Minitool Partition Wizard v11.6 | How-to Tips and Review

minitool partition tool

The most common problem Windows users face is managing disk spaces and optimizing them to use efficiently. In our previous blog on the AOMEI disk partition tool, we solved most of our disk spacing problems but we have something equivalently interesting. Minitool partition wizard which is all in one great partition tool for all the heavy data users and everyone else who struggles to manage huge data on their Windows PC.

What is Disk Partitioning?

A partition is a logical division of your computer’s hard drive so that you get to manage more number of individual spaces and alter those individual drives according to your needs. 

The benefit of having individual drives is you can have different file storage systems to manage your data needs and also store your files separately from other drives. With this, you can manage your working directory and isolate it from your other files. 

The whole idea behind this is to divide the total space on your computer hard drive into multiple segments and use them individually. Besides the AOMEI disk partition, the Minitool data partition wizard also helps users to manage these disk spaces. These include managing your disk space and partitions, checking for the file system, managing dynamic disks, and also migrating OS to other storage spaces like SDD and USB and many more features.

Windows have their very own “Disk management” partitioning tool but you cannot do much with it. It is limited and not quite user-friendly as compared to third-party software like the Minitool partition tool. 

What is the Minitool Partition Wizard?

Minitool data partition is all in a one partition tool which is downloaded by almost 70,000,000 users worldwide and is rated one of the benchmark partition tools available on the internet.

It is a partition wizard tool for all kinds of users including home users, professional employees, and this tool is also available for a huge number of users in the IT industry and is also designed specifically. 

So, if you are a home user, you get to choose from three available options. You can either go with the Minitool partition manager free version if you don’t need more from the partition tool but if you are dealing with heavy data, you will love the ultimate and pro version which gives you access to amazing tools from Minitool disk partition. 

You can get access to all the features of the Minitool partition wizard only if you go premium.

Without access to the premium version, you can do very less with the Minitool partition tool. So, it is recommended for you to buy the pro version if you deal with heavy data and partitions.

For business users, you get efficient and safe use industry level features and support from this disk partition. Just like the basic home variant, you get to choose from three available options on the industry level.

If you want to manage disks on the server level, then the Minitool server edition is the best option you can have for your industry. You get 24/7 customer support and all the features work excellently as per our research.

For tech professionals and enterprises, Minitool tech and Minitool enterprise are great options. You get a systematically designed and easy to use user interface. All of these are available for cheaper prices and are genuinely available on the official website.

How to Install Minitool Partition Wizard on your Windows PC?

To install the Minitool partition tool on your windows pc, follow the below steps –

  • Download the Minitool partition tool from the official website
  • Once the installation file is downloaded, double click on the executable file and run the setup wizard. 
  • The first step is to choose a language. My preference is English in this case. 
  • Now, read and accept the license agreement.
  • Choose the destination installation folder and set up additional tasks. 
  • Check the final details and click on install
  • In the Minitool Partition wizard 11 version, you get an option to download additional software. I have chosen Minitool shadow maker which is a backup tool for your disk drives. 
  • Minitool partition tool is now successfully installed. 

Once you install the Minitool partition wizard you will find a colorful grid menu which has all the tool listed. 

When you open the window you will find a simple user-friendly interface.

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Minitool Partition Tool Interface

At the bottom of the main window, you can find all your disk drives that are connected to your computer. They show you information about all the drives, and how much percentage of space they are using on the storage.

On the first top menu, you get all the tools related to disk and partition features. You also get a help section that helps you if you are stuck.

On the second top menu, you get to apply, discard and cancel buttons that help you to perform the disk operations while other tools on the secondary menu let you access Data backup, data recovery, partition recovery, disk benchmark, and space analyzer.

On the left part of the Minitool partition tool, you get more disk related operations. Here you get tools that let you perform wizard operations such as Migrate OS to HD/SSD, copy partition wizard, copy disk wizard, partition recovery wizard.

You also get to convert disk type from GPT to MBR or clean disk (Wipe/delete all partitions). On the other hand, you get to align all partitions, perform the surface test, recover partitions, check disk properties, and in worst cases recover data.

On the top right, you also get an option to make a bootable media using DVD or USB drives. There are a lot of great features which are provided by Minitool disk partition and we have listed them all for you.

minitool partition wizard

Here is the List of Features Provided By Minitool Partition Wizard – 

  • Disk benchmark
  • Space analyzer
  • Convert File systems
  • Convert dynamic to basic disk
  • Manage dynamic volume
  • Partition recovery 
  • Data recovery
  • WinPE bootable media

What is Disk Benchmark on Minitool Partition Wizard?

Disk benchmark is one of the best features which I have found only on the Minitool partition wizard. With the help of a disk benchmark, you can measure the transfer rate and efficiency of your windows disk drives. You can then optimize your storage performance according to the results.

minitool partition tool

How to Check the Disk Benchmark on the Minitool Partition Tool?

Minitool partition wizard is easy to use with a simple interface and you can use it without any experience.

Here are the steps to use disk benchmark on Minitool partition tool – 

  • Open the Minitool partition tool from the windows menu or the desktop 
  • A windows pop-up will ask if you want to allow the Minitool partition wizard to make changes to your computer storage. Select Yes. 
  • A colorful grid menu of Minitool disk partition will pop up
  • Select disk benchmark from the colorful grid
  • Choose parameters like which disk you want to check, what is the transfer size, and other parameters. 
  • Select the start and wait until the testing is completed. 
  • An infographic bar will be displayed which shows the storage performance of your disk drive. 
  • Analyze the results and optimize the disk drives using other Minitool partition tools.

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What is the Space Analyzer on the Minitool Partition Wizard?

Space analyzer is one of the must-have tools if you want to organize your disk storage and manage it. It checks for all the files on your specified drive and analyzes which kind of files are taking more space and percent on the drive.

minitool partition wizard

Here are the steps to use the space analyzer on the Minitool partition wizard –

  • Open the Minitool partition wizard on your desktop 
  • Select Disk usage analyzer 
  • A new window will pop up 
  • Select Drive you want to scan using the Disk Analyzer 
  • Once you select the drive, information such as total space, free space, and used space will be displayed. 

The disk will be scanned completely after which you can analyze which files are taking more space on the disk and if you don’t need them, you can delete them. Also, you can delete unnecessary files as all the information of files will be displayed.

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Converting File System using Minitool Disk Partition –

Windows mainly support two kind od file system; NTFS and FAT. These file systems are used to store files on hard drives using their basic storage algorithms. FAT { File allocation Table } is one of the oldest file systems by Microsoft in 1977. Using this file system, the bytes of the file are stored in a table format and then accessed using the key. NTFS { New Technology File System } is another file system by Microsoft which is the latest file system currently being used.

Using the Minitool partition wizard you can convert these file systems on your hard drive.

Why convert from FAT to NTFS on your hard drive?

FAT is one of the oldest file systems and NTFS is the latest file system from windows which is also the reason why NTFS is more secure and reliable as compared to the FAT system. Also, it has faster transfer speeds and supports the dual system that FAT fails to provide. There are a lot of reasons why you should convert from FAT to NTFS. I found this amazing article that gives a simple explanation of the differences between FAT and NTFS.

Steps to convert files using the Minitool Partition Tool on Windows PC –

Now that we know why it important to convert file systems on your windows, here are steps to convert using Minitool disk partitioner –

  • Open Minitool partition tool on your windows pc
  • Select the drive you want to convert 
  • Navigate to “Partition” in the top menu
convert fat to ntfs
  • If your selected disk has NTFS then NTFS to FAT conversion option will be enabled and if your disk has FAT then FAT to NTFS conversion will be enabled. 
  • Choose your option and convert the file system without any data loss.

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How to Convert Dynamic Disks to Basic Disks using the Minitool Partition Wizard?

If you are a tech person then for sure you might be knowing about the dynamic disk and basic disk. The basic disks are of two types; MBR { Master Boot record } and GPT {Guided partition table }. To know everything about the basic disk and dynamic disk you can refer to this brief article.

Steps to convert from dynamic disks to basic disk using Minitool –

  • Open the Minitool partition tool on your Windows Pc
  • Select the “disk” type from the top menu 
  • Choose convert from dynamic disk to basic disk 
  • Done

Using the traditional methods it is not easy to convert the disk from dynamic type to basic type but it gets a lot easier with the Minitool disk partition wizard.

Something I love about the Minitool partition wizard, it is filled with features. You get amazing features that turn your life much easier. Not only partitioning disk but you can do a lot more other than just partitioning. You can recover your data and also recover the whole partition. Apart from that, it is great with file system conversions and managing disk spaces. The only problem is, you need to buy the pro version to access all of these features. The free download option lets you perform only disk benchmark and space analyzer for free. But with the pro version, you can get access to all of the features.

Minitool Partition Wizard Plans for Home Users –

minitool partition wizard

Conclusion –

I am happy with the user interface and features provided by the Minitool partition wizard. They work perfectly great for me with user-specific features but the only thing is you have to buy the pro version to avail all the features. Other than that, it is a great tool and best for all kinds of users.

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