Mobile Airbag – A Protective Case

Mobile Airbag – A Protective Case

For every software issue in our phone we have a patch to fix it but what about hardware drops? At any rate I am specifically talking about the external damages. Cases are really never enough to avoid heart breaks with your cell phone but here comes our dear friend mobile airbag.

Of course we have cases to protect screen damage, scratches and what not? Meanwhile how does one avoid the phone hitting ground? Mobile phones are strangely enough turning out to be the most basic need after food, shelter and clothes. Hopefully they don’t replace any of these yet. Arguably we will not delay in doing so.

Mobile airbag – A Phone case to avoid Ground hit?

Long term talking of cell phone’s survival is to maintain its hardware along with software patches. From here on a Mechatronics student from Aalen university of German named Phillip Frenzel creates a case to avoid fall of cell phones with all things considered. He names this case as AD (Active damping) which release springs on a free fall ride. The concept is simple though along with complications in build. It took Frenzel four years to perfectly launch it.

Presumably when the cell phone is in  air it activates sensor in addition to release of sensors which bounces the cell phone on both side. This avoids the direct hit to the ground allowing the protection. These springs are easy to get back and are present at both the sides of the phone.

Watch: Video presentation of Frenzel’s protective case.

People buy stories and some make best of out it. In the same way there is story behind mobile airbag too. The idea of such a case hit Frenzel’s mind when he accidentally dropped his phone from jacket. Frenzel just threw the jacket on banister and later regrettably thought of consequences. As matter of fact Frenzel also ticked with idea to avoid next time. After four years of work a mobile case with sensors to avoid fall fit into the picture. This product is unavailable for now and is signed under Frenzel as a patent. For his contribution Frenzel’s work fetch him award at Aalen university of Germany by Department of Mechatronics 2018.

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Mobile airbag: Frenzel Quotes –

The course of study immediately appealed to me because it is very broad – everything from mechanics to electronics and control engineering to Industry 4.0. This interdisciplinary knowledge is ideal, to later work in leading positions.