How to Get a Higher Snapchat Score | 7 Things to Do

Increase Snapchat Scores

Want to get a higher Snapchat score or increase your Snap scores fast? Use these 7 Tips.

If you are a millennial, it is natural that you want to keep your Snapchat game-winning, especially when you are the most active social butterfly. Regardless, I am not a metered person but most others users like the numbers on their social media and, in this case, the Snapchat score.

One of the troubles with Snapchat scores is you cannot increase them quickly or fast using any tool or software. You must be consistent on the Snapchat app and send individual snaps daily to get higher Snapchat scores. But how does the app calculate your scores? What should you do to get a higher Snapchat score, and what should you not do? 

Let’s discuss it all in this helpful guide.

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How to Know your Snapchat Score?

If you are a Snapchat or social media guru, you probably already know where to find your Snapchat scores. So, you can skip to the next section, where we discuss how to get a higher Snapchat score. For those who are new to the app, here is how you can check your Snapchat scores.

  • Open the “Snapchat” app on your Android or iPhone device.
  • You can see your “profile icon” on the top-left of the Snapchat screen; tap on it.
  • Below the profile icon, you can find your name, username, and some random numbers with a sign.
  • These random numbers are your Snapchat scores that show how active you are on the platform.

Before aiming to get higher Snapchat scores, it is important to know what score you are currently at. Once you know it, you can know if you are actually getting higher Snapchat scores. Otherwise, you need to do something else to keep the scores increasing.

How does Snapchat Calculate your Snap Scores?

It is a curious question on how Snapchat calculates your Snap scores; is it the number of hours you are spending on the app, is it text messages, or is it the number of snaps you send every day? 

No, Snapchat is not that complicated.

Snap scores are calculated based on your three-basic activities on the app,

  • Posting stories on Snapchat
  • Sending snaps to individual contacts
  • Receiving snaps

Posting stories brings you a single point each time as it shows your activity on Snapchat; however, it does not work when you are watching others’ stories or replying to them.

Likewise, sending snaps is the most rated activity to calculate your Snap score. If you are not sending snaps and only watching what others have sent, you are losing a single point each time. It is best to send snaps after or before you receive them. Nonetheless, the score is not accounted for if you send snaps to your Snapchat groups.

Snapchat groups are great for having fun memory sharing with your group of friends, but it is a big no when it comes to Snapchat scores. Rather, you should send and receive snaps to individual friends or contacts to get higher Snapchat scores.

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How to Increase or Get a Higher Snapchat Score?

Every crazy fan of Snapchat would love to get a higher Snapchat score, and everyone wants it fast or quickly. But the reality is there is no shortcut tool or app to increase your Snapchat scores fast. You will have to follow the process, but you can avoid a few things to ensure you are doing it correctly to get more points each time. 

Here is how to get more points on your Snapchat scores,

1. Do Not Text Message on Snap

The first and foremost thing to avoid is to not text message on Snapchat; there are other apps, such as WhatsApp, that can help you with texting. Snapchat is specifically for sending and receiving snaps, so if someone is texting you on Snap, do not write your replies in text messages; rather, use a Snap to reply to them.

With each Snap you send and receive, you get the score, so you are increasing your Snapchat scores eventually. However, sending text messages on Snap does not account for any point.

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2. Post Stories More Often

Most active users send and receive snaps daily but do not upload stories. To get higher Snapchat scores, we recommend users post Snapchat stories more often. This is because, with each story, you get an additional point. So, if you are posting ten stories each day, you get ten additional points.

3. Reply to Stories with Snaps

Instead of using the quick reply box at the bottom of each story, we recommend users reply to stories using a snap. Replying to stories is a good window of opportunity when you have nothing to share with your contacts. 

Also, this way, you can start a Snap conversation, and as we already know, with each Snap, you get one additional point, and doing it with all contacts helps you overall to get higher Snapchat scores.

4. Add More Friends to Snapchat

Many users believe one of the ways to increase Snap scores is to add more friends to the list. So, if you are an active Snapchat user with a huge network, it is good to add them to your Snapchat. However, for personal safety, privacy, and security, we recommend you avoid adding unknown users to your Snapchat profile.

To add a new friend to Snapchat,

  • Use the search box and look for the Snapchat username of your friend.
  • Once you find them, tap on the “Add +” button beside their profile in the search box to send them a friend request.
  • If they have allowed to receive snaps from anyone, you can start sending them snaps right away.
  • Alternatively, you can also add friends on Snapchat by syncing your “Contacts” to the Snapchat app. After the sync is complete, you can see the list of users from your contacts that are on Snapchat and then send them a friend request.

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5. Send Multiple Snaps at Once

If you are spending your time sending snaps to individual contacts, you might lose out on some points at the end of the day. Thankfully, Snapchat allows you to send snaps to multiple users at once, and doing this can help you have more time to collect more Snapchat scores.

Suppose you are sending snaps to ten users, and three times a day, you are collecting almost 30-35 points. Also, if you receive all their snaps, you are doubling the score number. It is a good chance to get almost 70-100 points every day and eventually get higher Snapchat scores.

6. Receive All Snaps, Leave None

Most Snapchat users only send snaps to their friends but do not receive snaps from them. If you are one of such users, you are missing out on a few points each time you do not open a snap.

Snapchat increases your score when you both send and receive snaps, indicating that both users are communicating through snaps. However, when you do not open snaps from other users, for each Snap, you lose out on a single point.

We recommend you open every chat and view all snaps to get higher Snapchat scores.

7. Stay Away from Snapchat | A Secret Trick to Increase your Scores

If streaks are nothing important to you and rather you want to increase your overall Snapchat score, a strange thing to do is stay inactive on Snapchat. When you are inactive on Snapchat, the app credits you with extra scores, but always remember, you will lose out on streaks and will have to start from “streak 0” again.

Also, staying inactive on Snapchat does not mean deactivating your account; that will be of no help to your Snapchat scores. Here, staying inactive means not opening the app or using it in any possible way.

But hardly any user would want to break streaks to increase their Snapchat scores. If you are among such daredevils, do let us know in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

My Snapchat scores are not increasing

If you are not sending or receiving snaps or posting Snapchat stories, your Snapchat score will hardly increase.

How to get a higher Snapchat score?

There are a couple of things you can do to increase your Snapchat scores; for instance – sending or receiving snaps, posting stories, replying with snaps, and more.

Does adding more friends to Snapchat increase scores?

Adding more friends to Snapchat does increase your Snapchat scores. However, we recommend you add known users only for privacy purposes.

Can you get higher Snapchat scores by sending snaps in groups?

No, you don’t get points when you send snaps to Snapchat groups; however, there is a huge debate among users, and you could try your luck and see if you get any additional points. 

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Wrapping up: Get Higher Snapchat Scores with Handy Tips Above

To increase your Snapchat scores, we recommend you send and receive more snaps. Additionally, you can post more stories, make conversations using snaps, and reply to stories and chats with snaps. Snapchat scores show how active a Snapchat user you are, but at the end of the day, the higher scores do not get you any rewards or gifts.

If you are getting addicted to Snapchat and other social media apps, you can install parental control apps on your device to control how you spend your time (Check your Screen Time on Android). Our go-to parental control apps are Bark and Qustodio; alternatively, you can also use apps like Google Family link or use in-built digital-wellbeing settings to control your usage. 

I hope to have helped you with how to get a higher Snapchat score; if you have any additional ways to boost Snapchat scores, do let us know in the comment section. Also, if you like this article, do give this a quick share on your social media handles and definitely tag us. Join our Telegram channelFacebook page, and Twitter to never miss a quick update.

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