How to Hide Desktop Icons on Mac [3 Methods]

hide desktop icons on mac os

We have a little mess on our desktop with all the icons scattered away and we are quite lazy to rearrange them. Yesterday, I faced a situation where I got embarrassed with people judging my desktop window during presentations. I am quite lazy to rearrange all of it again and again so here I am with methods to quickly hide desktop icons on mac operating system. The best method is to use the Hidden me software which is also listed.

1. Hide Desktop Icons on Mac (Basic Trick) – 

Option 1 –

Hiding desktop icons on Mac is not rocket science; you can easily hide them using the stack feature. Here, all that you have to do –

  • Right-click on the desktop and choose “Group Stacks By“.
  • Now choose the options “Tags“.
  • We have to assign a tag on each of the folders we want to stack and hide on the desktop.
  • Right-click on a folder or file and select the option “tags”.
  • Assign a tag name to identify the file; give the same tag name to all the folders and files you want to stack on.
  • Now, all the folders and files with the same tag name are stacked on each other. You can now find a cleaner desktop as you stacked up.

Moreover, you can give the same tag name to all the files on the desktop and stack everything in a single folder. This way you can have a much cleaner desktop on your mac.

Option 2 –

The simplest way to hide all the desktop icons is to drag and drop them in a folder.

In this way, you will have a cleaner desktop and you won’t feel embarrassed. No doubt it is one of the easiest ways to hide desktop icons on mac.

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2. Hide Desktop Icons on Mac Using Hidden ME

hidden me

Hidden Me is an app that you can download straight away from the apple app store. Once you have downloaded and installed it.

Look for the Hidden Me icon on the top of the toolbar of the desktop. Right-click on the toolbar and select “Hide Desktop Icons”.

After doing this, you’ll find that the desktop is clean and this is the quickest procedure compared to other methods.

Don’t worry, your desktop icons are not deleted, they are just hidden. In this method, there is no drag and drop for each file; Simply click the hide desktop icons from the menu and the icons are hidden which is pretty time-saving in quick situations.

To view all the desktop icons, just right click on the Hidden Me toolbar and select “show desktop icons”. By doing this, all the icons will be visible on your desktop just as you left them.

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3. Hide Icons Using Terminal on Mac – 

To hide icons using a terminal window, just open a terminal window on your Mac. Use spotlight finder to search for a terminal if it is not readily accessible to you.

Once you open a terminal window, type the following command –

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false

Press the enter key and type the next command to complete the job –

killall Finder

Press the enter key and check your desktop, you’ll find that all the desktop icons are hidden. To make this command working, note that the ‘F’ in the finder is in uppercase or it will just throw an error.

To unhide desktop icons in mac, use the following command –

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true; killall Finder

Using this command all the desktop icons will be visible to you in the same fashion they were hidden.

You can prefer this method when you don’t want to install third-party apps such as Hidden Me. This is no that time saving but does the work required.

You can also use the stack feature by apple but it really doesn’t hide the desktop icons. It just rearranges them in a stack and places it in the right corner of the window.

This will help you keep your desktop clean and tidy with all the icons but in a proper way.

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