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Ultimate guide to choose best gaming phones

[Ultimate Guide] How To Choose Best Phones For Gaming

There are so many gaming phones manufactured every few months with better optimizations and better performances. The question is which the right gaming phone is for you and also for your budget.

The most important questions are how do you choose a gaming phone? What are the criteria? Is it all about only the processing speed? Or only about the Graphics card?

The best gaming phone is one that has certain hardware and software features. It should be able to process faster and give a smooth and immersive gaming experience. The processing chipset is not itself enough to give you all the power; a graphics card plays an important role too. It is important that certain criteria are to be followed while choosing the best gaming phone.

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Tips – How to choose the best gaming phone?


The foremost thing is to check the processing unit. Which type of processor or chip it is using and what is the number of cores provided. There are different types of processing chips available such as Qualcomm 855 plus (designed for gaming), Exynos (Samsung exclusive), Bionic (Apple exclusive) and others like Mediatek and Intel.

If your gaming phone cannot drive enough processing speed then certain games may show up unnatural behavior. This is something you may not like. Choose a powerful processing chip such as Qualcomm 855 or 855 plus specially designed for gaming phones.

Here is the complete comparison of all the gaming-specific processors from versus and no doubt snapdragon 855 plus is the winner. It is designed for gaming-specific and that is one of the reasons why Oneplus chose 855 plus over 855 in the latest Oneplus 7T mobile.


RAM is another important factor that determines your gaming experiences. To have a better gaming experience you can choose either 6GB or 8GB ram capacity. 4GB of ram can be used for casual gaming while 6,8 and 12GB of ram are important for moderate or high-end gaming.


Would you like to charge your phone again and again while you are in the middle of an intense gaming match? Have a battery backup which is sufficient enough for you to play for a bit longer than the usual phones. In this way, you can get enough grips on practicing for tournaments instead of just charging the battery. By far, Android device Asus ROG 2 is best with battery capacity and also other gaming specifications in my perspective.

Screen size

It totally depends on you about what size of screen size is just right for your grip. Some may have smaller hands while some may have normal or bigger hands. It is important that you consider choosing the screen size and have a grip over your phone.


Storage is another important factor in having the best gaming phone. The best gaming phone is the one on which you can play more and the number of games. If you run out of disk storage then you may have to sacrifice some of your favorite games. Also, the update sizes of games are increasing to enhance the user experience and bring in more features. So, it is important that you have an ample amount of storage space. You can opt for OTG and external storage if the device configurations permit.


The availability factor is the software factor which is important. Some of your games may be available on one device and not on other devices with different operating systems.

The next most confusing question is which device to buy? We cut down the analyzing process into blocks and have done complete research.

We analyzed most used operating systems over different global stat tools such as stat counter and we figure out that Android is leading and is most popular.

gaming phones

Now, how this factor will help us choose the best gaming phones? It is quite simple. Let’s list out the advantages –

  • Availability of more and more games.
  • A lot of flagship phones with better gaming chips.
  • Lower prices and more upgrades.

Best Android Gaming Phones

Asus ROG Phone 2 – High-End Gaming Experience

Asus ROG 2 is a phone specifically designed for gaming. It is a successor for the Asus ROG phone which is the first gaming phone by Asus and has much better capabilities you might want to look out for.

Asus ROG 2 gaming phone is half the price of the predecessor Asus ROG while there is not cut drop down in specifications. The Asus ROG 2 was initially with an android pie operating system while you may expect the latest android Q now.

The performance is a booster with octa-core 2.9GHz Single core, Kryo 485 + 2.42 GHz, Tri core, Kryo 485 + 1.8 GHz, Quad-core, Kryo 485; snapdragon 855 plus powered by Qualcomm. You can expect faster processing and I would definitely buy this gaming phone for the robust performance and the Adreno 640 graphics performance. It is 64-bit architecture with 8GB of RAM that does pretty much for a budget gaming phone.

If you want to play high-end mobile games like PUBG and call of duty then you will definitely look out for a nice display. With a screen size of 6.59 inches and a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, you won’t miss out on the gaming experience. It is by far one of the best things about the ROG phone 2 which fires up the gaming qualities in you. The display is made of AMOLED and has a bezel-less display which helps you with using the entire display.

The display is protected with gorilla corning glass and 391ppi pixel density which brings out the true colors. The design aspect is great and that’s one of the buying terms but it is also heavy. This is something you might dislike but you have to bear 240 grams if you want to bring out the true gaming experience.

The next judgemental aspect is the storage capacity. The Asus ROG 2 gaming phone has a huge storage of 128GB. This is quite a sufficient amount if you are going to use your phone for both gaming and storing video, audio or pictures from last year’s Christmas.

Something not good about this storage is the expansion. You cannot expand the storage on Asus ROG 2 which brings out on quite a simple meaning that the storage is limited. The best thing you can do is use a hard disk for storing all of your multimedia documents and use the ROG gaming phone exclusively for gaming.

You can also use an OTG cable with it and store your files on a separate sd card. This is one of the ways you can fully utilize the storage for gaming.

Talking about the battery aspects, no doubt it is one of the best. 6000mah of battery with other gaming perspectives at this budget is way more you can ask for. No doubt it stands on the first position with this battery capacity and is the best gaming phone also because of its refresh rate. All the games are developed with roughly 60 Hz refresh rate while the hardware capabilities of Asus ROG phone 2 supports twice of that. The refresh rate on Asus ROG Phone 2 gaming phone is 120 Hz.

It is a dual sim phone with 4g connectivity and has a 24 MP front camera. The video quality is totally worth with 1920 x 1080 resolutions at 30 frames per second (fps). The gaming experience is nowhere compromised also with the sound. The speakers are developed by DTS sound which is an American company that makes multichannel audio technologies for film and video.

I would definitely recommend this game-specific phone which is ideal for the mobile gamer. The only problem with this phone is the storage capacity which is not great for some users. But we have a solution listed above which can be a great hack. Other than this both battery and camera are promising. It has a great design and display (also bezel-less) which is totally captivating.

One Plus 7T – Overall Player

One plus 7T is not only a budget gaming phone but is a multi-use phone which ideal for anyone using it. This phone is having a superb display and admirable performances.

With octa-core, 2.96 GHz Single core, Kryo 485 + 2.42 GHz, Tri core, Kryo 485 + 1.8 GHz, Quad-core, Kryo 485; snapdragon 855 plus, this phone turns out to be a beast for gaming. Qualcomm has specifically designed the snapdragon 855 plus for improving the gaming performances on smartphones.

It has incredible improvisations over snapdragon 855 which was designed to improve the cutting edge technology while this is best suitable for gaming.

The graphic qualities are maintained with Adreno 640 graphics unit and it does provide robust performance. 64-bit architecture and 8GB RAM adds up a lot at this price while the battery backup is to be compromised. If it has to be a normal phone than 3600 MAh battery is not bad but here it is about the gaming phones which you would not love to compromise with.

Imagine how quackery it would be to charge your phone again and again while playing games. Another important concern here is the heating of the phone. If you are repeatedly charging the phone then definitely the phone will heat up much quicker than expected. Asus ROG phone 2 is much better in this case. It has a cooling system and a battery back up of 6000MAh which is way better than one plus 7T.

The camera is overall great. In 2019, Oneplus came with the improvements in camera quality and it is much better now in one plus 7T. It has a great set of cameras which also gives you intense night photography (just in case you want to use it for all purposes). It has 48MP of a camera which is enough to click better and high-quality pictures.

Oneplus 7T is having a nice display space of 6.55 inches which provides you sufficient gameplay area. While the pixel density of 402 PPI brings out the true colors the resolution of 1080 x 2400 enhances your gaming experience.

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You would definitely buy this for an overall experience; it is casual and business-ready along with being a gaming smartphone. It has a powerful processor and the best graphics unit. You might also want to buy it for superb display quality and good battery capacity.

Oneplus 7T is no doubt one of the great phones out there. It is an overall player and has powerful processing and good storage. It is a great phone and you must buy it for all purposes. If you are looking out for a phone which you can use for both works and plays. No doubt is the best choice.

Galaxy S10 plus – You won’t believe what it can do

Samsung launches dozens of smartphones every year and there are a lot of flagship phones from the Note and Galaxy series. Galaxy S10 Plus is one out of them which is perfect for a gamer.

Let’s start with the processing chip-set. All the gamer out there let us know in the comment section if you would be fine with lags in gaming. Well, Samsung unlike other smartphones that use Qualcomm and Intel chip-sets is much different. Samsung manufactures its own chip-set and the one being used in Samsung Galaxy S10 plus is “Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9820”.

iphone for gaming

We dig deeper into processing capacities by versus and we found that Qualcomm 855 plus is better than the Exynos 9820 in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It operates on the Mali-G76 MP12 graphics processor which is much better than the Adreno 509 graphics by Qualcomm and is much powerful. It supports 4k resolution and has a 2nm smaller semiconductor size as that of Adreno 509.

But wait; is that all for gaming phones? No, the Samsung galaxy s10 plus has different storage and memory variants.

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Galaxy S10 plus supports three different storage variants; 128GB, 512GB and guess how much? 1TB it is. This gaming phone is more like a hard disk to me and no doubt it is will captivate all the gaming in you. You can play a rich set of games and also you can worry less about the Ram capacity. There are 2 different ram capacities; one with 8GB and 12GB. This is something different from other gaming phones. It is powerful and 12GB of ram makes it faster and smoother.

The display is great. You get a notch-less infinity display of 6.4 inches. The dynamic AMOLED and the punch-hole display on the bezel make it less distractible. It has a heart rate monitor inbuilt and inbuilt fingerprint sensor which saves a lot of space from a design perspective.

Coming back to storage it has an expandable storage space of 512GB which I don’t think is much of use if you are going of 512GB or 1TB variant already.

This is an overall player just like the Oneplus 7T smartphone but the camera specs are much better here. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a 123-degree ultra-wide camera and is much intelligent which automatically adjusts the settings for you. It has a dual aperture which is commendable in its performance. If you are looking for an overall phone then this phone is something you would not like to miss out. It has 16MP + 12MP back camera and 10MP + 8MP of the dual front camera better than any other android phone.

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The battery is one of the most important factors for gaming phones and Samsung does have a considerable battery capacity of 4100mAH on its Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It has fast charging and wireless charging features. It is likely the best phone for gaming and all-purpose and I give it thumbs up.

Razor Phone 2 – Moderate Gaming

Razor Phone 2 is one of the premium smartphones dedicated to gaming. It is much more convenient to use this gaming phone and for sure does not fall in budget gaming phones. It is important that you realize that all phones are to an extent okay for gaming. There is no such differentiation in design or looks but there are some magnificent changes in specs that make them gamer specific.

The Razer Phone 2 is operating on Qualcomm snapdragon 845 and Ardeno 630. This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be moderate for gaming as compared to ROG Phone 2. ROG phone 2 is operating on Qualcomm snapdragon 855 which is specifically designed for gaming. On the contrary, OnePlus has a much better processor 855 plus but other specifications matter too.

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With 8GB RAM and 4000mAH battery capacity, it makes it no different than OnePlus 7T but you’ll have a great gaming experience? It is designed for gamers. Razer Phone 2 is great for moderate gaming. You can have robust configurations and it has an excellent rear camera. The display is great. It has a 5.72 inches display screen and gives you much comfort on the screen.

I am concerned about the battery backup which requires you to charge your phone again and again over a short period of time and no one likes interruption while a good play. It has the entire fancy thing with fingerprint sensors on the slide. Yet, in my opinion of all this woo, I prefer that the curves and slides are left free so that it won’t have much trouble using the device.

The best parts come with quick charging and wireless charging. It is water-resistant and also it uses Dolby atmos for the great sound experience.

Black shark 2 – Gamer’s fantasy

Black shark 2 is a fantasy phone for all the gamers out there. It is powerful and has strong configurations as compared to all the other phones.

Let me start with the gaming processor. Black shark 2 operates on Qualcomm snapdragon 855 designed for edge technology and gaming experience. Again, like most of the gaming smartphones, it uses Adreno 640 graphics processor, providing you a class gaming experience.

It has a 64-bit architecture and 6 GB of Ram. It has 8 cores which means it can handle 8 threads together and which is the reason it is the best in multitasking and also fast. The battery remains the same as that of Oneplus 7T, It has 4000 mAH battery backup which is great for normal phones in fact it is huge when the concern is with the normal phones. But for a gaming phone, you could expect slightly more like the Asus ROG 2 phone which is the reason it makes it number one.

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The screen size is something which will attract you more. It has a screen size of 6.39 inches which gives you enough space to play your favorite games. It has a screen resolution of 1080×2340 pixels and yes it has an AMOLED display just like other gaming phones. You can use the whole screen as it as bezel-less display but I find a concern with weight and design. The black shark 2 is quite thick and weighs 205 grams which makes it a bit uncomfortable on your hands.

Storage is amazing and ample enough for you to use most of your favorite games. The black shark 2 gaming phones come in with 128GB of storage but do not support expansion. For which you can use external storage using OTG cable. Here is the catch. You cannot expand storage for games but instead, store all your multimedia files like photos and videos on external storage and use the maximum of internal storage exclusive for gaming.

Black shark 2 is one of the best gaming phones out there. It does a lot with 6GB of Ram and multiple cores of processing. The battery is not that of an issue as it supports quick charging (60% in 30 minutes) and that does a lot. Bezel-less display and bigger screen sizes give you better gaming experience. Although the weight and thickness do make you a bit uncomfortable overall it is one of the best gaming phones.

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Budget gaming Phones under 20000 Rupees

When it comes to budget gaming phones it is important that you get the best at fewer prices and here we try to list out such phones. These phones are affordable and cover the best specifications you can expect on a flagship phone.

Realme X2

Realme x2 is the standing line of all the budget smartphones. It has a snapdragon 730G processor with Adreno 618 graphics unit. It does octa-core processing and has a 4GB of Ram which is okay for casual gaming. If you want something which is best for moderate gaming then you can go for 6GB ram devices listed above and if you want a kill switch ram capacity then you should definitely go for 8GB ram devices listed above. Samsung galaxy s10 plus with 12GB is just non-match able in those cases.

The screen display of realme x2 is made up of super AMOLED and has a waterproof notch. With a pixel density of 403ppi and a screen size of 6.4 inches, you get a comfortable gaming experience. The screen resolution is 1080×2340 pixels which are more like a high-end gaming device. To save the screen space, the fingerprint sensor is inbuilt on the screen.

The storage is although internally limited with 64GB the good part it is that it can be expanded up to 256GB. Also, if you want to share your storage then you can use the OTG cable. The realme x2 supports OTG cable support.

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There are multiple variants for this device, with one being the 4GB|64GB and the other 8GB|128GB. It has 32MP front camera and 64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP quad back camera. That like other high-end smartphones it has a 4000 mAH battery backup. This is sufficient enough for a mid-day gamer or casual gamer but again for high-end gaming with proper battery backup, Asus ROG phone 2 is the best choice. Realme x2 has VOOC fast charging which assures 65% battery charging in just 30minutes. Now, this is something that is too convenient.

It is an affordable and convenient gaming phone for a casual gamer. It doesn’t cost much and also provides most of the high-end device specifications. Quick VOOC charging makes gaming no wait while the day may heat up quickly for some time.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Redmi has gained early popularity in India. It is because of the cheap price and also for the better specifications but the question here is about the gaming perspective. Redmi note 8 pro is best in choice and under budget from the redmi line-up.

Just like Samsung, Redmi uses chipset other than Qualcomm snapdragon. The redmi note 8 pro operates on MediaTek helio G90T processor and Mali – G76 MP4. This graphics processor is the successor for the one used in Samsung galaxy s10 plus. It has octa-core processing capacity which assures smoother and faster multi-tasking.

The note 8 pro by redmi has two variants; 6GB|64GB and 8GB|128GB. The display size is 6.53 inches which is enough to get space for playing games with intensive experiences. The screen also has a resolution of 1080x2340pixels with a bezel-less display and waterdrop notch.

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The storage is expandable up to 512GB and supports OTG features. You can buy external storage and use it with OTG to store your other files.

Again the battery supports quick charging and a battery backup of 4500mAH which is way more than Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which is one of our best bet.

It is a convenient option and does a lot at this budget price. The immersive display, in-display fingerprint scanner, and excellent performance are just worth the price. The only limitation for a gamer with this is it heats up much quickly under load. You can use it you are a casual gamer and not much into intensive gaming all the time.

Realme 5 Pro

The best buy from realme for gaming which I personally also bought it for one of my relations. The Realme 5 Pro is the best budget gaming smartphone you can bet on with the overall performance.

Realme 5 pro uses the Qualcomm snapdragon 712 with Ardeno 616 graphics chipset. It can handle 8 threads which make it better at multi-tasking and smooth while switching between different apps.

There are multiple variants of this model available and you can choose between different specifications. I would suggest you go with the 8GB and 128GB variant, it would be better for the high-end gaming experience at the budget price fewer than 20000 rupees.

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The display is another top-class feature of Realme 5 pro. Along with a screen size of 6.3 inches and resolution of 1080×2340 pixels, you get a waterdrop notch and a bezel-less display.

Just before the past year when bezel-less displays were just introduced with a notch, those phones used to give a lot of prominent gaming experience. With the time being, those features have turned common now and that is why you get all the flagship features right on your budget.

Realme 5 pro with 64GB and 128GB is quite enough for storing your games but we know the true fact that every month you get a new update which is almost getting closer to GB sizes. But no worries, the storage space on Realme 5 pro can be expanded up to 256GB and it does support the OTG.

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Let’s talk about the impressive camera. The 64MP back camera is great with the camera quality. It is not only about how far it can capture but also with the quality of the picture. One of the best mobile cameras I have ever used and gives you a true promising experience with the pictures. This phone also has 8MP of a front camera which gives you quality selfie photos with portrait mode.

The battery juice of 4035mAh is sufficient enough to play a few games and then you can use the VOOC charging feature. This allows you to charge your device faster, say approx 55% in 30 minutes. To read more about VOOC, You can refer to this Wikipedia page.

I definitely recommend this gaming phone which falls under budget. It has an excellent quad-camera setup, impressive display, outstanding performance, and VOOC quick charging. 

Apple IOS Phones For Gaming

Apple iPhones are best at gaming due to its build quality and splendid performance. I agree they are costlier but then they are also worth the specifications. You have better display density, quality, and gaming experience compared to android devices. Again, this doesn’t mean that your Android devices aren’t gaming material when it comes to iPhones but they do have a different standard at different specifications. Both of the devices are great but it all depends on what you need and how well it matches your needs.

When done a comparison in which phones are better Android or Apple by digital trends, the conclusion was straight that both the devices are mature and have their own functions and features which other lacks. They also termed that the conclusion would be quite representative although Android won 10 points and Apple won 8 points. Again, features such as jailbreaking and alternative app stores are of that importance. Overall, they have quite their own ways and it depends purely on the user. Other tech reviewers such as gaming scan and make use of having the same perspective.

There are not many huge differences in all the iPhones to list the best gaming phones but the fact that all the iPhones are good for gaming cannot be defined.

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iPhone 11 Max Pro

Apple iPhone 11 max pro is the latest and most powerful iPhone in the whole line up as of the time being. iPhone uses the Apple A13 Bionic processing chipset and is a better chipset than Qualcomm snapdragon 855 plus which is designed gamer specific as per notebook check.

apple iphones are better

Also according to insights, we obtained from gears today on comparison of Apple’s Bionic A13 chip and Qualcomm’s specific Snapdragon 855 plus and we observe that Apple’s chipset is 50% better than that of android (Qualcomm 855 plus) but is also iPhone specific which limits its use on other budget phones.

We dig deeper into comparisons and conclude that the apple’s bionic chip is much better than that of Qualcomm snapdragon.

Apple uses its own manufactured graphics card; Apple GPU (four-core graphics). It gives the smoothest gaming experience and every detail is so magnificent. With apple’s four cores GPU, you get the best gaming experience which obviously you get in Android’s high-end mobile gaming devices too.

It is a Hexa core thread processing chipset which means it can handle 6 jobs together and it has a 4GB of ram. Although iPhone 11 max pro has only 4GB of ram it is the considerably best competition for any of the 6-8GB variant Android devices. In fact, earlier devices such as iPhone 6s, 7, 8, X, and XR have lesser ram capacity yet they work better than most of the Android devices.

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iPhone 11 max pro is made up of an OLED screen and it has a bezel-less display with a notch. Apple iPhone 11 max pro supports face unlock which cuts fingerprint space and also has a 3D touch and multi-touch support. It has 6.5 inches of the big screen and a screen resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels which are again great for a clear and sharp experience.

There are different variants of the iPhone 11 pro max available. You can get the most basic at 64GB and other variants are 128GB and 256GB. No doubt you cannot expand the storage and also you cannot use the OTG as it is not supported. You can always upgrade to iCloud or google drive services in order to store your data.

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iPhone 11 pro max has a battery capacity of 3969mAH which supports quick charging and wireless charging. The quick charging time is approximated to 50% in 30 minutes which is comparable to the Android quick charging which supports 60% in 30 minutes.

Apple faced a lot of consequences when Tim Cook accepted that apple’s battery drain drastically over a period of time. Battery drain can be too disappointing and there needs to be a fixed. Ikream proposes a fix for this and it will help you out with troubleshooting the issue.

Overall, it is great for a phone for all purposes and one of the best for gaming. The bionic A13 chip is powerful and you get an immersive gaming experience with every detail on the count. It gives a great performance and has IP68 technology to resist sand, dirt, dust, and 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes.

It also has wireless charging support and an excellent camera. Although the battery drain scandal remains an issue there are no compromises over performance. 

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max is one of the best affordable Apple iPhone for gaming. When it is about gaming phones it is important that processing and durability both matter to the best. Apple iPhone xs max is one of those phones flagship phones which are best for gaming and also for casual use.

Starting with the processing capacity, iPhone xs max has a powerful bionic A12 chip with Apple GPU four-core graphics. It gives you focused gaming performance that provides better detailing than predecessors.

It has 4GB of ram and can do 6 jobs simultaneously. The ram capacity is lesser than that of Apple iPhone 11 pro max but you can bank on its bionic processing capacity.

Like the apple iPhone 11 pro max, you get an OLED which is multi-touch. With a 6.5-inch screen size, you can use a lot of gaming space but the resolution is considered okay as that of the iPhone 11 pro max. With a screen resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels and a bezel-less display with a notch, you can get promising gaming experience.

There are two variants available; 64GB and 128GB and supports only a single 4G sim card configuration. The storage may turn out to be an issue with heavy game updates but then you cannot expand it externally. Although you can use iCloud and Google drive services to store your other documents.

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Out of all the devices listed, Apple iPhone XS Max has the least battery backup but it does provide fast charging and wireless charging. It provides a battery backup of 3174mAH which may drain sooner but you will experience a promising game. 


Gaming phones are not that hard to choose if you know what exactly you are looking for. There are hundreds of gaming mobiles out there in the market but they all don’t fit in all the requirements. You should be looking for processing chipsets, RAM, storage, and battery in the first place for choosing the best gaming smartphone.

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We listed out all the necessary comparisons you will need and after comparing statistics we have made a more specific list. We have listed out Android gaming phones, Budget gaming phones under 20000, and also apple gaming phones.

Asus ROG phone 2 and OnePlus 7T are ideal phones. Third, on our list, we have Samsung Galaxy S10 plus and gamer specific Razer phone 2 and Black shark 2.

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For budget android phones, you can bank on Realme x2, Redmi note 8 pro, and Realme 5 pro for sure. No doubt all the apple Iphones are good for gaming but if you want to have a more specific rather than general experience then you can go for iPhone 11 pro max and iPhone XS max.

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