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Top 6 Free Bulk Image Resizer For Windows – No Watermark

Images enhance the way people look at your website or business; meanwhile, it is important to maintain the quality and aspect ratio to meet the other needs. There are plenty of tools available on the internet to resize your images and there are a few free image resizer for windows that works best. You can use these offline image resizer software for windows when you have no internet connection. In this blog, I will show you the best and free bulk image resizer for windows.

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Best Image Resizer For Windows – Free Offline Softwares

A bad quality image can ruin the impression of your blog post or business. The best way to tackle this problem without much technical effort is to use dedicated software. Here are our best picks on bulk image resizing software for windows that are free of cost.

FastStone Bulk Photo Resizer

FastStone is one best Bulk photo resizer for windows that is best and simple to use. You can resize a single image or bulk images to your desired aspect ratios. With the recent update, this photo resizer supports almost all kinds of image formats for resizing and compression.

Additionally, the bulk mode in other words the batch mode allows you to add multiple images for compression; this feature helps you resize multiple images to a fixed ratio with one click. Moreover, along with the batch resizing, you can also batch rename your image files.

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The other features of FastStone bulk image resizer include adding text, changing depth, and watermarks to the image.

Kernel Bulk Image Resizer

No doubt this is a great image resizing tool for windows; you can resize your image without losing any quality and image distortion. It is a free windows software that allows you to resize both a single image and bulk images with a professional touch. Additionally, you get free updates and technical support for resizing images without any issue.

Most free tools do not support saving your images in multiple formats but with kernel bulk image resizer; you can save images in JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, and GIF formats. An online image resizer reduces the quality of your image but the kernel image resizer maintains the original quality.

Batch Picture Resizer

Another best tool for resizing images in batch, Batch Picture Resizer is a great tool for windows. You can resize images with a specified aspect ratio and without losing any quality. Additionally, the watermark tool allows you to add watermark to your images in bulk and rename them.

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This image resizer for windows is a freemium software that gives you a free trial version. After 30 days, you can buy the registered version of the batch picture resizer if that works best for you.

XnResize – Image Resizer for Windows

A most powerful and cross-platform image resizer; XnResize is a free image resizing software and with a set of amazing features. You can adjust the improper image height and width and also apply predefined sizes. Additionally, adjust the wrong image orientation and resize images without losing the picture quality.

Fotosizer – Free and Pro Image Resizer For Windows

Fotosizer is one of the best addition to the image resizer list; you get a ton of great features such as multiple image formats and bulk image resizing. You can convert files in multiple output formats and also keep XMP tags and JPEG EXIF on this tool. With the batch resizing feature, you can select multiple images and resize from availble presets or set your own.

Photo Magician – Free Image Resizer for Windows

Adding up to the list, Photo Magician is the best tool for processing images in batches and converting them. This is a multi-functional image resizing tool that works great but looks outdated when it comes to UI. Photo Magician is free and easy to use and supports various formats of an image; You can resize the images and convert them to different formats within a few seconds.

Final Words

These were the best image resizer for windows that are free and best. Additionally, they also provide features such as compressing and other basic editing features. These tools are also best because they provide batch image resizing for free.

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