and Xbox. You cannot expect PS4 to run the mods much smoothly as the assets need to be already present in the game, and if not, they are not workable.

So, do mods make a change in how Skyrim is played? Yes, they do, which is why thousands of gamers log on to this game even after years. Mods help the game to match with the modern gameplay and make it fun playing.

List of Skyrim PS4 Mods

Here are our best picks on Skyrim PS4 mods that one must-have:

No.Best Skyrim Mods for PC, PS4, and Xbox One
1Alternate Start – Realm of Lorkhan
2Forest of the Skyrim
3Rustic Weather, Rain, and Lightning
4Enhanced Aqua Blue Water
5Realistic Enhancement Effects
6Enhanced Console Graphics
7Natural Lighting Aesthetic
8Add More Cities
9Realistic Fire
10NPCs Converted To PC Presets
11Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
12Rain and Snow Fx
13Castle Volkihar Redux
14Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower Skyrim Mod
15Cheat Room

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1. Alternate Start – Realm of Lorkhan

To get the most out of the Skyrim experience, the alternative life mod is one of the must-have mods on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Realm of Lorkhan mod allows the players to dodge the “Helgen Start” and land anywhere in Skyrim. Using the alternate start mod, the players can avoid the main quest and wake up anywhere in Skyrim, and it can be the forest, the ship, or anywhere else.

Until the Realm of Lorkhan [Alternate Start] was not available for PS4, it was impossible to make any relative arrangements for an alternate start. The mod is similar to the actual game from the start till the character customization. Once the customization is completed, the players have dropped anywhere in the Skyrim Realm. Interesting, isn’t it?

Download the Realm of Lorkhan [Alternate Start] Skyrim mod for –

There is a separate Skyrim Mod patch for Realm of Lorkhan for PC and Xbox One players. In this patch, the users can choose where they want to land in Skyrim, unlike the alternate start mod.

Download for PC and Xbox One –

2. Forest of the Skyrim

Originally, Skyrim was an open game with lesser trees and objects, and it is easy to get out of the forest. Using the Forest of the Skyrim mod, players can add more trees and make the forests much denser. An advantage of using this mod is that it makes it more difficult to clear the forest stage as the forests are denser.

It gets more difficult to clear the mythical forest with all the wilderness and woods, which gives the game a much rich experience. One of the best parts about using Skyrim PS4 mods is using dark-toned forests to experience gothic. The forest land in Skyrim is lore-friendly, and this Skyrim mod is perfect for fixing the issue on PS4.

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3. Rustic Weather, Rain, and Lightning

In role-playing gaming, one of the most important things is the experience of the game. Most of the high-end games we see today have noticeable graphics such as rain, lightning, and rustic weather. Skyrim, when launched, had a minimal graphical experience, which does not give the feel of playing it. It had poor graphics until we found the Rustic Weather, Rain, and lightning mod.

This is one of the best graphics to change the experience of the Skyrim game and make it look more realistic. For instance, using the Rustic weather and rain mod on Skyrim, rainy weather actually rains inside the game where the player can see drops.

4. Enhanced Aqua Blue Water

One thing is for sure, the graphics on Skyrim are too dull. The colour water is greyish, and it doesn’t feel like water unless you use the Enhanced Aqua Blue Water mod to add that graphical touch. Most gamers doubt if using mods for such a basic element of the game is justifiable to the game’s performance. The answer is 100%.

The Enhanced Aqua Blue Water mod does not create any performance issues in the Skyrim game. Besides, the mod works perfectly with other special edition Skyrim mods without creating any performance issues.

ps4 skyrim mods

5. Realistic Enhancement Effects

What a boredom it is to use the Skyrim weapons with no after-effects on them? The gaming experience matters in such role-playing games and the only way to add such effects are either the game developer does it or the mods. Several Skyrim Mods for PS4, PC, or Xbox One let the players add realistic enhancement effects on their Skyrim weapons. One such Skyrim mod is the Realistic Enhancement Effects.

Realistic Enhancement Effects gives the players the ability to add weapon effects to blazing fire on a sword when used. The overall idea is to improve the experience of the game and make it more enjoyable.

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6. Enhanced Console Graphics

The Enhanced Console Graphics mods are the best Skyrim PS4 Mods and a must-use. It improves the overall graphical experience by adjusting the lighting experience. With this Skyrim mod, the player can change the look and feel of the game.

Besides, Enhanced Console Graphics also has its own lightning mode, which helps you avoid adding a lightning mod to the game. Using this Skyrim mode, the game looks more vibrant and appealing to the players making a significant impact overall.

7. Natural Lighting Aesthetic – The Best Skyrim PS4 Mods

We have already discussed 6 of the best Skyrim PS4 Mods, and there are a lot more to show, but when you install more and more mods, the performance can hurt. What if I tell you some mods are a combination of several mods and optimised for performance? One such is Natural Lighting Aesthetic Skyrim PS4 mod. This mod is great for improving your Skyrim game’s lighting and graphics on PS4 and other devices.

The Natural Lighting Aesthetic mod improves the dynamic lighting experience and character graphics. Besides, it also improves the overall experience, such as water reflection, crispness, and adding dense trees, which we had earlier done using the Forest for Skyrim mod.

8. Add More Cities

Skyrim is a bit outdated game with the old shops and no merchants in them. All of this can be changed using one simple mod, The Great Cities. This is one of the most used Skyrim Mods and focuses on adding more cities to the Skyrim game on the PS4. The cities are dynamic, and there can be a few performance issues, but these are negligible. Overall, this is a great addition to the Skyrim environment and does not alter the existing cities such as Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm.

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9. Fire Pits – Realistic Fire Skyrim PS4 Mod

Players hate being non-vulnerable in games, and that’s where the Original Skyrim fails. The fire pit in the original Skyrim is non-vulnerable or is immune to the players. Meaning, if the player goes through the fire, there is no drop in health or death. This takes away the fun from the game, and this is where the Realistic Fire Mod acts well. After using this mod, it removes the immunity from the fire pit and makes the player vulnerable. It is fun playing when things go hard.

10. NPCs Converted To PC Presets

Character customisation is one of the important mods, and with special Skyrim Mods, one can make significant changes without losing touch. Most mods change the looks entirely, giving an Anime touch to take out the original feel. But there are specific mods that can customise the character without losing the essential basics and keeping the richness of the game.

best skyrim mods

11. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

The unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch fixes the major bug issues that the developer doesn’t. Besides, the overall performance is optimised, and the game is more stable. The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition patch can be easily found and downloaded. It is a must-have mod for the regular players who want a better performing game, stable, and more enhanced gaming experience than the original Skyrim game.

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12. Rain and Snow Fx

Rain and Snow brings a more visually appealing experience while playing the Skyrim game. The Fx improves the gaming experience as such of the Rain, Rustic weather, and Lightning mod. The mod is similar, and the rain and snow experience is much better. The original Skyrim has lore and boring visuals that can be quickly fixed with such simple tweaks.

13. Castle Volkihar Redux

If you have explored the Skyrim game, you must have encountered the vast Vampire castle. What better than being the king of the Volkihar Castle on the Skyrim? The Castle Volkihar Redux mod shrinks the vampire castle and makes it easier to take it over. This mod is available for PS4, Xbox, and PC.

14. Say Hello to Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower Skyrim Mod

Having a companion is an interesting part of playing any PC, PS4, or Xbox One game. They are usually quiet, helps in a fight, and there are always conversations at checkpoints. The original Skyrim does not have a companion along with whom you can complete the levels. Using Sofia mod, you can not only have a companion following along, but she also helps in various other tasks. A few such are collecting loots and engaging in fights which make the game much engaging and multiplayer.

One of the interesting things about Sofia is she is a lot sarcastic. So, if you have her following along, there will be many funny and sarcastic conversations till you complete the game. Isn’t it interesting to this best Skyrim mod for PS4, Xbox One, or your other PC?

15. Cheat Room

Most gamers are against the idea of having a cheat room, and it is because of the unfair way of winning. If the games are difficult, they are interesting and fun to play, but a few gamers love to cheat; Cheat Room Skyrim Mod is specially developed. This mod helps the gamers to cheat in the game with a single click.

The cheat room offers features like –

  • Get every item in the game
  • Change weather and time
  • Level up scenes and characters
  • Get all the magic spells and potion
  • Cheat Weapons and Armor
  • Marry Actors
  • Resurrect Actors
  • Access any inventory
  • Item duplication
  • Cheat rings
  • And more

There are many features that the Cheat Room offers, which is why it is the most popular and best Skyrim mod available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Skyrim Have Mods on PS4?

Yes, there are several mods for Skyrim on PS4. Besides, they are recently also launched for other consoles such as Xbox One.

Do using Skyrim Mods affect the game performance?

A few mods can affect the game performance, but a few lightweight mods such as Enhanced Aqua Blue Water mod do not influence the game.

Is Skyrim worth playing?

The game is nearly 10 years old with basic graphics, but with the modern Skyrim Mods, it is interesting to play the game and enjoy levelling up each day.

Final Words

These are the best Skyrim PS4, PC, and Xbox One Mods that the players must use. Skyrim has outdated graphics, and there are limited features in the original game, but there are these special mods that can change the look and feel of the game. The Skyrim PS4 Mods are easy to install, and most of the mods do not affect the game’s performance.

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