Humanizing Big Data

Humanizing Big Data

What is Big data?

Big data can be related to to large sets of data computed and collected to analyze and reveal patterns in trends and associations.

Let us look in simpler manner.

Looking forward to improve the technology of storing data we have moved from series of architecture. This architecture starts from Mainframe computers then mini computers which upgraded to current cloud computing and now Big data.

It is completely a different architecture. We all generate a lot of data every single minute while browsing the internet and 3 to 4 Exabytes by whole of the world. This data is stored and accessed later by enterprises.

Why Big data?

Big data cannot be easily processed as its volume is too high around 2 to the power of 16 which causes difficulty to process a single kind or variety of data. This technique is used to store huge amount of data and later a part of which is accessed by companies to analyse the market.

It is accessed on the basis of three factors:

  • Volume – The amount of data that is generated.
  • Velocity – The speed with which data is processed.
  • Variety – Variety of data which can act as object to different problems.

What is humanizing Big Data?

Big data is extracted on the basis of volume, velocity and variety but there is no value to bits and bytes in human world. To get value from Big Data, you must add contextual information and place analytical capability in the hands of those who need it. In other words, it needs to be pulled out from the world of bits and bytes to get real insights for business people.

Data to be humanized, the necessary steps are:

  1. Making data easily accessible.
  2. Helping data to reveal its base form.


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How important is to humanize big data?

Today’s IT sector is completely based on research and analysis. For them analyzing data provides ease in clarity to set up their business.

For example:

big data

Manufacturer wants to setup his new franchise and he is looking for a location where his business fits well. Main factors which matter his product will be the most important data which he would be looking for. To analyze the place he will extract some information which he can access from big data. As it has large volume of information it turns a key object to be referred.

Privacy on Big Data:

Usually we are concerned about the privacy on our data no more how sensitive it is or not. On big data as it huge volume of data is stored  it is practically not possible to get the individual information. Your data is open for everyone but still protected without revealing your information. It is just used by enterprises to analyze certain information and behavior of their customers.

It is basically a storage box of information generated and collected which is later analyzed by other institutions.