List of 10+ Discord Badges and How to Get Them

Want those Discord Badges under your profile? Here is how you can get them (Most for free).

Discord has been a home name for most active internet users who love communicating over topics of similar interest. While most users use it for fun, it is cool to have those small icons or badges under your profile that show how popular you are.

But no, you don’t get them easily without doing any tasks. To obtain badges from Discord, you need to act or do some tasks. Once you qualify, you can show off those badges on your profile and make yourself look cooler. Moreover, there are more than ten discord badges that you can readily get on your profile with this guide below.

Here is all you need to know.

List of 10+ Discord Badges and How to Get Them

Discord BadgeHow to Get
Crown Discord BadgeDiscord Crown Badge is one of the most popular and easy to get, as all it takes for you to have is to create a server.
Nitro BadgeUpgrade to the Nitro Subscription and get a badge for your profile on Discord.
Certified Moderator Discord BadgeDiscord has a Certified Moderator server where you need to demonstrate your skills through an exam, and at the end, you get a badge.
HypeSquad Discord BadgeThis Discord badge is the easiest one to get, and you can obtain it right away by answering five questions about your personality.
Server Booster BadgeIf you are an owner of an active server and love upgrading it to get better features, you can boost it using the Server Booster option and get a badge.
Early Supporter BadgeIf you were one of the early birds to access the Nitro subscription, you could earn a badge for your profile. Only for those who subscribed before 10th October 2018.
Bug Bounty [Rare Badge]Those geeks who point out bugs and errors on Discord through the Discord testing servers [invite only] can get this badge. It turns golden when you have made significant contributions.
HypeSquad Events [Rare Badge]Attend HypeSquad local events, conventions, and competitions where you represent your house and get a chance to win this badge.
Discord Staff BadgeThe Discord Staff badge is only available for those users who work for
Bot Developer Badge [Only Early Developers]If you have created a bot before the year 2020 and it was installed on at least 75 servers and each with 40 members, you can obtain this badge.
Discord Partner BadgeYou can get this badge when you join the partner program, and your server has at least 50 active users and 100 active members weekly.
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In the quest to find all the Discord badges, know that a few of them are easy to get, while a few might require you to have more technical knowledge, like a bug bounty hunter or upgrade to a premium plan.

Moreover, a few of these badges might expire soon. For example, the “Bot Developer Badge” and “Early Supporter Badge” on Discord are only available for those users before 2021 and 2018, respectively. So, if you are planning to get Discord badges, get before Discord expires them.

1. Discord Crown Badge

Crown Badge on Discord

Discord Crown Badge is one of the most popular and easy to get, as all it takes for you to have is to create a server. Now, unlike most badges, this badge is not shown on your profile; instead, you can find it beside your name in the member’s list of the server.

The discord Crown badge is only visible when the server owner is online. To obtain this badge, you need to create a server and not just any server; we need active members, say your friends, fans, or other members who would connect with your content. It is not mandatory for the server to be popular, but as this badge is only visible to members, without them, it would be of no use.

On the contrary, server owners can turn off this badge from their settings if they don’t want to show it off on their Discord server.

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2. Nitro Badge

Nitro badge on Discord

The second easy-to-get badge for your Discord profile is the Nitro badge, and all it takes is a Nitro subscription.

If you are using Discord and managing a lot of members for streaming, discussions, memes, and more on your server, you definitely would love to have a Nitro upgrade. And if you do, this badge is all yours.

You must be wondering, should you really upgrade only for a badge on your profile? Well, not really. The Nitro subscription comes with several features like up to 500MB of uploads, custom emojis, HD video streaming, server boosts, and even a custom profile and more.

However, if you don’t want all these features and just the Nitro badge, you can subscribe to the Nitro basic plan. This plan offers the badge for your profile, gives you 50MB of uploads, and also allows you to use custom emojis everywhere on Discord.

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3. Certified Moderator Badge on Discord

Certified Moderator Badge on Discord

If you are one of the active Discord members and spend most of your time on it, you have probably heard of the “Certified Moderator” badge. And if you haven’t, here is what it means and how to get it.

Discord has a Certified Moderator server where you need to demonstrate your skills through an exam, and at the end, you get a badge. You also get knowledge materials, notes, and more. Now, this might sound funny with all the exams and other schooling materials, but this is actually true.

To participate, you need to be an active member of the “Certified Moderator” server and just pass the exam. It shows that you are a Discord-qualified member and reliable on how to use it efficiently. Once you have this Discord badge, you can readily place it on your profile, and other users can see it. 

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4. HypeSquad Discord Badge

HypeSquad Badge on Discord

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you might have at least thought once about being in houses like Gryffindor or others. It does show your personality and makes your community competitive. Now, what if I tell you that Discord also has this “Houses” or “Squads” feature? But yes, definitely not the ones from Harry Potter.

On Discord, you can take up the “HypeSquad” personality test that consists of 5 simple questions about your personality. At the end of the questionnaire, you are given one of the houses: bravery, brilliance, and balance. Most interestingly, it comes with a badge if you are lucky. In case you don’t get a badge, you can try again.

There are a lot of advantages when you join the HypeSquad, for instance, participating in challenges along with your house, joining the community, and even getting regular newsletter updates. 

5. Server Booster Badge

Server Booster Badge on Discord

This badge is worth possessing if you actually own an active server with a lot of activities. Let me tell you more about it after I tell you what a Server Booster badge is and how to get it.

If you own a server on Discord, you will always find it to be restrictive with low-quality streaming, poor voice chat, and more. To improve these elements of your Discord server, you need to keep giving it a boost. And yes, it does cost $4.99/Mo, which makes it more questionable if you should really get it.

Also, this is not where it stops. If you give 2 boosts to your server, you reach level 1 from level 0, and after 15 boosts, you reach level 2, and with 30 boosts, you reach level 3. Each time you give a boost, you also upgrade the badge, which makes it more desirable but, at the same time, costlier.

To get this Server badge, tap on the server name on the top and then select the “Server Boost” option. After you boost your server, you get to access more features on your server, like bigger upload size, room for more custom emojis, better audio and video quality, and much more. Most importantly, the badge.

If you are an owner of an active server, a server boost can be pretty helpful as it unlocks more features and opportunities.

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6. Early Supporter Badge

Early Supporter Badge on Discord

On Discord, the Nitro subscription is something that came long back, and if you were one of the early birds to access it, you could earn a badge for your profile.

The case with getting a Nitro badge is it disappears right after you stop the subscription, which is pretty heartbreaking, but not for those who supported Discord in its earlier days. If you have subscribed to Discord Nitro before 10th October 2018, you will have the Early Supporter Badge. Now, this is a permanent badge.

There aren’t any features that you get after getting the Early Supporter badge, but it is a real showoff for those who are crazy fans of Discord. Also, there are speculations that Discord might introduce such a badge once again, so you can keep an eye out for it. 

7. Bug Bounty Badge [Rare]

Bug Bounty Hunter Badge on Discord

If you are a geek, there is no need for me to tell you how rewarding it is to find bugs and errors in applications. The Bug Bounty badge is one of the rarest but coolest badges to have.

Discord, just like most applications, can have glitches that can cause the app to fail or a loophole that costs the website a lot more than just the app failure.

To obtain this badge, you need to first apply for the Bug Bounty server by sending an invite. Once you are accepted, all you need to do is start exploring Discord in all ways possible and when you catch a bug or an issue, report it in this Bug Bounty server or testing servers.

After reporting the bugs, if they are valued and accepted, Discord will automatically place a green Bug Bounty badge under your profile.

But wait, that’s not all about it.

If you are reporting multiple bugs and errors on Discord’s testing servers, this Bug Bounty badge turns into golden. In addition, you get some beta testing features that are not yet out for everyone, and you can use them readily. This badge on Discord is perfect for Nerds and some really cool testers and developers to show off.

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8. HypeSquad Events [Rare]

HypeSquad Events of Badge on Discord

The HypeSquad events badge is a super rare Discord badge that has no guidelines or steps to obtain. In fact, there is no guarantee that you will get this badge even after completing the tasks to obtain this badge, so you can try your luck, and if it works out well for you, in a short span, you will see this badge under your profile.

To get the HypeSquad Events badge, you first need to get the HypeSquad badge and be assigned to a specific house. Once you are in a house, you need to attend all the competitions and in-house events that Discord organizes. This can be done through their online forms and everywhere else where you can represent your house team.

In some cases, if you are really doing well, you will be sent an invite to a secret server where Discord sends you goodies. You might also be asked to organize small local events for Discord or actively build your house community.

Even after all this, there is no assurance that you will receive this Discord badge. It is one of the rarest of all.

9. Discord Staff Badge

Discord Staff Badge

This badge is something that you can’t get by just being active on Discord or doing some tasks. Also, this is not something you get for moderating most servers or even when you join their secret or bug bounty servers.

The Discord Staff badge is only available for those users who work for Discord. The only thing you can do to get this badge is to crack Discord’s interview and start to work for them.

But is this badge permanent?

Not really; if you leave the job, the badge is gone.

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10. Bot Developer Badge [Only Early Developers]

Bot Developer Badge on Discord

This is one of the other rare Discord badges like the “Early Supporter” badge, which is only available for the users who made an effort during the initial times of Discord. If you are a bot developer, you might have come across this badge or even heard of it but found it difficult to get. This is because the Bot Developer Badge can no longer be obtained for developers after the year 2020.

Another condition to get this badge is that your bot is available on at least 75 servers, with each server consisting of at least 40 members. Now, this is a rare badge, but it can be obtained if you have fulfilled those conditions before 2020.

There are no additional advantages or access to features when you get this badge; however, when you get the badge, all the team members will also get the badge, but not any new members that are added after you get the badge.

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11. Discord Partner Badge

Partner Badge on Discord

Now, this is one of the coolest badges you can have under your Discord profile, and it sure does come with some great perks. When you have an active server with interactive community members, there is a good chance for you to avail of this badge.

You can get this badge when your server has at least 50 active users and 100 active members every week. Once you meet this condition, you can apply for the Discord Partner program and get a chance to partner with it. It shows that your community is trustable, popular, and reliable, and you get a badge to show that.

You can often find this Discord badge on Discord servers of popular streamers, influencers, content creators, or a community of web applications or services. However, there is no such condition for you to be one among the above to get the badge.

Once you are approved for the Partner program, you get additional features like a custom URL for your server, banner, Discord Nitro, community rewards, and access to the Partners-only server. Moreover, you have a badge that you can have under your Discord profile and stand out on the Discovery page or when new members are looking to join your community.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Which are the free Discord badges?

HypeSquad, Certified Moderator, Crown, and Partner badges are a few free Discord badges that you can have on your Discord profile.

Can you get Discord the Bot Developer badge?

The Bot Developer badge comes with a few conditions, such as the bot before 2020, the bot installed on 75+ servers, and each server with at least 40 members in it. 

Is the Discord staff badge permanent?

No, the Discord staff badge is not permanent, and once you leave the job at Discord, this badge is taken away.

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Wrapping up: 10+ Discord Badges and How to Get Them

Discord is a popular application for active internet bees who love talking about similar interests, streaming, video and audio chat, and much more. The best way to show off popularity on this platform is to have as many badges as you can under your profile, and the list above should help you with it. Some of the badges are easy to get, like the HypeSquad badge or the Server booster badge. On the contrary, some of the other Discord badges come with several conditions and restrictions that can make them hard to get.

I hope to have helped you with how to get Discord badges; if you have any questions or suggestions for this guide, do let us know in the comment section. Also, if you like this article, do give this a quick share on your social media handles and definitely tag us. Join our Telegram channelFacebook page, and Twitter to never miss a quick update.

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