Dell U2723QE Ultrasharp 4K KVM Monitor Review

Want a thin, narrow bezel and 4k powerful USB-C monitor for your KVM setup? At almost 150% lesser price than Apple’s Studio Mac, this is the perfect monitor for entertainment and gaming. This is the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE display monitor, and it is one of the slickest display monitors to have.

When it comes to choosing a display or external monitor for your KVM setup, there are a few things you might want to consider. For me, out of a few 50-100 factors, the most backed features are the display technology, build quality, connectivity and support, and screen factors. In this guide, I will try to cover most features of the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE and help you make a buying decision with an amazing deal. So, stick with me till the end and get some popcorn; it is going to be a great in-depth review.

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Quick Gist for Time Savers | Dell U2723QE Review

Dell U2723QE Review

Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is a perfect choice when it comes to gaming and entertainment. It is almost 150% lesser than Apple’s Studio display and features a 4K display resolution. With a flimsy stand but solid design-build, this monitor features multiple display angles, IPS Black Technology (2000:1), 90 Watt USB power delivery and connectivity, and 1.07 billion colors that ensure great picture quality. Works great when it comes to visual entertainment, such as bingeing movies and shows in darker environments but could do better when it comes to graphic-intensive tasks, such as video editing and gaming. The contrast is fading in certain cases, but it has the crisp and vibrant quality of the picture.

The Good

  • USC-C connectivity for ease of connection
  • Perfect for a dual-monitor setup
  • Amazing set of ports for connections
  • 4K resolution with a 16:9 widescreen ratio and multiple horizontal viewing angles (Up to 178 degrees)
  • Fast response time and low input lag for gaming and entertainment
  • Thin display, lesser bezels, and anti-glare coating
  • High-quality display with 4k resolution and accurate colors
  • Fast response time and low input lag for gaming
  • Adaptive sync technology for smoother visuals
  • Remembers your last screen even after you turn off your monitor

The Bad

  • It is still an LCD display with TFT active matrix, while the competitors have a better OLED screen.
  • No built-in webcam or microphone for video conferencing
  • Limited adjustability options for the stand
  • A flimsy stand for such a price could be a huge negative point.
  • Video editing and intensive graphic tasks? No, you can do better.
  • Visuals are a little blurry, given how macOS scales resolution on external monitors.
  • Fair brightness but overall better video quality
  • The IPS technology doesn’t work quite well at times; for instance, the blacks are only 20-30% darker, which is a huge difference in image quality, but still, the visuals are stunning.

Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is a mid-top range of monitors at a not-so-budget-friendly but not so expensive as Apple Mac Studio. There are several promising features that Dell U2723QE delivers, but not always, such as graphics-intensive tasks and contrast bleeding issues. Mac users complain about blurry visuals, and you cannot really do anything about it; that’s just how Apple upscaling resolution works.

Let’s get back to the in-detailed review of Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE, where we discuss the number and type of ports, the resolution, the display technology, and much more. So, hold tight and get ready for it.

Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE | The In-detailed Review

A dual-monitor setup always comes in handy when it comes to productivity, gaming, and streaming, and for all the good reasons. But what do you look for when buying an external monitor? There are so many factors that come into the picture, including how much money you are going to spend on it.

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The USB, Power, and Other Ports on Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE

One of the most interesting and significant things about external monitors is how many ports are available for your setup. Likely, you are not going to restrict yourself to connecting only your MacBook or some other Windows laptop or desktop for your dual monitor setup. There are a lot of other devices that work with HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C upstream and downstream ports. And thankfully, Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE comes with most of these options and gives you the optimal performance that you are looking for.

Unlike the previous version of the Dell Ultrasharp series, the ports are not on sideways, which makes them a lot weird when you connect your accessories. Thankfully, in the U2723QE display, the ports are the back and underway, which is more traditional and convenient, in my opinion.

With a few upstream and downstream ports, you can connect your monitor to the computer and several other USB devices. Fortunately, you can also create a daisy display. Meaning you can connect more external displays when you want to with the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE. With a USB-C port, you can seamlessly connect your MacBook to the monitor and expect a 90W charging and 4K resolution on your screen. Totally there are 2 USB-C ports and 5 USB-A ports that make your life only easier. All of these ports are USB 3.2 Generation 2, which is super fast for easy data transferring and quick access.

There is no in-built speaker on the U2723QE, but you can always connect an external audio bar, headphones, or speaker to get the sound output. With KVM eligibility, you can connect an external mouse and keyboard and use the external display with other devices, all with independence. So, when your display changes the input, you don’t have to keep connecting your peripherals with those devices every time.

Since Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is one of the unique monitors that have its own KVM compatibility, it also has an RJ45 port. Now, this port is typically for the ethernet connection, and you can use it to ensure you are always connected to the internet despite the input source.

Display Technology and Screen Resolution on U2723QE Ultrasharp

The Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE comes with a 27″ screen option. With IPS Black technology, you can experience darker visuals and brighter pictures on your screen that leave you no complaints in late-night movie binges, gaming, or high-end productivity such as video editing.

However, my criticism of Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is that they are still using LCD rather than OLED. Surprisingly, most competitors are on the OLED screen that comes with perks such as vibrant colors, consumes less power, lighter in nature, and works amazingly when used late at night. Moreover, the 27″ and 31.5″ screens also vary with PPI, and you might not want to use the monitor under too much light. 

Speaking of colors and details, U2723QE has true brilliance when it comes to performance; the screen has 98% DCI-P3 and VESA DisplayHDR 400 that covers every inch of your screen for finer details and ultra HD performance but only for viewing.

Dual-monitor setup is fine, but you might be a user who needs a triple-monitor setup. It may be for tracking, gaming, or streaming purposes. But is it possible to connect more than one additional external monitor? Well, it is possible, and it comes with DCP (Display Stream Compression) that allows you to connect two 4K monitors like a daisy chain and use up to two 4k monitors in your setup.

Now, multiwindow is also an issue when you have multiple monitors connected to your computer. To tackle this, Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE supports PiP (picture-in-picture) and PbP (picture-by-picture) to stream multiple monitors on a single screen.

To be more technical, here are some display specifications that might interest you.

Pixel Pitch0.18159 mm
Pixel Per Inch137.68
Brightness400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio2000:1 / 2000:1 (dynamic)
Color Gamut100% Rec 709, 100% sRGB, 98% DCI-P3
Aspect Ratio16:9
Native Resolution4K 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz
Response Time8 ms (grey-to-grey normal); 5 ms (grey-to-grey fast)
Screen CoatingAnti-glare, 3H Hard Coating

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The Design and Build

You definitely are not looking for a monitor that doesn’t have that fancy look or is not comfortable to use. Thankfully, the Dell U2723QE model has done a great job with its design. To start with, the thin bezels are quite impressive and let you cover more on your screen than most of the competitors, with huge bezels that make your monitor look like some old-fashioned idiot box. With thin bezels, you get more viewing area, and it gives an immersive feeling when you are watching a movie or just playing your favorite games on it.

Secondly, I love how you can easily rotate the screen in multiple viewing angles, up to 178 degrees; meaning you can either have the monitor upright for long fancy coding or multitasking or just place it horizontally; like normal dual setups, and it will still be amazing. 

You can adjust the display position in terms of height, pivot, tilt, and swivel from -30 degrees to 30 degrees. The height can be adjusted to 150mm, and VESA mounting adjustment is 100×100 mm which is pretty decent for both standing and sitting desks. What interests me is the tilt angle; you can set it from negative five (-5) to positive twenty-one (+21) for a more comfortable visual.

The build quality of this monitor is pretty decent; the only downside for me is that most of it is made up of plastic, including the back panel and VESA stand. So, if it is not a soft environment with good space and there is too much desk hitting and moving, your monitor will stagger a little.

At the back, you get to see a huge logo of Dell and a small logo on the front stand, which is always catching hold of your vision. There aren’t many color options; a platinum-silverish color is pretty good to settle in most of your office, work, cafe, or home environments. Besides, there is a huge menu button on the back that helps you to switch between common operations such as PiP, input source, and much more.

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What’s Inside the Box?

Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE comes in decent packaging, all the protective covers, and is just like a standard package for a monitor. Inside, you get the U2723QE display, a few cables, and the VESA stand.

In the cables, since the U2723QE Dell display has several powerful generation 2 super fast USB C ports, there is a Type A to Type C cable, a 1 m Type C cable, and a DP to DP (DisplayPort) cable. Of course, it also comes with a power source cable. I was a little disheartened not to find the security lock cable for the Kensington lock slot, and it would have been best if they could. You will have to buy this security cable separately, and you can get it from this deal, the Kensington website, or the nearest stores.

The USB-C cable also allows helping you to charge your laptop while you are using it with the Dell U2723QE making it a more convenient solution as you don’t have to plug an extra cable into the socket board.

The monitor still feels incomplete without a web camera source, proper audio output such as a speaker, and a multi-device keyboard and mouse, especially when you are revamping your setup or making more productive changes for your office work or home entertainment.

Accessories for your Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE Monitor

Dell Ultrasharp Web Cam 4K Recording with AI

Dell Ultrasharp Web Cam with 4K HDR

  • 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS: captures more light and gives a more vivid and vibrant video quality.
  • AI auto-framing keeps you in the center of the screen.
  • Adjust to multiple angles with 65-degree, 78-degree, and 90-degree options.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use interface to set brightness, sharpness, contrast, auto-focus, and other camera factors.
  • Made of premium aluminum and a smooth textured metallic finish.
Dell Soundbar

Dell SB521A Sound Bar Speaker

  • A compact soundbar that works just fine for small to mid-range setups.
  • Compatible with U2723QE dell external monitor display, but can also be used with most audio outputs such as MacBook (has the connection port), and you can use it seamlessly. The advantage of using with dell monitor is that it fits magnetically on your monitor without taking up additional desk space.
  • Connects using the traditional USB-A port on the bottom of your dell monitor with built-in magnets.
  • Integrated amplifier for crisp crystal sound.
  • The frequency range of 180Hz to 20000Hz
  • Works perfectly with windows and macOS operating systems
Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse - KM7321W

Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

  • Connects easily with the Bluetooth wireless setup
  • Precise cursoring with optical movement detection
  • 12 programmable keys on the keyboard and 5 programmable mouse actions
  • Works perfectly with your Dell U2723QE for a KVM setup
  • Both the keyboard and mouse switch together when you switch the machine
  • Customization interface for easy customization of your mouse actions and keyboard keys.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] on Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE

Does the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE work with MacBooks?

Yes, the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is compatible with most macOS and Windows machines. However, you will still see a slightly blurry picture on your screen through macOS, as it is how the screen resizing works on macOS machines.

Which is best, the Dell U2723QE or U3223QE?

On a larger scale, both displays are excellent at the picture quality and build, but that does not mean there is no room for differences. The major difference is the size of the screen, which also means you will see a difference in PPI and vibrant quality, and picture standards.

Do the downstream USB ports work if the upstream ports are untouched?

No, you need to connect USB upstream ports to use the downstream ports.

Can you wall mount your Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE external display?

Yes, you can just skip the VESA stand and directly wall mount your display with sturdy screws, which is a lot better option in comparison to the flimsy stand.

How much voltage does this external monitor require?

The voltage range for this monitor ranges from 100 volts to 240 volts. You can refer to this user guide for Dell U2723QE for all the technical specifications.

Can you use the Dell U2723QE for gaming consoles?

Yes, it is compatible with most gaming consoles, such as PlayStation.

Does it work with both laptops and desktop computers?

Yes, it works with both laptops and desktop computers with Windows and macOS operating systems.

Where can you buy Dell U2723QE in the United States?

You can get a good deal on Amazon, dell outlets, or third-party electronic stores for your U2723QE external monitors.

Does it have in-built audio options such as speakers?

No, there is not much of an audio option, but there is an audio output port that allows you to connect external audio devices such as a soundbar, headphones, and more.

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Wrapping up: Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is worth it?

I hope to have helped you with a decent review of the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE and all its features. If you have any questions about this monitor, do let me know in the comment section. If you like this article, do give this a quick share on your social media handles, and do tag us. Also, join our Telegram channelFacebook page, and Twitter never to miss a quick update. 

Dell U2723QE Review

Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE 4K Monitor
83 100 0 1
Overall, the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is an excellent monitor that offers outstanding display quality, versatility, and convenience. While it may be more expensive than some other monitors on the market, its performance and feature set make it a worthwhile investment for professionals who need a high-quality display for their work. If you are in the market for a 27-inch 4K monitor with excellent color accuracy and a variety of features, the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is definitely worth considering. However, it still needs revisions when it comes to high-end performances such as gaming, video editing, and graphic-intensive tasks.
Overall, the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is an excellent monitor that offers outstanding display quality, versatility, and convenience. While it may be more expensive than some other monitors on the market, its performance and feature set make it a worthwhile investment for professionals who need a high-quality display for their work. If you are in the market for a 27-inch 4K monitor with excellent color accuracy and a variety of features, the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is definitely worth considering. However, it still needs revisions when it comes to high-end performances such as gaming, video editing, and graphic-intensive tasks.
Total Score iScores based on personal views
  • Design and Build Quality
    80/100 Very good
    The Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE monitor has a sleek and modern design that fits well into any office or home setup. The stand is sturdy for minor wobbles and provides ample support for such a large display, and the overall build quality is excellent. The monitor is also VESA mount-compatible, which allows users to mount it on a wall or arm for more flexibility.
  • Display Quality
    82/100 Very good
    The display of the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE is one of its standout features. The monitor offers crisp and clear visuals that are perfect for photo and video editing, graphic design, and other tasks that require high levels of detail.
  • Features and Functionality
    90/100 Amazing
    The Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE comes equipped with a variety of features that make it a versatile and convenient monitor to use. The monitor features USB-C connectivity, which allows users to connect their laptops or other devices to the monitor and charge them at the same time. The monitor also has an audio port, which lets you connect external speakers such as a magnetic soundbar and free up desk space. Additionally, the monitor comes with a variety of ports, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-A, which provide users with plenty of connectivity options.
  • Performance
    80/100 Very good
    The Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE performs exceptionally well in everyday use. The monitor's good response time and low input lag make it a decent choice for gaming, while its high resolution and color accuracy make it decent for professional applications. It is a good option for entertainment but could have been better for high-end tasks such as video editing and powerful gaming.
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