How to Find, Watch and Download Videos Deleted From YouTube?

YouTube has been one of the most used social platforms long before Instagram and TikTok were developed. The thought of expressing through videos has improved the way people communicate with each other. Besides, YouTube has now also made it possible for people to build careers. That said, let’s stick to the topic on how to find and watch deleted videos from YouTube.

Find and Watch Deleted Videos on YouTube

Most of the time, we don’t have enough time to watch a video, so we put it on a watch later list. Sometimes, a viral video is taken down due to some issues, but you haven’t watched it yet; or one of your favorite videos is deleted from YouTube. So, how do you watch it?

There is a simple trick to watching deleted YouTube videos, and if you do not know about it, here is the guide.

Before we proceed, do check our guide on How to Download YouTube Videos on Android and iPhone.

Step 1: Find Deleted YouTube Video (URL)

To find the deleted YouTube Video, the first and foremost important thing is to find the URL of the deleted video. If you are navigating to YouTube from Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social media, you can click and copy the YouTube URL. Though the video is deleted from YouTube, the link is still important.

If you remember the video’s title or the author, you can find the video on YouTube. This is possible as many people re-upload the video with a similar title or around the subject title. You can check once before the video is uploaded and then watch the deleted YouTube Video. In case the video is copyrighted or falls under legal circumstances, YouTube will delete the video entirely.

Once you have the URL of the deleted YouTube video, you can now go to step 2 to watch the deleted YouTube video.

Step 2: Watch Deleted YouTube on Way Back Machine (

Once we have the URL of the deleted Youtube Video, we can now easily watch it using Way Back Machine.

In a new tab on the chrome browser or safari or any other browser, open the website. Here, you can find the Way Back Machine search box where you need to paste the URL of the deleted YouTube video that you wish to watch.

deleted YouTube video

Now, the Way Back Machine will search for the most recent snapshot of the video. This is possible as the Way Back Machine on saves every website’s snapshot on the internet.

The Way Back Machine will take some time to load the archive web page and buffer the video. Wait for some time till the video is loaded, and then you can watch the deleted YouTube video successfully.

Step 3: Download Deleted Youtube Video

If you are wondering, hey, I want to download the deleted YouTube video on my computer. How can I do that? It is simple to download the deleted YouTube video. You can copy the video link and then use our guide on How to Download YouTube Videos on Android and iPhone.

If the download YouTube Video guide does not work for you. A simple trick is to screen record the video. There are plenty of screen recorders available for multiple devices. Most of the screen recorders have logos, or they are paid versions. The free version of screen recorders lasts not more than 2 minutes, and if the video deleted from YouTube is longer, you might have to let go of some content.

Free screen recording trick: But if you are using a Windows laptop or Mac, you can screen record the deleted YouTube video for free. This is possible with the help of Microsoft Office Powerpoint. If you are unaware of how to do it, the guide – How to Record PC Screen for Free using Powerpoint [PPT] on Windows [7,8,&10] and Mac.

Final Words

If you wish to watch a deleted YouTube video, find the deleted YouTube video first. Then, you can use the Way Back Machine and get the archive page of that particular YouTube video. Moreover, If you wish to download the YouTube video, you can screen record the video or download it using our guide. Did the guide help you? Let us know in the comment section.

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