10 Best Instagram Photo Resizer Apps & Online Tools

Want to resize your Instagram photos? Here are the 10 best Instagram photo resizer apps that you should try.

Instagram has grown to be one of the best and most popular photo-sharing social media apps on the internet, with over 1.3 billion users worldwide; however, it is not as easy to upload your favorite pictures or Instagram reels as you do with Facebook; there are certain Instagram post size which you need follow, or you will end up cropping your picture. This majorly affects photographers, influencers, and brands as they prepare posts in different sizes, and regular users rarely know about any Instagram post proportions. Here, we discuss the 10 best Instagram photo resizer apps and online tools to help you get through without cropping any parts of your image. The best part is these are available for both Android and IOS devices.

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10 Best Instagram Photo Resizer Apps & Online Tools

Instagram photo resizer tools come in handy when you need to have the correct propositions of the image or video without having to crop it. We discuss the multiple Instagram post sizes in the later section of the article; However, if you don’t want to resize the image, one of the options you can do is publish a continuous carousel post that fits the best for landscape-type Instagram posts. If you are ready to resize the Instagram images without or with a little loss of quality, here are our top picks.

1. Square Fit

Instagram Post Resizer


Price: Freemium

  • Fit, crop, rotate, flip, and resize the image without loss in quality.
  • Resize as per the social media platform.
  • Photo editor and resizer in a single app.
  • 150 photo backgrounds and patterns.
  • Try without paying any money.
  • Share directly to social media without leaving the app.

Square Fit is one of the best apps for resizing Instagram photos; it is loaded with a bunch of features and makes it easier for your to resize your images without having to crop them. Most of the Instagram photo resizer tools and apps that we have used either blur the background or keep it in a solid color, such as black or white. This is sometimes okay, but if you wish to make it look more creative and fill it with different backgrounds, this is the right app for you.

Using Square Fit Instagram photo resizer, you can not only resize the images but also edit them. Yes, it is a two-in-one powerful tool for those who wish to edit and resize the images rather than making several copies each time. One of the captivating features is there are more social media options, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which allow users to resize the images as per their requirements. Once done, you can directly share the image on the platform using the image resizer app.

What we loved the most is despite being a freemium app, you don’t have to suffer the “enter your credit card details” page. This app can be used for free without paying a penny. However, the free version restricts the users with available features and editing options.

Sadly, this Instagram photo resizer tool is only available on the App store; Meaning only iPhone and iPad users can use it.

2. No Crop & Square for Instagram

Instagram square photo resizer app


Price: Freemium

  • Post full-size photos on Instagram without cropping images.
  • Rotate, flip, and resize photos.
  • Add images to the background of the post.
  • Photo editor with 30+ filters and 400+ stickers and emojis.
  • Make your own collage.
  • Add text with multiple font options.

“No Crop and Square for Instagram” is another all-in-one Instagram photo resizer app for Android and the best alternative to Square Fit. There are a lot of similar features in comparison to the Square Fit app, and the best part is the availability for Android devices. Since Square Fit is not available for Android, this is the perfect replacement or alternative to the Instagram photo resizer.

There are a bunch of powerful features, such as resizing full-size images without having to crop the edges, rotating and flipping as per your need, and adding images to the background of the post. Adding the background image is the best feature that we love; the traditional and old Instagram image resizer apps add blurry sections or solid colors, which are quite common.

Additionally, this Instagram photo resizer app is also a powerful photo editor that allows you to add 30+ filters and 400+ stickers and emojis to your Instagram post. This also adds to writing on your photo using a text editor tool with numerous fonts or also making a collage of all your images.

The “No Crop and Square for Instagram” app is a freemium tool and allows you to use the free features without having to pay. However, if you are a regular user and love using it, the subscription price is quite low, and it is one of the affordable tools.

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3. Instasize: Photo Editor + Picture Collage Maker + Video

Photo resizer app for Instagram


Price: Freemium

  • Photo editor and image resizer app.
  • Photo borders to make your Instagram post more creative.
  • Add text to your photos.
  • Make a collage of your favorite images.
  • Amazing features with a premium subscription.

Instasize has been a long-time user favorite when it comes to resizing Instagram photos or editing them. There are a couple of loved features, such as adding photo backgrounds, filters, and stickers; However, these are only available in the affordable premium subscription. The free version is a powerful image editor and can resize, flip, or rotate your image as per your need.

One of the creative features on Instasize that we loved using is the creative border options. Here, you will find a bunch of creative borders which outshine the image and make it look more attractive and appealing. This feature is missing in most Instagram photo resizer apps or online tools.

In addition, the app also has similar features to other resizer tools and apps, such as adding text to the photo or making a collage. Additionally, the app is available for both Android and iOS platforms, which makes it more desirable to use.

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4. INSTFIT – Post Without Cropping

Image resizer for Instagram on App store iPhone


Price: Freemium

  • Photo fitting and resizing.
  • 140+ background styles.
  • 100+ filters and overlays.
  • Make collages and add text.
  • Export resized Instagram photos in high quality.
  • Advanced HSL editing feature.
  • Loaded with resources on affordable premium subscription.

If you are among those who love to give their images a detailed edit before resizing them and publishing them on different platforms, INSTFIT is the perfect app for you. Though it is an Instagram photo resizer, it is also a powerful photo editing app. Similar to the other apps on the list, INSTFIT also provides over 140+ background images and 100+ filters and overlays. However, there is something more that excites us than the background image and filters; it is the HSL editing for much more freedom on how you want your image to look.

The HSL editing levels allow you to edit the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance for much more detailed and toned images. Usually, to edit in such a way, users first use image editing apps such as photoshop or lightroom and then use the Instagram photo resizer app. But thanks to INSTFIT that you can do both together on a single app and publish it right away without losing any quality or parts of the image.

The app is only available on the App Store and is a freemium app with the most affordable pricing. You can use the free version, but that would limit the resources and features restricting you from making the most visually appealing edits.

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5. Photo & Picture Resizer: Resize, Downsize, and Adjust

best instagram photo resizer app


Price: Freemium

  • Resize multiple Instagram photos in batch.
  • Improved quality of exported images.
  • Custom aspect ratios.
  • Support other social media platforms.
  • Better compression rate.
  • Enlarge and scale the image size.

Photo and Picture resizer has been one of the loved apps on Play Store for resizing images and is not restricted only to Instagram. The app is completely focused on resizing the images for multiple social media platforms without losing much quality. One of the advantages of this Instagram photo resizer tool is batch resizing of images which we love the most. There are several tools on the list, but not many of them provide batch resizing of images which is tiresome as you will have to resize images individually with Ads between them.

Another benefit of using this Instagram post resizing tool is the custom aspect ratios and resolutions that allow you to resize the images as per your need. Instagram has several aspect ratios, and if you don’t want your image to be cropped, these aspect ratios are to be followed. But what are these aspect ratios? We have discussed them further in the post.

We have been using the Photo and Picture resizer tool not only for Instagram but for platforms like Facebook and YouTube, as there are certain aspect ratios for banner headers and other images. In such cases, no one would want a poor-quality image after the resizing is done; this is where the improved quality and compression of this tool come into the picture. It is one of the best and recommended tools for resizing images for Instagram and other social platforms.

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6. Image Size | Instagram Photo Resizer

Photo resizer app for Instagram


Price: Freemium

  • Resize photos.
  • Adjust the alignment of the image and crop based on different aspect ratios.
  • Multiple aspect ratios with custom option.
  • Includes a built-in photo editor.
  • Adjust the photo either in pixels, mm, cm or inches.

Image Size is another photo resizer tool for Instagram that does the perfect job of adjusting and resizing images. The tool is perfect for those who wish to edit and resize images without having to use any other additional editing apps or tools. One of the best things about using the Image Size app on your device is you can use any custom or preset aspect ratio for your Instagram or other social media platforms.

Additionally, there is an option to adjust the alignment of the image that other photo resizer apps lack and which is also one of the important features. The app is paired with photo editing tools to do multiple photo editing for your Instagram pictures, such as adding text, stickers, and more.

Another likable feature of Image Size is resizing options in cm, mm, inches, or pixels that helps you in resizing the photo for various other platforms. This makes Image Size one of the best Instagram photo resizer tools on the list.

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7. Landscape | Instagram Photo Resizer Tool

Instagram photo resizer tool


Price: Free

  • No need to install any app.
  • Faster and easy to resize images.
  • Available on all platforms.
  • For multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

“Landscape” is an online tool by Sprouts Social that allows you to resize images without having to install any app or view Ads. This online tool is perfect for those who want to quickly resize images and save them directly on their device. Additionally, this Instagram photo resizer tool can be used on any device, including your Mac or Windows computer.

“Landscape” is not specific to an Instagram post or aspect ratio; the tool is handy to use for banners, images, or posts on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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8. Adobe Spark | Instagram Resize Tool

Instagram photo resizer tool


Price: Freemium (Sign-in Required)

  • Adobe brand.
  • No app installation is required.
  • It can be used on any device or browser.
  • Multiple image size options.
  • The preset aspect ratio for stories, IGTV, square, portrait, and landscape.
  • Custom aspect ratios are available.

Adobe Spark is one of the best tools powered by Adobe Photoshop for resizing images in multiple aspect ratios. One of the best things about Adobe Spark is there is no installation required, and the tool can be accessed directly through the browser on any device.

Once you upload the image, you can find the predefined aspect ratios of Instagram, such as portrait, square, landscape, stories, and more. If you wish to resize the image for other social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more, you can choose the platform, and all the available sizes will be shown. Apart from this, there are custom size options that allow you to resize the images for any platform of your desired aspect ratio.

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9. Promo – Instagram Photo Resizer Tool

Image Resizer Tool


Price: Free

  • 3-Step simple process to resize the image.
  • No app installation is required.
  • Easy to use on any device.
  • Multiple social media platform options.
  • Predefined aspect ratios for easy resizing of images.
  • Upload the image or get it from the URL.

Promo is another best and instant photo resizer tool for Instagram that can be used on any device without having to install any app. It is an easy-to-use photo resizer tool that resizes photos without losing the quality of the post. One of the benefits of using this tool is you can resize images for a bunch of social media options such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

There are predefined post size that helps you in resizing the images; however, if you wish to resize at your convenience, you can use a custom aspect ratio. Using a custom aspect ratio, you can resize images as per your need and social media platforms without compromising quality which makes it one of the best Instagram photo resizer tools.

Additionally, you can either upload the image or resize the image using the URL from the internet. This helps when you have resources or images from online tools and want to compress or resize them directly using the image resizer. The tool is handy and one of the best, as it instantly resizes pictures.

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10. Reduce Images

reduce images


Price: Free

  • No app installation.
  • Ad-free online tool.
  • It can be used on any device.
  • No sign-up is required.
  • Resize and reduce the image size together.
  • Convert jpg to png and vice versa.

Reduce Images is our most favorite tool that helps you resize the images and reduce their size together. Unlike other apps and online tools, there are not many options, such as an embedded photo editor, stickers, adding text, or more; the app is more focused on resizing the images than editing them, which makes the tool more dedicated to resizing.

This online tool is easy to use with no sign-up required, and is completely Ad-free. Meaning you can use this Instagram photo resizer tool without paying any penny. Additionally, the size of the image can be reduced along with resizing, which makes it one of the best.

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Guide on Instagram Post Sizes | Post, Story, IGTV, and Reels

Before using any of the Instagram photo resizer apps or online tools, the firstmost task is to know the available post sizes that can be used. There are three size options for uploading photos on Instagram, the post size for reels is different, and the Instagram story size slightly differs from the reels. So, there are a bunch of size options, and you need to choose the size as per your post preference or requirement.

Here are the available Instagram post size options based on what type of post you want to upload.

Instagram Image/Picture Post Size

There are three types of image aspect ratios that can be used to post on Instagram; Vertical, Landscape, and Square. All these image aspect ratios are different from each other, and you need to choose the correct aspect ratio based on your image to avoid cropping. This is where the Instagram photo resizer apps or online tools come into the picture and help you maintain the aspect ratio.

Instagram post size square
Landscape post size Instagram
  • A square post (1080px by 1080px) is an ideal post size with a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Landscape post (1080px by 566px) with a 1.91:1 aspect ratio.
  • Vertical post (1080px by 1350px) with 4:5 aspect ratio.

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Instagram Reels and IGTV Post Size

IGTV and reels have similar post sizes, but you might have noticed there are options to set a different cover image or choose the profile grid alignment. In such a case, there are different image aspect ratios or proportions that you can use to showcase your reels or IGTV videos. Here are the image aspect ratios for reels and IGTV videos.

Instagram post size for Reels and IGTV
  • IGTV and reel video (1080px by 1920px) with a 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • 4:5 aspect ratio for reels and IGTV on Instagram feed.
  • 1:1 aspect ratio in Instagram profile grid.
  • 9:16 aspect ratio for the reels thumbnail and 420px by 654px for the IGTV thumbnail.
  • IGTV cover photo of 420px by 654px with a 1:1.55 aspect ratio.

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Instagram Story Sizes

Instagram stories are also of specific aspect ratio and size to fit the screen properly and avoid cluttering or cropping of the images or videos. Since there are not many options when it comes to Instagram story sizes, you don’t need to worry about the size ratios.

What is Instagram story size

The recommended Instagram story size is 1080px by 1920px (an aspect ratio of 9:16), and the same goes for the highlight cover on your Instagram profile grid. You can add up to 15 seconds of the video on your Instagram stories and resize the images as videos as per your need.

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Instagram Video Post Size

Video post size for Instagram

The ideal video post size should be of the 16:9 aspect ratio and you can also resize the videos as per the aspect ratio of the images. So, if you are adding multiple images and videos as a single carousel post, the video will be resized to the image size i.e. an aspect ratio of 4:5, 1.91:1, and 1:1 but you cannot use all the three post sizes in a single carousel post. So, ensure you are using the same size photos and images to avoid cropping or cluttering of images and videos.

You can adjust the image and video size using the Instagram photo resizer apps for Android and iOS devices. In other cases, several online tools also do the Instagram photo resize work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions [Faqs]

How do you get the whole picture to fit on Instagram?

If your photo size is more than the aspect ratio, the image will end up cropping. However, you can use the pinch option at the bottom left, and if your image is still being cropped, you can use an Instagram photo resizer app or online tool.

Is there any image resize tools to upload images without cropping?

Yes, you can use apps like Square Fit or No Crop and Square on App Store or Play Store to upload images without cropping them on Instagram.

Can you resize images online?

Yes, there are tools like Promo, Adobe Spark, and Landscape that allows you to resize Instagram images online without cropping them.

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Conclusion | Instagram Photo Resizer Apps & Tools

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform for people and brands; however, most of the time, you might notice the images end up cropping. Using the Instagram photo resizer apps and tools, you can resize the image as per the aspect ratio or custom sizes.

There are several Instagram photo resizer apps and tools, and we have listed some of the best in this article. Do let us know which is your favorite Instagram photo resizer tool or app from the list in the comment section. If you like this article, do give this a quick share on your social media handles and do tag us. Also, join our Telegram channelFacebook page, and Twitter to never miss a quick update.

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