How to Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

deleted reddit posts

Reddit is a great place and community to interact with similar interests and share your thoughts and posts about it. But the most common problem Reddit users face is how they can read deleted Reddit posts and even possible.

Reddit users love to hang out on subreddit communities for tech, sports, news, animal lovers, TV show fans, and movie buffs. And this doesn’t end here, and there are endless human interactions on Reddit that make it a much better place.

The strength of Reddit communities is so much stronger than Facebook groups or Instagram, too couldn’t replace it. But the most common problem Reddit users face is when user posts are deleted, and they can no longer view them.

Why my Reddit Post is not Visible?

There are several reasons why your Reddit posts are not visible on your feed or the subreddit community. Here are a few,

  1. Moderators delete the post or comments due to policy/guidelines violations.
  2. Reddit flags the comment or posts as spam or irrelevant.
  3. The user account is no longer available on Reddit.
  4. Your Post is removed from Reddit.

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6 Ways to Read Deleted Posts and Comments on Reddit

There are 6 online tools to read deleted Reddit posts and comments on your Reddit community. It is easy but requires patience; this is because these online tools may not work all the time, and you may need to test these tools.

1. Removeddit to Read Deleted Posts on Reddit

reddit deleted posts

Removeddit is a third-party online tool that allows users to read deleted Reddit posts and comments. Reddit users are using this tool for several users, and they love it.

Best Tool to Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

  • Open the deleted Reddit Post or comment that you wish to read.
  • Now, we need to edit the URL of that post.
  • Replace the Reddit domain name with removeddit and click enter.
  • You can now view the deleted Reddit post.

Here is an example,

Original URL –

Replace the URL –

Now you can view the deleted Reddit post or comment in the removeddit tool. Removeddit also lets you see the recent Reddit posts that were removed or deleted. These posts are removed because they may violate subreddit guidelines, be marked as spam, or be deleted.

2. Ceddit to Read Deleted Comments on Reddit

Ceddit works similar to Reddit and allows you to read deleted posts and comments by replacing the URL. At times, you might see this tool down or non-operable, but it is the best alternative to removeddit.

Ceddit, the best alternative to read deleted comments and posts on Reddit

  • Open the URL of the deleted post or comment that you wish to read.
  • Now, we need to edit the URL.
  • Replace the word “Reddit” in the URL of the deleted post with “ceddit.”
  • You can now see the deleted Reddit post and comments.

Here is an example,

Original URL –

Replace the URL –

You can now read all the deleted posts and comments from Reddit. It works similar to “Removeddit” and is the best alternative. The downside of using ceddit is most of the time, and the service is down.

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3. Resavr to Read Delete Reddit Comments Over 65 Characters

deleted comments on reddit

Resavr is one of the best tools on the list, but it comes with a limitation. You cannot search for a particular Reddit comment using the URL method as we did with ceddit and removeddit. But, it extracts recently deleted Reddit comments that are over 65 characters.

Read Recently Deleted Reddit Comments

  • Visit “resavr” from your android, IOS, or PC.
  • Click on the recent option from the right-top corner.
  • Now, you can see all the recently deleted Reddit comments.

This online tool is great to read comments that Redditors delete because they feel unsure. But these comments may be useful to others, and it is the reason why Resavr is great.

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4. Un-Delete Reddit Comments (Read Deleted Reddit Comments)

delete reddit posts

A different feature that allows you to cache the Reddit posts each time with a single click. If a particular Reddit thread is interesting and you don’t want to miss any posts or comments related to it, you can use Un-Delete.

How to Cache Reddit Comments using Un-Delete

  • Download the Un-Delete” chrome extension and install it on your browser.
  • Open Reddit and navigate to your favorite Reddit thread.
  • Click on the Un-Delete icon from the chrome toolbar.
  • You can now see a blue button on your screen, click on it, and the Reddit comments are cached.

Each time you use un-delete, the Reddit comments are cached such that you can access them later. In this way, even if users delete their comments, you will still be able to read them.

5. Unreddit – Chrome Extension

read deleted comments and posts on reddit

Unreddit is another chrome extension that fits the best alternative to the Un-delete Reddit comments extension. It works similar to Un-delete, but you can also read deleted Reddit posts along with deleted comments. This feature is limited to comments on “Un-Delete” chrome tools.

How to Use Unreddit Chrome Extension

  • Open Chrome Webstore.
  • Search for “Unreddit” chrome extension.
  • Click on “Install” to download and install the unreddit chrome extension.
  • You can find the “Unreddit” icon in the toolbar.
  • Click on the unreddit icon when you find an interesting Reddit post.
  • That particular Reddit page is now cached, and you can use it in the future to read deleted Reddit posts and comments.

This is one of the best ways to read all the deleted Reddit posts and comments of your favourite Reddit threads.

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6. Web Page Archive (Way Back Machine)

Millions of web pages on the internet are archived each day, and this includes Reddit pages. These archives include Reddit posts from years, months, and days.

To read deleted Reddit posts and comments, follow these steps –

  • Open “Way back machine.”
  • Enter the URL of the Reddit post you want to read posts and comments.
  • There is a possible chance of getting cached versions of the URL Reddit post (if any luck)

Web page archives is one of the best ways to read deleted Reddit posts and comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to read deleted Reddit posts?

You can use “removeddit” to read deleted Reddit posts and comments. Although, there are other alternatives to this such as Ceddit, Resavr, and Unreddit.

2. Can people delete your posts and comments on Reddit?

Moderators and admins have the right to delete your Reddit posts and comments if they find your threads violating subreddit guidelines.

3. How long does your comment or posts stay on Reddit?

Your posts and comments can be on Reddit forever until the moderators or admins choose to delete them.

4. How to search for comments on Reddit?

To search for comments by a particular user on Reddit, type the username in the search box and hit enter. You can find all the Reddit posts and comments by that particular user.

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Conclusion | Read Deleted Reddit Posts & Comments

The top 6 ways are 1. Removeddit 2. Ceddit 3. Resavr 4. Un-Delete 5. Unreddit chrome extension 6. Way Back Machine. These are the best 6 ways to read deleted posts and comments on Reddit. These are the most popular ways and should work each time you wish to read deleted posts and comments on Reddit.

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