14 Instagram Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Instagram is one of the most influential social app these years and we spend a lot of time every day posting our moments. From our daily fashion to big breaks of life, we post everything on Instagram and share it with our friends. But are you truly using all the features of Instagram? Do you know there are Instagram hacks which will sky rocket your Instagram profiles like a pro and showcase best of your profiles? I bet there are few things which you really don’t know. Here are 14 Instagram hacks you should definitely use on your Instagram accounts.

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Instagram Filters – Get Pro level Photos

Instagram filters is one of the lesser known Instagram hacks which you are really missing out. If you are into Instagram fashion blogging or into photography then you should really try this hack.
I am not talking just about the swipe filters you can apply on Instagram stories and photos. There is a simple Instagram hack you can use to draw attentions to your photos with one single click.

instagram hacks photography

Instagram Photo filter hack –

  • Open Instagram App from the app drawer.
  • Click on the camera icon on the top left and open stories.
  • Now in normal option you will find the face icon, select it and browse hundreds of filters.
  • click photos and upload them as stories.
  • If you don’t want to upload them as stories then you can save the story and upload them as pictures.

My favorite is orange and teal by Nahir. You can check her work on Instagram profile – Nahir Esper.

Remove from Followers list

If you have recently decided to go private on Instagram and want to remove someone from your followers list then you will find this tip very helpful. You don’t need to block them.

remover instagram follower

  • Open Instagram app and search for the profile which you want to remove from followers.
  • Click on the three dots placed on the right corner of the profile.
  • Select remove follower.

If you want to remove multiple people from followers list on Instagram then you can use this method –

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click on following.
  • You will have a list of people who are following you.
  • Click the three dots and select remove follower.

Advantage of using this method is removing of multiple unwanted followers without having to search them individually.

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Add cool fonts to Instagram bio –

You can add fancy fonts to Instagram bio using the online font changers or just download apps on your android and ios device. These font changer are pretty simple to use, just type the text you want to put on Instagram bio and then just copy paste it to your Instagram bio.

To add cool fonts in your Instagram bio using online font changer such as cool symbol  is pretty simple.

  • Open cool symbol website in your browser.
  • Type the text you want to add in your bio and copy it in desired font format.
  • Open your Instagram account and click on edit profile.
  • Paste the copied text in the bio.

You can also change the font in bio using laptop or desktop computers and also add symbols like copyrights and trademark using character set tool of windows.

  • Open windows menu and type characters.
  • Open the app and find your desired symbol.
  • select and copy and then paste it into your Instagram bio or Instagram display name.

Which Instagram posts you have liked?

instagram hacks

When you like Instagram pictures from the explore window and want to see that image again then you don’t have to find anywhere else other than your profile.
Using this simple Instagram hack you can undo the mistake of liking a picture of your ex or search that image when in need.

  • Open your Instagram profile and select the hamburger menu from the right top.
  • Click on settings tab.
  • Navigate to Account option and select it.
  • Now you have a option to see post’s you have liked.

You can unlike those posts if needed and it contains all the posts you have liked till date. Believe me, it is one of the awesome things you can do.

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Business Accounts on Instagram –

I recommend switching to business account on Instagram if you are know how marketing works. If you have doubts on switching from personal to business account on Instagram then no worries. A informative read by Susanne Rieker will help you in deciding if you should Switch from personal to business account on Instagram.

Switching to Instagram business account is quite simple and you don’t need to have shops or website for having a Instagram business account.

Then why you should switch to business account if you don’t have a business?

The reasons to have a Instagram business accounts is because of the business tools. Using these Instagram business tools, you can check insights of your Instagram profile. You can also see number of followers lost and post engagements to the Instagram users.

Why you shouldn’t switch to Instagram business account?

If you are quite conservative with your life and prefer keeping things private then Instagram business account is not for you. Switching to Instagram business account will make your profile public and all your posts will be visible to everyone.

To switch from personal account to business account on Instagram use the following steps –

instagram business account

  • Open your profile and select the hamburger menu in right top.
  • Select settings tab.
  • Navigate for accounts option and select switch to professional account.
  • You will be guided through the process where you can select if you want a creator or business account.
  • Select the creator option if you don’t have a business and then select the domain such as model, photographer,artist etc.
  • Link your Facebook page if any and then you are done.

Now you can see the all the insights in future after you upload images or stories.If your posts are performing well then you can boost it using the Instagram ads which will automatically be notified by a button below the post.

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Search Instagram users without an Instagram account –

If you love stalking your favorite Instagram accounts and you don’t want to follow those public profiles or don’t want to log in on an unknown/untrusted device just use these simple methods.

Method 1 – Using the Instagram username in URL

instagram web

  • Open a web browser.
  • Type Instagram.com/username and hit enter.
  • Here username is the username of the account you want to see.
  • The whole profile is loaded if it is a public account.

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Method 2 – Using Google search

instagram hacks

  • open the google search.
  • Type site:Instagram.com (name of the user) without parenthesis.
  • Hit enter and all the profiles will be available in google search results.

First to know when your favorite person has uploaded a new post or story –

If you want to be the first person to know when your favorite person has uploaded a new post or story then this Instagram hack is for you.

instagram notifications

  • Search for Instagram profile using the search option.
  • Click on the following button.
  • Select “notifications”.
  • Enable Post and Story Notifications.

Now whenever your favorite posts a new post or story, you will be notified by an Instagram notification.

Have you turned on notifications for tinyquip? Do it right away and be the first to get notified.

Save your favorite posts –

Liked a picture? Save it and access it much faster next time using this simple Instagram trick.

instagram viewers

  • On the right bottom of every post you have a save button.
  • click on the save button.
  • Go to your profile and click on the save button just below the profile.
  • You will find all the saved posts in the window.

If you want to save posts in an organized way then long press on save button below the posts and add them to new collections or list of collections you have made.

Story highlights –

I love posting more of Instagram stories but the problem with stories is time duration. Instagram stories are available only for 24 hours and I want people to watch them even after it disappears.
The best way is Instagram story highlights.

  • Upload a story on your Instagram account.
  • click on highlight button in the bottom right.
  • Make collections of highlights which Instagram friends can see later.

But what if you forgot to highlight a story and it disappears after 24 hours? This takes us to our next Instagram hack.

Instagram post and story archives –

If you have forgot to highlight a story before it disappears then just follow the below steps and highlight it on your Instagram profile.

To do this you need to change the settings of your Instagram stories –

  • Open the Instagram story option and on the right top click the settings.
  • Select save to archive option in savings tab.

Now you can access all the stories in future even after they have disappeared.

To access the Instagram archive, use the following steps –

  • Open your Instagram profile.
  • Click the hamburger menu in the right top.
  • select the archives option.
  • Now you will find all your stories till date and then you can highlight it using the highlight option.

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Upload other people posts as stories –

If you are inspired by some post or you want to share posts from other’s profile to your story then you can use this simple Instagram trick.

  • Click the airplane button just below the post.
  • select add post to your story or send to your Instagram friends.

Note: Account of the owner posting it should be public and not private.

Use Hashtags effectively –

Using hashtags are pretty simple in Instagram but do we exactly know what a hash tag does? Hashtags are used for reaching out people with same interest. When you use hashtags, the people with same interest will find those images in their explore which improves engagements. Also, you can now follow hashtags which helps you in showing most relevant posts.

Disable and delete inappropriate comments on your post –

Instagram is a place for positive socializing and it is important that we don’t spread hate or any kind of negativity. There has been a lot of debate and discussion on affects of social media on mental health and I found this informative 10 minutes read on “Six ways social media negatively affects your mental health”  which helps us to be aware from what not to do even accidentally and how to help others.

To hide and delete or filter inappropriate comments –

safe instagram

  • Open the hamburger menu in your profile.
  • Select the comments option.
  • Filter the comments by adding keywords.

Using this Instagram hack, the comments with inappropriate keywords will be automatically deleted.

If you want to completely disable the comments then use the following steps –

  • Click on the three dot menu of your Instagram post.
  • Select turn off commenting.

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Restrict –

With the latest update of Instagram, you can now use restrict feature. But what exactly is restrict feature?

using Restrict feature you can restrict the users in a way that only you can see their comments and post likes on your post and for others it is hidden. This is one amazing feature where only you can choose the way users commit to your activities.

To enable restrict feature in Instagram –

instagram update

  • Search for user in search tool bar and open the profile.
  • Click the three dot menu form the right top corner.
  • Enable Restrict.

Few users may still not have access to this feature but you can expect it soon in future Instagram app updates.

These were 14 cool Instagram hacks, tips and tricks which you should use and let us know in the comments which are you favorite ones.

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