Best Photo Editing Apps For Android and Iphone

best photo app

Every day we live, we are on a hunt of capturing recognition. Hard accepting but it’s the truth. In the urge of capturing best it is necessary to present it best. We share a lot of our pictures on Instagram, some are moody, photographic and few are memorable. How do you make sure that you put the best on feed to get attention? Yes, the one which is captivating. To make your image captivating, you need the best photo editing apps. These photo editing apps will help you even if you are a complete beginner in photography.

3 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And Iphone –

best photo app

Snapseed – The best photo editing app


Snapseed is amazing revolutionary and remarkable tool available for free on Android and IOS. Yet it is not available for Mac or windows desktop or PC. The photo app snapseed is developed by Google inc. which is also responsible for Google lens and camera.

The tools and filters are amazing and it also let you use the last edits adjustments on other pictures. Along with this, you can edit the layers and still have the other adjustments intact. We felt it as the best photo editing feature for any new or professional photographer to undo something.

The export part is well designed. It let you share it directly on social media profiles and also open it in other compatible apps. The icing on the cake is you can actually save a copy of the image. Exporting it directly will overwrite the existing file.

Snapseed is the most fabulous and comfortable app for any social media freak.  It put out the best version of photo with touches and brushes within seconds.

This revolutionary app is developed by Google Inc. and it is simply amazing with retouches. In addition it allows you to perform the basics with advancement and enhance its features.

photo app

Let’s explore snapseed.

When the app is opened it asks the user to choose the photos by tapping anywhere or just take one.

The permissions allow snapseed to enter into the photos app and have access to your photos. Either way you can open a photo directly into snapseed from photos app by just clicking the share option and choosing snapseed.

The first thing after the app loads the image is the looks option on to the left. The looks option help you choose filters on your image to make it look different. It has various options such as Portrait, smooth, pop, accentuate, faded glow, morning, bright, fine art, push, structure and silhouette.

Snapseed is on the list of best photo editing apps not because of the filters but the tools available. There are in total 28 amazing tools available to retouch your image.

Starting with the basics of tuning with brightness, contrast and saturation the tool is perfectly placed. It provides a better understanding of brightness and composure manually by sliding over the screen.

The detail tool let you adjust the structure and sharpness of the image. This allows adding details to your image editing right on the phone.

Curve is another tool in the row which adjusts the exposure any professional photographer is looking for. The best part is availability of such a tool for mobile photo editing platform and the fun part is you pay nothing for it. Curve editing tool is preloaded with around 30 adjustments which are one tap away.

Snapseed does include the basic features of cropping and rotating tools which makes the adjustment to the size and view of the image. The extra feature added to snapseed is the perspective view. This tool lets you change the image in different dimensions. It comes handy with adjustments such as tilt, scale and free.

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The best photo editing app snapseed include the expanding feature which adds extra pixels to the border of your image. The selective tool is another revolution in photo editing apps. Thus lets you selectively tune certain portions of image.

As any other photo editing apps, Not to mention Snapseed also have the brush and healing tools which fix part of your images such as red eye or dodge burn.

Never to forget the HDR tool which enhances the saturation along with temperature granularity of image boosts out the colours and enhances it. The tonal contrast on the other hand adjusts the high tones of the image.

Photo editing app snapseed have included many filters in form of tools. The Glamour glow, drama, vintage, RetroLux, noir, black and white are few to name. While along with addition of filters snapseed has included the portrait and head pose feature. This allows you to outsource your image background and adjusting of head posture.

The few counting tools left are the double exposure, text and frames. The double exposure feature let you add one image on another which was begun with pixlr the photo editing app for android and IOS. Snapseed has many preloaded fonts which are far better than any other photo app.

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VSCO – Instagramer’s favorite


VSCO is one of the best photo editing apps preferred by Instagram photographers. It is photo editing app within its own circle of social media. I would rather prefer to call it social photo app.

The prime focus of this app is filters and tuning of images. It lets you run the show with amazing filters which add much more attraction to your pictures.

VSCO has its own community of users which are widespread over the internet sharing their still images and making money. It is one of the best photo editing app and good for keen tuning.

photography app

Let’s explore it.

VSCO is an amazing tuning app I would say rather than a photo editing app. As soon as the app is launched  it has 5 tabs of actions.

Starting with the feed tab which displays feed from different profiles you follow on VSCO. It has its own community where people share pictures and many professionals use it to get inspiration. The feed allows you to repost, send or like the image shared like the other social communities.

The right top corner let you follow photographers around the world and also suggest a few to stay updated in the community.

Coming to the second tab, discover. It allows you to watch feed based on editorial select, for you and other categories.

The studio tab is where the editing comes into the picture. Here you can select image from right top corner and add it from your photos app. Also you can add pictures directly from your image folder by selecting VSCO in share field.

The editing window has 4 basic photo editing tools. The first part is filters. You can view presets all together or by selecting the field of interest. The drawback of VSCO is only few of the filters are available for free while others are priced. Although the free filters are no less, they are worth the league of insta fame.

The exposure tool let you the set the light entering in your image. This can be done by just scrolling down the slider on exposure.  The tuning part majorly deals with contrast and brightness which can be set by the contrast tool.

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The Crop tool is way more just than a crop tool in VSCO. It allows you to crop and straighten the image along with setting the perspective of image. This is one of the advancement in free photo editing apps which was available only with premium tools.

Moreover moving ahead to adding details and clarity, VSCO app works the same as any other photo editing app but it has as an impressive quality. The detailing is so perfect that it just looks unedited and realistic.

On the contrary Saturation is not that well placed in this photo app. The saturation levels just burn out the picture or dull it at the lowest. Impressively that’s not the case with tones, highlights and shadow.

No doubt the vignette and grain filters are present in every other photo editing app, the VSCO has it differently. You can select the grain without any hazel just by sliding your finger and accurately adjusting it.

What’s different in VSCO?

The skin tone tool is one of the major things added by the VSCO developers. It let you change the skin tone and adjusting it to your environment. Just in case if you have dull colour due to shadows, you can fix it with one go.

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Adobe Lightroom cc – Professional editing for newbie’s


Adobe lightroom cc is available for both android and Iphone. In fact it is one of the best photo editing apps for android.

It doesn’t require you to do hard work and applies adjustments with single tap. Everything is preloaded in the form of filters and you can do professional editing playing with curves and other features.

photo edit instagram

Let’s explore it.

The adobe lightroom cc is free software which let you explore the tools for tuning brightness and contrast at the professional level. The lightroom cc for android and iphone have number of tools starting with selective and heal but these are premium.

Let’s talk about free tools. The first tool is free crop which has a number of options. Starting with 2 x 3 crop to flipping the image. To emphasize you can free crop the image, straighten it and rotate it in both left and right ways.

By the same token Adobe photoshop lightroom cc has a special tool. The profile tool holds five filters pack each consisting of more filters. The best part about these filters is that you can adjust them according to your need.

Photo editing apps are getting smarter and here is a smart tool with adobe lightroom cc. It is the auto tool which accordingly set the right light in your image and applies appropriate edits. This is a convenient and helpful tool if you are not a professional photo editor.

The light tool is the master of your picture. You set it right and the image rules your Instagram followers. You can adjust the exposure, contrast, highlight, shadows, whites and blacks on your image. These will enhance your image captivation and perfect adjustment will grab the attention.

Equally important you can always set the color tool which adjusts the temp, tint, vibrance and saturation. Along with the color adjustment you can adjust the white balance with Auto or custom features.

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The other tools such as details and optics help you correct the image in exquisite manner. The best parts of these are the quality and optics helps you with lens correction turning your image stable.

You can always fix perspective of your image if you have missed the angle while click. In fact this is a premium feature on adobe lightroom cc for mobile.

All these perks and yet an amazing feature to be considered. The adobe lighroom cc for mobile has preset edits for quick and perfect edits. These hold all the settings which are bright, detail, contrasting, vivid and more.

No doubt. Adobe lightroom cc for mobile is one of the best photo editing apps.

Let us know in the comment section about your favorite apps or views on best photo editing apps.

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