7 Must-Have Best Smartwatches For Women – Full Review

best smartwatches for women

Everyone is busy in this world and for sure there are days when we are not conscious about our health. There are so many tools to help us out with the best and the best ways to consider our health in the fast life. The smartwatches are one of them and there are so many out there. Almost everyone in the world owns a smartwatch in this tech world. Women are the most witting about their health with counting calories and for sure they look pretty and young each day. Let’s look for some of the best smartwatches for women.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

samsung watch

You are seriously missing out on the best smartwatch Samsung has ever made. The Galaxy watch active is just remarkable with its style, features, look, and all the other things that sum up.

The galaxy watch active 2 is more like a business smartwatch along with fitness tracking. It is available in two sizes, 44mm and 40mm with stainless steel or lightweight aluminum design and straps galore.

The seamless transition on watch active 2 is because of the touch bezel on the watch. You can navigate between all the features just by sliding your finger on the bezel clock. The size of the bezel is also less compared to the predecessor giving you more space and widescreen.

best smartwatch

You can set different watch faces and more interestingly you can set the watch face based on your outfit. Most of the women would love to do that with a match. You just need to capture your outfit on your device and then the watch face will be filled with relevant design and colors.

If you are most like a businessman or a business lady, you can quickly use the notification panel and reminders directly on your phone. No matter what the job is, we skip things accidentally just because we don’t look at our phones.

You may ask, are there any smartwatches with calling? Yes, the galaxy watch active 2 is one of the smartwatches with a calling facility. Get your jobs done on top-notch with this Samsung smartwatch. No doubt it is one of the finest smartwatches for Samsung users.

A lot of tracking is done on the Samsung watch active 2. It monitors your workouts and general exercises like running and walking all in ease. The best part is yet to come; the galaxy watch active 2 also instructs you with speeding your exercise and how many times more you have to do it.

samsung smartwatch

Watch active 2 internally monitors your health too. If you are having stress, it instructs you to perform breathing exercises on its own. Most of the time we are sitting in front of the computer and working for long hours, galaxy watch active also instructs you to take a walk in such cases.

Heart rate monitoring is done using 8 photodiodes on the rear side of the new curved design. Using a heart rate monitoring system you can take care of your health and also burn the required amount of calories.

Watch active 2 support voice assistants and calls connected on wifi. You can leave your phone back at the home and run stress-free every morning. You can connect to music and workout stress-free without the weight of mobile phones in your pocket.

The battery lasts for a day and supports magnetic charging. The battery can also be extended for some more time by minimizing the use and features. Also, it is waterproof with IP68 and 5ATM(50mm) water resistance. You can go everywhere with this durable and waterproof smartwatch. It is by far one of the best smartwatches ranked.

The galaxy watches active 2, a Samsung smartwatch is lined up with several inbuilt apps to take care of your health. These features are mesmerizing and by far too helpful for anyone with the smartwatch. It is one of the best smartwatches for women with Tizen OS and durability. Also, it does enough of help for a multi-tasking lady in organizing things in her ways.

You can buy this Samsung smartwatch on Amazon with the link given below.

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch HR Black FTW6036P

best smart watch for women

The fossil smartwatch is the best smartwatch anyone can ever have. The functionalities are captivating and useful at their best. The smartwatch is unisex in nature and the design and color keep you staring at it.

The round dial makes it look stylish, comfortable, and the best fossil smartwatch in India. The strap is made up of stainless steel and is an exclusive and latest collection. This is the kind of smartwatch you wear at business and yoga both.

The fossil smartwatch is available in three colors Blush, Black, and Rose Gold. All three colors are so fascinating that you will eventually end up buying all three. This exclusive collection is filled with features that will make you wish to have it.

To start with the design and case, the 44mm touch screen smartwatch is supported with different clasp attachments of leather and stainless steel. The watch is featured with three battery modes for better battery saving options.

You and I want a better storage capacity and please make my music and alerts a bit loud. With Fossil smartwatch, you have better storage options and speaker functions.

This fossil smartwatch is the best smartwatch for women. The operating system is supported by Google and is compatible with both android and ios devices.

The features are pretty interesting, let’s go with the list for more elaboration. Starting with activity tracking, the fossil smartwatch tracks the number of steps walked, distance, and calories burned. The alarm system on fossil smartwatch gen 5 does a lot with wake-ups and workouts while it takes care of other reminders in between too.

smart watch for women

The watch is compatible with Android 6.0+ and ios 10+ with Bluetooth and wifi technology. The technology on fossil smartwatch gen 5 automatically sets the time zone while you are traveling and also control music on the go without having to unlock your phone.

One of the best parts is the customizable functionalities; you can set the functions which you use regularly and not a constraint the default functions. The navigation is simple to use with precise commute time. Untethered GPS lets you run without your phone and other hassles.

The dials are customizable and the straps are interchangeable all according to your mood. You can also set your social profile and pictures as the face of the dial. To monitor health data, the watch automatically records your heartbeats while you are doing any of your work from yoga to business. You can also store music directly on your watch and without having to carry your mobile everywhere. The gentle buzz for notifications is much comfortable rather than heavy vibrations.

Other apps on a smartwatch are pretty cool while there are basic other features of LED flashlight, stopwatch, and ringing your phone. You can also pay digitally through your watch by placing your watch near the machine.

Michael Kors Sofie MKT5063

best smartwatch

Michael Kors is a “buy me this on the spot” best smartwatch that looks like a watch. It is not just full of functional but it is stylish enough to steal all the eyes in the crowd. The rose gold color is just a heart robber for all the ladies.

The Michael Kors watches have pretty much to do with all the functionalities of a smartwatch. Along with the captivating design, it also has GPS distance tracking, swim-proof technology, and heart rate monitoring. It is the best smartwatch.

Powered by wear os by Google, it is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. The bracelet is made up of stainless steel and rose gold stone hardware. It is oversized with a 41mm case and an AMOLED display. The dial is paved with a pave top ring and extra buckles are included for interchangeable straps.

The social media updates are readily available on the screen and you don’t have to check your smartphone all the time. Not only social updates but other text and call alerts are alert using soft vibrations because of comfort.

michael kors

Missing Siri? The built-in voice assistant will do much for you along with the smart help by Google. Schedule your reminders are just ask to it play your favorite song and it is all taken care of. The Michael Kors watch tracks most of your fitness tracking measures and heart rate is a must for beautiful women like you; it helps you in being young at heart.

The payment technology is just simplified on Michael Kors Smartwatch by placing a watch near the machine. As soon as the watch is placed near the scanner, it pays for you but yes definitely from your bank account.

With 2 years of warranty, this watch is a must buy. It is the one you should buy when you do a lot of travel, business, and other activities.

Apple Watch 4 Series

apple watch 4 series

The apple watch 4 is an ideal watch with almost all of the functions a smartwatch should have. The apple watch 4 is much better and stylish compared to watch series 3 and older.

What makes it different? It has improvised with bezel-less technology which lets you use the whole display. Also, it is slim enough and not that heavier to make you feel comfortable.

The screen is made up of OLED and of different sizes 40mm – 394 x 324 and 44mm – 448 x 368 which is bigger than the older apple watch series 3 and comfortable.

The emergency SOS has been a great save for anyone using it on Apple watches. With newer watch os, the apple has shown much more concerned about your safety on the go.

Imagine you are stuck in a difficult situation where your life is at risk, just pressing the SOS on your apple watch will alert your connected people along with your location. Also, the best part about the emergency SOS on apple series 4 is alerting the hard fall. If you have met with an accident or had a fall over the height, apple automatically alerts your people without your intervention of enabling the SOS.

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Siri is doing much not only on iPhone but also on the watch devices. You and I are working most of the time. Being a lady is difficult where you have to manage everything from morning till night.

No one likes disturbance while working. With apple series 4 you can get your work done with Siri on the watch without having to look at your iPhone. Check for schedules, reminders, take calls, and do much by just commanding Siri. Life is difficult but also easy at times.

apple watch

Medical information is rightfully displayed on your screen watch with monitoring the pulse beats. This feature is missing in all the older smartwatches. Apple uses a sapphire crystal with a ceramic back and digital crown to monitor your pulse beats. This is one of the best parts of apple watch series 4. The screen also displays several other health data such as flights climbed, steps walked, and sleep analysis.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Sport Smartwatch

smart watch for women

The Samsung galaxy gear sport is the best smartwatch if you are more of a gym or healthy person. It is optimized in a way to help you in all the ways from lifting a weight to taking a run in its possible ways.

This Samsung smartwatch is designed with steel grade quality with 20mm customizable interchangeable straps. The full spectrum fitness tracking lets you swim with 50mm water resistance. The most attractive feature of this Samsung smartwatch is a rotating bezel UI for navigation between apps.

The watch is available in two colors with one being a classic black and the other being a full blue. The straps are sold separately and are customizable.

The most focused feature of this best smartwatch is the calorie calculator. You are frequently updated with calorie intake and burned. The other interesting feature is when the watch guides with your workout. Gear sports guide you throughout the workout while measuring your heart rate.

sporty smart watch for women

With the speedo app and 5ATM or 50mm water assistance on the gear watch, you can dive without any worries. The watch will still track your health status and then sync with speedo once you are out of water. The Speedo app is to be downloaded separately.

It calculates the lap time, stroke type, heart rate, and calories while you dive. The suggestions on gear sport watch make it much smarter than any other smartwatches. It also suggests if you can take a hand stretch while you are driving or when you are on a plane.

The operating system used by gear sport smartwatch is Tizen os. It provides both Bluetooth and wifi technology. It has a screen resolution of 360 x 360 and a super AMOLED display.

Sensors used in this are gyro, accelerometer, barometer, HR sensor, and light sensor. CPU is dual-core in nature with a processing speed of 1GHz. As per Samsung, the battery runs typically for 3-4 days and 6 days on battery saving mode.

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All the alerts are directly put on the screen, including social media, text, calls, music, find my phone, and other notifications.

Missing Siri or google assistant? The Samsung galaxy sports smartwatch has a built-in S voice assistant which is a Samsung traditional voice assistant. I don’t like it that much due to the constraints it holds but for sure the other features are overwhelming to buy if you are a sports enthusiast.

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit versa 2 is also the best smartwatch, ranked for more of fitness with smartwatch perks. It looks more like apple smartwatches when it comes to design. A lot of users embrace the designs and love the stylish square look.

It is one of those smartwatches for women that support both android and ios devices. The design is pretty much like the predecessor Fitbit versa but a closer look amplifies the details and tweaks which have been added to it. The watch is a bit thicker than the apple watch 3 and has a screen size of 40mm. The depth of 12mm presents it to be a smaller and thicker smartwatch but in reality, it fits most of the wrists.

Fitbit versa 1 originally used three buttons for using the features. In Fitbit versa 2, two of the buttons are removed and a single button along with touch screen does most of the job for users. The screen on Fitbit versa uses AMOLED and can generate 1000nits of brightness. The screen is too dazzling on such a small resolution but with ambient environment settings, you can adjust the lights.

Most of the smartwatches prefer to rise to wake up but Fitbit versa 2 is more like always on. You can enable the always-on the feature in settings but I truly don’t support it. One of the most important factors for the best smartwatch is to have a better battery backup. Using always-on the feature will drink more juice and is not required in the first place in my opinion.

With 5+ days of battery backup, you don’t have to always run behind charging your smartwatch. The processor is much faster than the original Fitbit versa 1. You can smoothly transit between all the operations and tracking with a faster processor.

smartwatches for women android

You can swipe down to get the notifications straight away on your smartwatch. The most common question is can smartwatches play music? Can Fitbit versa 2 play music? You can control music on your device using Fitbit versa 2 although you cannot play Spotify offline on it.  You can store offline music on the local storage of 2.5GB if you want to go offline.

In this list of smartwatches for women, Fitbit versa 2 lacks GPS integration. So, even when you are running, working out, or making a business deal, you need to carry your mobile device.

Fitbit versa 2 is one of the dynamic smartwatches providing Alexa integration. If you miss using Siri and google then you can long hold the button and activate Alexa. Not only Alexa, but you can also do payments using this smartwatch on the go.

As a smartwatch cum fitness tracker, it does a lot for tracking your sleep and exercise along with swim tracking. Using the charts and graphs on your device you can analyze your performance and take care of your health. You can count the number of steps and also plan an exercise for your body using the smart features.

Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch Signature T-Bar Rose Gold

smartwatches for women

If you are looking for smartwatches that look like watches then Skagen hybrids are one of the best recommendations. It is more like a watch and style. It is designed in such a captivating way that you can readily buy it on looks.

The rose gold color adds a more classy and rich look to your watch and is a 36mm case size. The thickness of this watch is 12mm and stainless steel in material type.

smartwatch deals

The battery is typically based on usage type. It usually runs for 6 months and the battery is irreplaceable with the standard CR2025 battery type. The Skagen hybrid is the smartwatch for android and as well as a smartwatch for ios. The smartwatch can be connected using Bluetooth 4.1.

The rich-looking smartwatch alerts you with notifications and also automatically adjusts time and date based on your device.

This is the best smartwatch that looks like watches and I don’t count it in but yes, it is a buy if you want to show a premium look.

What should an ideal smartwatch be like?

The best smartwatch should be the one that just does most for you. From calculating the pulse beats, tracking your health, and yes, definitely showing the time. A long battery deal is a must and should while it should be stylish and bold.

It is necessary that you don’t overspend on something which doesn’t give you all of it and you won’t get all of it at cheaper prices. Here is the list of best smartwatches for women with better quality, functions, and price.

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