How to Live Stream Games using Streamlabs OBS?

The Indian gaming industry has changed over the years with a lot of gamers bringing out their passion for gaming on the internet. PUBG and Fortnite are some of the major reasons why people jumped into online gaming and streaming with platforms like streamlabs OBS and omlet arcade on YouTube, Facebook, and twitch like social media.

Before 2 years, only 216 million gamers in India were more dedicated to playing games online and now it seems like everything has changed from needle to machine. We got stats from Statista and not to our surprise India is expecting more than 368 Million Online gamers in 2022 and why not? Something about the change in the mindset of Indians is considering that gaming is also a profession and more importantly it is now considered to be prestigious playing internationally which is great. 

Most of the gamers reach out to their audience by either going live on YouTube or hosting a watch party on Facebook. This is the best way to grab more audiences and build a community. But how do you go live on YouTube when you want to share your screen? How to live stream your game on YouTube? It is no difficulty, Streamlabs obs is the best way to live stream your game on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Facebook. It is easy to install and much easier to set up with auto settings. 

Setting up streamlabs obs for live streaming

Setting up streamlabs obs is pretty simple compared to other streaming services such as omlet arcade. You can follow these steps to make the basic setup to stream on social media platforms – 

  • Download and install the streamlabs obs from the above steps on windows
  • Open the streamlabs obs and if you are using it for the first time then you can import your previous settings from obs. 
  • The next step is to apply a theme from more than 250 plus options available. 
  • You will find a very interactive streamlabs obs dashboard. 
  • You can adjust the audio setting from the toolbar in the below right tool window. Here you get to adjust the audio and set it to your needs.

In the older versions of streamlabs obs you had to insert your own scenes manually but with the latest version, after selecting the theme, you get directly to choose from the pre-defined scenes which are made by default from the theme designer. I selected the dark matter by the VBI theme which has the following scenes pre-made for you.

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How to add a new scene and sources in streamlabs obs?

  • To add a new scene, click on the + icon from the tool window and a new window will pop up where you can enter the name of the new scene. A new scene will be added. 
  • You can observe that the screen is blank and you cannot share anything yet. You need to add a frame source which can be done by selecting the source from the source window. 
  • To add a source to the screen, click on the + icon and a new window will pop up. 
  • There are different sources available; here you can add a simple image, browser page, game capture, and a lot more. You can find all the sources in the image below. 
youtube live
  • Now, add the game capture tool to share your game screen on the window.
  • To share the game screen it is important that you run the game and the auto-detection starts.
  • Once the screen is detected, you can click on done and you will see the game screen on streamlabs obs. 

How to add webcam video on stream?

Most of the gamers like to be on the screen while they are streaming online. If you have a good web camera, you can add yourself to the stream screen too.

To add your webcam on the stream screen –

  • Navigate to the sources window and then click the + icon. 
  • From the listed tools, select a video capture device. 
  • Your webcam will now be turned on and you can see yourself on the screen.
  • If you have multiple web cameras connected to your device then you can choose which camera to use and also configure the video. 
  • These settings include basic video settings such as brightness, contrast, and many more. 
webcam in streamlabs obs
  • Once you are done with the settings, you can adjust the window on your screen and adjust it accordingly. 
  • You can right-click on the source from the source window and choose to hide the screen on stream or recording. 

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How to adjust the sound on streamlabs obs?

A game or stream without a sound is boring and it is important to have a better sound while you are streaming to impress your audience. You can use these basic tweaks – 

  • Go to the mixer window on the right bottom and select the gear tool.
  • This will open up the advanced audio settings.
  • Here you can adjust desktop and Mic audio levels and also set the hotkeys. 

How to add widgets and other integrations?

To add widgets like donation ticker, subscribers and other widgets, follow the below steps –

  • Click on the profile dashboard. 
  • Here you can find complete analytics of how much people have donated to you and other metrics. 
  • Select the widget and choose the tool you want to add. 
  • Suppose we want to add the subscribers, Select the event list from the menu and now you can see an interactive scroll of people subscribing to you. 
  • Click on the copy of the URL button and now we will add this to our stream. 
  • Go back to sources and add a new source. Select the Browser source and paste the URL. 
  • After adding the source you can find a new scrollable subscribers list. Adjust according to your preferences on the screen and you are set to go. 

You can add many tools such as donation box, viewer count, sponsor banner, and many more from the widget menu. 

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How to Stream on YouTube using Streamlabs OBS

Selecting a streaming platform is not tricky, follow the below steps to go live on YouTube. (You must be logged in with your YouTube Account) 

YouTube Game stream
  • Go to the settings tab. 
  • Select the service as YouTube/YouTube gaming 
  • Paste your stream key and click on done. 

Once you are done with this setup, click on go live and on the count of three, you will be streaming live on YouTube. You can also record your gameplay while streaming by hitting the record button next to the go-live button.

What is Streamlabs OBS?

youTube live

Streamlabs OBS is the open broadcasting software using which you can share your screen on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. It is easy and free streaming software to stream professionally and build a community. It allows you to integrate multiple tools to increase interaction with your audience such as chat with them or accept donations. 

Streamlabs obs is available on all the platforms such as windows, android devices, and also iPhones. Also, mac users for the first time can try the beta version for streamlabs obs as it now officially released. 

One of the best things about streamlabs obs is that it is not limited to streaming games online. You can stream anything from your screen including your guitar classes to online video editing tutorials. 

How to download Streamlabs OBS?

Installing streamlabs obs on your windows, ios, and android is easy and simple. 

Download streamlabs obs on windows

  • Open streamlabs official website
  • Click on the download button on the dashboard 
  • An installation file will be downloaded. Double click to run the installation file. 
  • Streamlabs obs needs to access your UAC (user access control), You can enable it by accepting the following dialog box. 
  • Once you accept the UAC dialog box, you need to accept the license and then select the destination folder. 
  • The installation will begin and the setup will be completed in minutes. 

You can open the streamlabs obs and proceed with your favorite settings. This also includes where you want to stream with streamlabs obs. 

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How to download streamlabs on mac? 

Streamlabs obs beta is available for mac users and is limited to the number of users. You can download streamlabs obs for mac using the following steps – 

  • Open your email and type a mail to streamlabs obs requesting a beta for mac. 
  • The mail should be written to the following address (

Conditions to download streamlabs obs beta for mac – 

  1. You should be a regular streamer (8 hours at least per week)
  2. Should own a mac system

If you satisfy the above two conditions, you will get a mail to download the beta for mac users. You can read the complete blog from streamlabs obs here.

Why Use Streamlabs obs?

Custom alerts – You get to choose how your alerts can be displayed while you are streaming online. You can fancy them using the customization options available.

Beautiful themes – Unlike other streaming software, streamlabs OBS gives you options to customize your theme and not use it bland. There are around 250 free themes available with streamlabs obs and with the premium subscription, you get the best designs from industrial designers.

Engaging widgets – If your audience is not able to interact with you then you won’t be able to build a strong community. To build an interactive rapport between you and your audience, you can integrate dozens of engaging widgets and also improve your monetization.

Selective Recording – Recording your gameplay is as important as streaming. It helps to showcase your best moves and also monetize on YouTube. With streamlabs, you can choose what to display in your recorded video after you are done with recording your live broadcast.

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Integrated chat – What best a gamer can ask for when their audience/community are able to chat with them. These improve your audience and also build a healthy relationship.

Low CPU usage – The problem with most of the obs, they take a lot of CPU memory and it drains of all the important resources. Best to use streamlabs obs which minimizes the CPU usage based on internet speed and hardware configurations. This is great.

Cloudbot moderation – if you are a regular streamer switching from other obs then you might have to face the spam issue. Streamlabs obs gives features like spam check, mini-games, loyalty, and many more.

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