How to Activate NBCU on USA Network

Want to activate NBCU on USA Network? You can do it using, and this USA Network Activation guide is all you need.

USA Network is one of the leading cable channels in the United States of America, with almost 90 million viewers. Can you stream your favorite NBC universe on it? It is technically possible as USA Network allows you to activate NBCU on your Smart TV. In addition, NBCU can also be activated on platforms like Roku, FireStick TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and a few more.

The process to activate NBCU on is not that complicated, but it is always best to have a faster internet connection and a better streaming device to avoid any issues.

In this guide, let me help you activate NBCU on USA Network and other streaming devices. If you find our guide helpful, feel free to check out more about tech on our website and give us a super cool tag and share on social media platforms.

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How to Activate NBCU on USA Network | The Step-by-Step Guide for Smart TVs

  • Install the USA Network app on your Smart TV; if you are using Google TV, you will find it in the “Play Store,” and for other smart TVs, you can find the USA Network on the respective app store.
  • After installing the USA Network app, you can find an activation code on your screen; copy this code as it will help you in activating NBCU on your USA network app.
  • On your mobile device or a laptop, open a browser and then sign in to the USA Network.
  • In another browser tab, enter and hit enter.
  • Now, you can find the activation screen; here, you will need to enter the code from your Smart TV and then press the continue button.
  • After a few steps, you have successfully activated the NBCU on USA Network using your Smart TV.

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How to Activate NBCU on a ROKU Device?

Roku is one of the popular streaming devices that lets you stream your favorite shows and movies in 4K resolution. This streaming stick is insane as it supports almost all of the popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix, USA Network, Hulu, Disney Plus, Twitch, and several others. 

One of the advantages of activating NBCU on ROKU is you get to watch your shows again and watch USA Network shows on repeat. So, if you are buying a ROKU or already have one, here is how you can use the same method, “,” to activate NBCU and USA Network on a ROKU device.

Here are the steps,

  • Connect your ROKU device to your Smart TV and ensure it is connected to a fast internet connection.
  • Click on the home button and navigate to “Channels” to add a new channel.
  • Now, look for the “USA Network” channel and add it to your ROKU device.
  • Login to USA Network, and then you will see an activation code on your screen; copy it for later reference.
  • On your mobile device or a laptop, open a browser and navigate to “,” and hit enter.
  • You will now see a field where you need to enter your activation code from your screen.
  • In some cases, you might need to log in to USA Network again, and then it’s done. It is this simple to activate NBCU on USA Network.
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How to Activate USA Network on Amazon FireStick TV [Watch NBCU]

How to Activate on Amazon FireStick TV

Likewise to ROKU, users can activate USA Network on their Amazon FireStick TV and watch NBCU in high definition. FireStick TV is a lot more user-friendly and comes with an easy-to-use interface which is not the case with ROKU.

Here are the steps to Activate USA Networks NBCU on Amazon FireStick,

  • Connect your FireStick TV streaming device to your Smart TV and ensure you have a good internet connection.
  • Open the “FireStick TV” app store and look for your internet browser.
  • Now, navigate to and tap on the “link tv provider” option from the top.
  • Select your TV provider on which the USA Network and NBCU are subscribed, and then sign in using your account. You will find an activation code on your screen; copy it.
  • On your mobile device or a laptop, open a browser and navigate to “,” and hit enter.
  • You will now see a field where you need to enter your activation code from your screen.
  • In some cases, you might need to log in to USA Network again, and then it’s done. It is this simple to activate NBCU on USA Network.
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Activate NBCU USA Network on Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is another popular streaming device that works as best as ROKU or FireStick TV. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated app on Google Chromecast to watch USA Network, but you can make it possible using your laptop or mac device.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser on your laptop, notebook, or Mac and ensure you have a good internet connection for streaming.
  • Sign in to your USA Network and NBCU profile and in one of the new tabs, navigate to the “” website.
  • Activate USA Network by entering your activation code
  • You might be asked to log in again, and then you can watch USA Network on your laptop or Mac.
  • Now, tap on the three-dot menu from your chrome browser and then click on the “Cast” option.
  • Now, select your “Google Chromecast” device from the list and tap on it.
  • Your “Google Chromecast” device and laptop should be on the same network, and you can then cast it directly on your TV.
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How to Activate NBCU on USA Network using an Android or iOS Device?

For those who are much more comfortable watching everything on their phones and ditching those big Smart TVs, you can activate USA Network on your Android or iOS device too. Now, the process is again not so complicated and only requires you to have an active internet connection and subscriptions to USA Network and NBCU.

Here is how you can do it,

  • Open the “Play Store” or “App Store” app on your Android or iOS device and look for the USA Network app.
  • You will now be shown a list of TV service providers; choose the one that you are subscribed to and then enter your username and password credentials.
  • Once done, you will be returned to the app.
  • Now, open a web browser and navigate to “,” and then enter the activation code.
  • Log in using your username and password, and you are ready to watch your favorite entertainment.

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Creating NBC Profile and Why you Should Have One?

Now that we know how to activate USA Network for NBC Universe, you should also know about the NBC profile and why you should have one. The NBC profile helps you sync your entertainment between multiple devices and also comes with a few freebies. For instance, when you create your NBC profile, you get three credits that help you unlock any of your episodes that require a subscription.

Registering your NBC profile is also a free process, and it is a single profile account for all of your NBC channels. When you activate NBCU on USA Network and use your NBC profile, you can continue watching your entertainment from other channels to USA Network.

Here is how to create an NBC Universe profile,

  • Visit the “” website and then tap on the profile creation options such as using “Email,” “Google,” or “Apple.”

    Create NBC Profile

  • Now, create your profile with information such as name, birth year, gender, and more.

    How to Create NBC Profile to Activate NBC Universe on USA Network

  • Once done, you can access “Peacock TV” for free with it; all it takes is creating a password.
  • That’s it. Your NBC profile is ready to use.

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Troubleshoot USA Network NBCU Activation Code Not Working

Here are a few steps to follow when you are having issues with how to activate the NBCU code on USA Network.

  • Check your internet connection: It is a must to have a fast internet connection for better and smooth streaming.
  • Switch VPNs, if any: If you are using a VPN to access USA Network, for instance, you are accessing USA Network from outside USA or want to secure your connection. Most VPNs don’t work and are instantly blocked; I recommend you check out NordVPN and ExpressVPN for smooth and interruption-free streaming.
  • Link and unlink the TV provider: Reconnecting USA Network with your TV provider should help you solve a few issues.
  • Clear cookies and cache: Browser cookies and cache are the biggest obstacles with streaming apps, and clearing them should help you with smoother streaming.
  • Disable Pop-up blockers: Ads and browser notifications can run some unsupported javascript code in the background, causing issues with your streaming. You can either block them or totally prevent ads by using a strong ad-blocker such as BitDefender Total Security (Ad-blocker, antivirus, and antimalware).

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How do I activate USA Network?

To activate USA Network, navigate to the website and enter your activation code.

Unable to activate NBCU on USA Network

If you are unable to activate NBCU on USA Network, you can try a few solutions, such as relinking your TV provider, switching VPN services, clearing cookies and cache, and disabling pop-up blockers for streaming on browsers.

Is the USA Network Available on ROKU TV?

Yes, USA Network is available on ROKU TV, and you can download it from the channels menu list on your ROKU device.

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Wrapping up: Activating NBC Universe on USA Network

This is how simple it is to activate NBCU on USA Network using the website. You can use this activation link and code on your smartphone devices like Android or iOS, Smart TV, ROKU, FireStick TV, Chromecast, and many other streaming devices.


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I hope to have helped you with how to stream NBCU on USA Network and use the activation code. If you have any issues or suggestions, do let us know in the comment section. If you like this article, do give this a quick share on your social media handles and do tag us. Also, join our Telegram channelFacebook page, and Twitter to never miss a quick update.

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