Best Phones For Gaming Enthusiasts

Best Phones For Gaming Enthusiasts

When it comes to gaming it is about decent competition among the tech specifications of every device. Gaming has become part of everyday life along with social media stuff and food. The broad reasons for this attachment and habit is quite simple; addiction to games when it is about killing the time. The game bazaar of play store and app store has ruled every single device in the market. Now the most asking question is which are the best phones for gaming?

Every game that hits the market doesn’t go on trending list but every trending list is heart robs for the gamers. The active installations on play store and app store statistically give rough idea about the games which have hit the market to the core. Not be surprised the best of gaming list pops up with action games than any other genre. Action games let them be PUBG (Players unknown battle ground) or fortnite, they have taken over the gaming industry only in few months. While you just have started playing such action games there comes in need for best phones for gaming.

Best phones for gaming are more concerned with the best graphics, long lasting battery and performance. We usually face overheating of devices while we play for long and this is what we hate about the usual phones. The frustration rises over the peak when you have to wait for your device to cool down while your friends are happily playing your favourite game on their device. Best phones for gaming must have improved cooling properties and be exclusive for gamers.

The battery part is no less trouble for the gaming industry. The developers of newly launched mobile phones always try to focus the battery improvements but somehow fail in successfully getting one. The basic models have this as a most common issue where the gamer has just started playing and the screen pops with low battery. This too annoying and creates disinterest within self.

Better the graphics card more the performance and interface. You wouldn’t really like to get stuck in the middle of game where you can’t move and shoot. The problem is with gaming graphics card. If you have a better graphics card the performance of the game improves. Also if you have a higher graphic card then the visual game play increases too. Gamer can choose for HDR display over medium and low, this creates better gaming impact and the best phone for gaming should do so.

Let’s have a look on best phones for gaming presently in 2018

A gamer’s phone should also be very well with audio along with video performance. Storage and Ram efficiency matters a lot to handle games which comes with heavy loads. Power efficiency, Graphics and performance are the little things which make huge impacts. Coming to the phone with a lot of niche with the notch the Iphone x.

Iphone X – Notchless play 

iphone x the best gaming phone

Image reference: idownloadblog

Key Specifications:

Display: 5.8 inch OLED diagonal all screen multi touch display.

Ram: 3GB

Storage: 128GB

Height: 5.65 inches

Width: 2.79 inches

Depth: 0.30 inch

Weight: 6.14 ounces

Battery life: Apple claims that Iphone x has 2 hours longer battery than Iphone 7

Talktime( wireless ): up to 21 hours

Internet: up to 12 hours

Video playback: up to 13 hours

Audio playback: up to 60 hours

The Iphone x which came in with the no notch long display is very well suited for playing action games. In some cases it may turn out to be distracting while it all depends on the gamer’s compatibility. The A11 bionic chip helps with the performance while a better battery backup compared to previous model does the interrupt less gaming job.

The variant has better colour and depth which signifies the huge impact in gaming experience. Iphone x uses better true colours compared to the basic models and kicks in with great storage compatibility.

The highest possible storage capacity Iphone x can be bought with is 128GB and that is a lot of storage for regular and heavy updates. Games like PUBG and Fortnite regularly needs updating for better fixes and gaming environment.

Home button is a call for buying Iphone x for gamers. With Iphone x gamers can completely utilise the long display screen for comfortable gaming and better experience. The 5.8 inch of screen is fully utilised as the home button goes missing and all it takes it face ID to unlock your device.

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2436 X 1125 pixel resolution at 458ppi and true tone technology maximizes the gaming experience. Different resolutions from the basic available to the highest possible can be used with the Iphone x. no doubt it comes in huge cost; Quality does matter.

Weighing approximately 175 grams, Iphone x turns out to be an easy gaming device which is light weight. The handy device gives out an improved performance compared to the older models. Apple has been over 10 years in this industry progressively giving out better user performance. While it hold ios 11 for now, it has better AR gaming experience and utility in ios 12 claimed by apple rumours.

App store is the best gaming bazaar compared to android. Fortnite’s exclusive appearance on App store is the reason Iphone always stand out in gaming industry and holds the finest position in best phones for gaming.


Complete display usage.

Better battery backup compared to Iphone 7 and older.

3 GB RAM – Okay for not so regular gamers.

True tone technology which provides better gaming experience.

No home button.


Notch can be distracting.

Comparative poor cooling technology.

Iphone 8 plus – Smoothest of all

iphone 8 plus red is the coolest gaming phone

Image reference: The Verge

Key specifications:

Weight: 202 grams

Screen: 5.5 inches

Processor: A11 Bionic chip

Operating software: ios 11


Storage: 64/256GB

Resolution: 1080 x 1920

Battery: 2,691mAh

The Iphone 8 plus looks alike to Iphone 7 plus except for the two tones and glass back. This variant is well equipped with a battery of 2,691mAh which is considered to be fairly good. The Iphone 8 plus fall under best phones for gaming because of the A11 Bionic chip which boosts up the gaming performance.

The resolution factor of Iphone 8 plus is 1080 x 1920 which is better for gaming and video playback. The variant is 5.5 inch in size which makes it a bit handy and sometimes a bit large to for gamers. The processor speed is well suited for intermediate and higher gaming performance and showcase better toning of colours.

The display can be used in high definition mode for gaming purpose inside the game settings as it well suits this property. Games like PUBG and fortnite requires a good performing screen and multiple quick gestures. The Iphone 8 plus manages to handle this condition with multi touch screen LCD display along with the 5.5 inch screen size.

The special Iphone 8 plus red edition holds the same properties except for the colour. The gaming environment of Iphone 8 plus considers it one of the best phones for gaming.

While the Iphone storage cannot be increased externally it is better to buy an Iphone with higher space. Iphone 8 plus kicks in with two storage sizes in the market. The 64GB variant is well suited if you are not a regular gamer and not so concerned with updates. 64GB is in fact well suited if you belong to business industry and deal with contacts instead of games. For gamers the 256GB is really as important as winning a helicopter mission in GTA vice city. The 256GB variant can hold more heavy updates and won’t let your device slow down too soon.

It is recommended to wear a mobile case as the device is slippery due to the toning at the back. The audio quality stands out the row while it still takes 3.3mm Jack port for a connection.

Weight of Iphone 8 plus is a bit heavier compared to Iphone x.  The Iphone x weighs 175 grams approx while the Iphone 8 plus weigh around 202 grams.


5 inch LCD display

Fairly good Gaming environment


Weighs slightly heavier

Size contrast

One plus 6 – Play in HD

one plus 6 gaming phone 720 x 437

Image reference: YugaTech

Key specifications:

Weight: 177 grams

Battery: 3300mAh

Screen size: 6.28 inches

Resolution:  1080 x 2280 pixels

Processor: 2.8GHz octa core Qualcomm snapdragon 845

RAM: 6/8GB

Storage: 64/128/256GB

One plus 6 is the new flagship phone for 2018. It is launched with a very impressive style and desired features.  One plus 6 has a huge screen size of 6.28 inches which makes it more environmental for the gamers. It falls under best phones for gaming because of its processor speed and RAM memory.

The one plus 6 weighs nearly 177 grams and is comparatively lighter than the Iphone 8 plus which weighs 202 grams. With battery efficiency of 3300mAh it stands out the row.

The flagship killer one plus 6 comes in two variants and 4 colours. The mirror black variant is an extraordinary piece and has the same mirror concept of Iphone 7 plus jet black. Well it is not recommended for gamers to buy the mirror black variant at it gets slippery over the pulp.

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With two available RAM memories (6 GB and 8 GB); even the basic model gets well suited for gaming purposes. On the rocks it is more spacious and can hold updates with no heavy load on the processor. It is very well recommended to buy the 256GB variant as there is no much cost difference between all the three 64/128/256GB storage space. 256 GB variant is not yet available in all colours and is only restricted to the midnight black due to its recent launch. The variant with other three colours are expected to launch soon with the increase in the demand.

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The resolution factor of one plus 6 are 1080 x 2280 pixels which is ideal for gamers. Games can be played within the high definition resolution without any lags. The basic concept behind the all new one plus 6 is its design and purpose. The company claims that it has designed the whole concept for students based on their requirements which outstands other phones among youth.

The best part about the best phones is on the same token with processor speed to a variable extent. Here the one plus 6 is made up of 2.8 GHz octa core processor manufactured by Qualcomm. We very well know that Qualcomm has masters in developing processors for gaming industry which adds extra bite to flagship phone one plus 6.

With very well audio quality it enhances the gaming experience. One plus 6 rumours claim that it is very well maintained audio and doesn’t blow up the speakers even if the audio is maximized.

The video playback gives up a better battery backup compared to other devices which completely prepares it for a gamers kingdom show. Adding some more qualities in regards to the battery backup, One plus 6 is proved to charge up the whole device within 30 minutes with the dash charger. This increases the reasons to buy the flagship killer one plus 6 and also proves why it is under the best phones for gaming tag. The dash charger is included in the box and is no extra payable. It is the most recommended phone for the gamers who play intermediate and to an extent expert.


Battery backup






No wireless charging

Samsung galaxy S9 plus – Best of all 

samsung galaxy s9 plus 800 x 534

Image reference: Android Headlines

Key specifications:


Battery: 3,500mAh

Processor: EXYNOS 9810 Octa/snapdragon 845

Screen size: 6.2 inch curve display

Storage: 64/128GB

Weight: 189grams

Resolution: 1440X2960 pixels

Dimension: 158.1×73.8×8.5mm

Operating software: Android 8 Oreo

The Samsung galaxy s9 plus is really one to look out for. It has the giant 6.2 inch display which enhances the action gaming experience. The pressure sensitive home button adds an extra bite to the handling experience while IP68 water and dust resistance is a really look for.IP68 water and dust resistance let you handle the device in variable conditions around you and doesn’t affect if truth be told .To be fairly good at this, the Samsung galaxy s9 plus is not a massive modernize of the galaxy s8. It kicks in with improvements but not with majority.

It has a RAM capacity of 6GB which amplifies the gaming the experience.  What else would a gamer need? The amazing ram ability increases the smoothness of the phone while you are still in the middle of the game. You won’t lag anyway. While the display is worth a game the resolution factor does matter.

Samsung galaxy S9 plus walks in with 1440X2960 pixels resolution factor which allows you to play a high definition game. The 6.2 inch display screen is designed with super AMOLED QHD display which is one of the reasons it is well thought-out to be a flagship for Samsung line up.

A Major rush back problem is with the battery storage. The new galaxy S9 plus hops in with 3500mAh battery support which is considerably not fair enough. This is one of the setback of galaxy s9 plus. Samsung still manages to prepare it for best phones for gaming by improving the fast charge capability. The new galaxy s9 plus supports fast charging and boost the battery backup from 10-100% in just 90 minutes.

Dual stereo speakers improve the environment while you are playing alone or multiplayer. Rumours claim that the audio doesn’t burst out the speaker at the maximum level which is measured to be the best.

The major aim to enter the best phones for gaming tag is because of the processor speed. Samsung galaxy s9 plus is loaded with the most powerful EXYNOS 9810 octa/snapdragon 845 processor which rank top in the list. The super flex provided by the processor improves the gaming quality and make it more reliable and smooth. Why shouldn’t it? The processor is well known for developing of fast and smooth devices which definitely a call for best.


Dual stereo speakers

EXYNOS processor

6GB Ram

2 inch super AMOLED screen

Fast charging


Battery backup

Sony Xperia XZ2 – Play Lag Free

xperia xz2 with amazing gaming technology

Image reference : Clove Technology

Key specifications:


Storage: 64GB+Micro SD up to 400GB

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa core

Screen size: 5.7 inch FHD HDR LCD display

Weight: 198 grams

Battery: 3180mAh

Resolution: 1080×2160 pixels

Operating software: Android 8 Oreo

All new Sony xperia XZ2 is recently launched in February 2018. Turning out to be the flagship phone for Sony it is also one of the most premium phones. Sony is well known for gaming and no doubt so is there new sony xperia xz2.  Competing for other flagship devices for best phones for gaming it has a 5.7 inch LCD display which is fairly comfortable for gaming. The screen is full high definition and reaches maximum display without any disturbances. High dynamic range amplifies the rest.

The reason for considering it in best phones for gaming is because of the use of powerful processor snapdragon 845 made by Qualcomm productions. The processor is octa core which only means the smoothness in usage of multiple tasks simultaneously. This would in avoidance of lagging while you are in the middle of the game. Well Sony is well versed in it after all they are the creators of the playstation. Experiencing a very poor review on the design sony also focused on the design as well.

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The antecedent devices of xperia line up didn’t go well with the design because of the rectangle plot. It gets tough to handle a rectangle phone while you are playing quick action games. To be truthful the xperia line up wasn’t so worth the money except for the music player. Sony has focused on designing the xperia xz2 very well. It is a curved device with 5.7 inch display and less bezels.

The design also makes it slippery which is one of the setbacks while the other powerful advantage is the storage. Sony xperia xz2 is listed in best phones for gaming with one of the spacious regions. The product from factory originally has 64GB of space which is expandable up to 400GB using a micro Sdcard.  Powerful storage and Processor makes it well equipped to play games based on battle grounds such as PUBG and Fortnite which have heavy updates over regular period of time.

Battery capacity of xperia xz2 is 3180mah which is fairly okay for heavy gaming industries while the charging is quick enough for reloads. It would have been a better gaming phone if the ram size would have been more in quantity. Sony xperia xz2 lands in market with 4GB of Ram which may cause an issue for some of the gamers while overheating is still unchanged.

With IP 65/68 it has 618nits of brightness property which enhances the HDR display for amazing gaming experience. The resolution factor of this device is 1080×2160 pixels which is amazing for high resolution games. Audio experience of this device is fair enough and can be substituted with 3.5mm jack earphones if you are a hardcore gamer.

The problem is with dynamic vibration system. The device vibrates so hard that it may fall if kept over an edge. While vibrations are good if you belong to business field but for gamers it can be too disturbing.


HDR display

Qualcomm snapdragon 845 octa core

7 inch FHD HDR LCD display


Dynamic vibration system

RAM Capacity would have added more charm.

Asus ROG – Gaming Specialist 

asus rog gaming phone of 2019 1000 x 667

Image reference : PcMag

Key specifications:

Display: 6.00 inch


Weight: 200 grams

Processor: 2.96GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 845 octa core

Storage: 512GB

Battery capacity: 4000mAh

Resolution: 1080×2160 pixels

Operating software: ROG gaming UI

Asus ROG gaming phone is not designed to be just a smart phone, it is exclusive masterpiece for gamers. Well, no doubt after looking at the key specifications of the same. Asus ROG has a huge 6.00 inch display which is best recommendation for hardcore gaming experiences.

The comfortable 8GB ram is best for the gaming environment and that’s why it ranks top in the gaming industry. Asus designed the ROG phone with all the reviews and experiences on other products manufactured by them. No doubt Asus rank top in gaming laptops with predator series and that’s why the ROG phone is too dependable.

Processor remains the same, Qualcomm has never disappointed on producing high ended processors. The 2.6GHz Snapdragon 845 octa core processor commands the ROG phone for best processing unit.

The battery capacity of 4000mAh is super amazing for gaming and comparatively best among others. Asus ROG is superlatively designed for gamers and is less of smart phone. The key specs of smart phone view are poor as the quick charging feature is missing and the operating system is completely different. Asus designed the ROG gaming phone with ROG gaming UI.

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No doubt it is the top among best phones for gaming as it is spacious. You really never need an external memory for this device. The internal space of Asus ROG is massive; it is equipped with 512GB. You can store all of your favourite games without worrying about the space. The 512GB of internal space memory practically allows you to store almost all of your games in a single device with regular updates. The special design is so captivating that it really out course all the other devices. You can also add an external gaming controller to this device and boost your gaming skills.

Asus ROG is preloaded with 8GB of RAM capacity which is ideal for playing high ended games. While the One plus 6 does the same but with the storage comparison and Gaming UI is pretty much different. The strongest point is how well the phone’s hardware is designed to handle heavy updates and long time gaming upgrading it to top in best phones for gaming.

The resolution specs of Asus ROG are 1080 x 2160 which let you play action games at high definition resolution. No doubt all the recent launches are focusing   on better camera and processing unit but they somehow fail on battery expectations. While they all belong to smart phones, Asus ROG is really a choice to look forward as a gaming phone.


Amazing battery

Massive storage of 512GB internal


ROG Gaming UI

Snapdragon 845 octa core processor


Quick charge feature missing

Google pixel 2 XL – Outcast The Other Gamers

google pixel 2 XL gaming phone 720 x 48

Image reference: Digital Trends

Key specifications:

Processor: 1.9GHz Snapdragon 835 octa core

Screen: 6.0 inch

Battery: 3520mAh

Weight: 175 grams

Ram: 4GB

Storage: 64GB

Resolution: 1440 x 2880 pixels

Operating software: Android 8 Oreo

Google’s giant Pixel 2 XL is no less than a competitor for intermediate gaming phones. It is equipped with 1.9GHz snapdragon 835 octa core processor produced by Qualcomm productions. It is lesser than Asus ROG and Sony xperia XZ2 but still stand a chance for best phones for gaming. The 835 octa core is fairly compatible with ease while Asus ROG stands out with 845. This doesn’t create much difference and still stand a chance in best phones for gaming.

The giant 6.0 inch is attractive for hands on over the new pixel 2 XL. It is equipped with AMOLED multi touch screen which comforts the gaming display. As far as the smoothness is concerned it is no less than Iphone x and xperia xz2. The greater advantage is pixel 2 XL has lesser bezel which also ranks it in best phones for gaming.

Weighing nearly around 175 grams the pixel 2 XL is more likely to be a camera phone on the first and then a gaming phone. No doubt the quality of images produced by pixel 2 XL range to the top over the smart phone photography genre it still counts in gaming industry for its amazing screen properties. AMOLED not just deals with how you watch a game play but also gives you amazing touch property. No doubt you can hover to nearby stores and get one if you really are a intermediate player.

Battery is nearly best with 3520mAh capacity which lets you play action games such as PUBG and Fortnite for long hours. Google has recently step into better phone production but is a bit expensive. The fast charging options let you recharge your device quickly for a next match. Best phones for gaming also point towards the quick recharge. You can’t wait hours long for getting your phone charged up while your friends are playing a squad match without you.

With capacity of 4GB the RAM is fairly best for gaming while it still could have ram improvements in comparison to one plus 6. One plus 6 has two variants 6GB and 8GB which could have been an option for Pixel 2 XL. That would have ranked pixel 2 XL on a better place in best phones for gaming list.

Google pixel 2 XL is spacious enough to hold high ended games. The storage space of 64GB allows you to use your device to the fullest as photos are stored in cloud rather than the internal memory.

Pixel 2 XL has a resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels which is best for playing high definition games with smoothness. Lagging has been a part of bad gaming experiences and if you are looking forward for smart phone with better camera and gaming then pixel 2 XL is a choice. While the audio jack is of type c USB the front facing speakers boosts the gaming environment.


Amazing sound quality with front facing speakers

Lesser bezel

Battery backup

Quick charging

6.0 inch display


No 3.5mm audio jack

Samsung galaxy S8 plus – To Bet on Performance

samsung gaming phones series s8 plus 1200 x 675

Image reference: as.com

Key specifications:


Battery: 3500mAh

Weight: 173 grams

Display: 6.20 inch

Resolution: 1440 x 2960 pixels

Processor: EXYNOS 8895/1.9GHz octa core

Operating software: Android 7.0

Samsung galaxy s8 plus is no less as a competitor in best phones for gaming. The phone is furnished with powerful EXYNOS 8895 processor. The EXYNOS is very well known for being one of the powerful chips when it comes to performance. Samsung galaxy s8 plus have learned a lot of lessons from its predecessor. The lags have reduced to maximum extent Samsung ever did in its history and that’s why it is one of the phone to look forward. The 1.9GHz octa core snapdragon allows the smoothness to fall in place while the device is faster with transitions and gestures.

The amazing battery capacity of 3500mAh let you deal with high ended games and is well versed with the charging factor. The galaxy s8 plus supports quick charging which is really good point over years now.  In my opinion Samsung is trying to get rid of the cables and so it always keep on enhancing the wireless technology. No doubt the overheating still remains an issue.

The entrancing display of Samsung galaxy s8 plus is all about the colossal screen size of 6.20 inches. It comes in with round corners which may be a fall back for gamers but it solely depends on individual aspects. The large 6.20 inch screen is smooth enough for proper gestures and effortlessness.

RAM capacity of 4GB creates a good basic gaming environment while it could have been more than 6GB to boosts up the high level performance.

Storage space of 64GB is enough for gamers to download games like PUBG and Fortnite. For high ended gamers you still don’t have to worry as the device can expand storage up to 256GB which is considerably best.

The resolution property is 1440 x 2960 which enables you to play high definition games which improve your game play visualisation. The Samsung galaxy s8 plus is no far from the successor Samsung galaxy s9 plus which let you play with a bit higher resolution.


Giant 6.20 inch display

Battery backup

Quick charging

Less weight


Round corners can turn disturbing for individuals.

Google Pixel – Slaying Since Invented

google pixel game good for gaming 830 x 467

Image reference: CNET

Key specifications:


Display: 5.0 inch AMOLED

Battery: 2770mAh

Weight: 143 grams

Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 821 quad core

The Google pixel is the predecessor of pixel 2 of the comparisons shows the improvements Google has worked on. The Google pixel has a processor made by Qualcomm which is not so powerful. The processor used in Google pixel is Snapdragon 821 quad core which could have been much better and so it does in Pixel 2. The processor can manage 4 tasks at a time simultaneously with smoothness and gesture. It is yet a fair enough phone in the list of Best phones for gaming.

It comes in with 4GB of RAM memory and is well suited for beginners in gaming. While the camera still manages to be better in comparison to other competitors the talk is about gaming. With 4GB of RAM memory it wouldn’t be difficult for gamers to play games such as PUBG, C-ops and Fortnite. The smoothness in gaming isn’t affected by any factors so far.

The most amazing part about the Google pixel is its weight. It weighs around 143 grams which makes it much lighter than other competitors.  While the gaming phone ASUS ROG weighs 200 grams the pixel is much convenient for the usage.

The worrying issue comes in with battery. The Google pixel is having very poor battery capacity. With 2770mAh battery it drops down the list with other devices. Google manages to cope this situation with quick charging over the battery issue. Google pixel has medium pace of fast charging and it is worked well on pixel 2 for much reasons.

The screen is made of AMOLED which is 5.0 inches in size. This is somewhat okay for gamers if they can manage Iphone 6s display too. While the 4.7 inch display on Iphone 6s perfectly fits in then the pixel won’t be any problem. It also has multi touch features which enhance your gaming surroundings.



Better camera

RAM capacity of 4GB

Quick charging


Could have better processor.

Battery backup

Razer phone – Known For it’s Refresh Rate

Razor gaming phone for gamers 1200 x 648

Image reference : BGR

Key specifications:

Screen size: 5.70 inches

Weight: 197 grams

Resolution: 1440 x 2560 pixels

Battery: 4000mAh


Storage: 64 GB | Expandable up to 2000GB

Processor: Snapdragon 835 quad core

Razer phone stands next to the Asus ROG when it comes to gaming phone rather than a smart phone. It has a proper 5.70 inches screen size which makes it nearly comfortable for action gamers. With comfort in size it has an amazing 4000mAh battery which lets it hop in the best phones for gaming list. The screen has 120Hz refresh rate which make sit sustainable in gaming industry.

It weighs nearly around 197 grams which is a bit bumpy. Although the processor also is not so very powerful but is best for beginners in gaming. As a matter of fact the unit also get’s old by the time and so does the processor in Razer phone.  It is equipped with Snapdragon 835 quad core processor manufactured by Qualcomm. The processor is fairly okay if you want to run games like PUBG and Fortnite.

The 8GB of ram space let you play smoothly and with no discomfort of lagging. The amazing combination of RAM and ROM adds extra powers and make it more tempting to buy it.

The most captivating part of Razer phone is the storage capacity. It has 64GB of internal memory and can be massively expanded up to 2000GB. That’s too huge for any basic model gaming phone. The huge space of 2000GB can hold all of your favourite games with regular updates. The phone is so spacious that it can easily handle heavy up gradations and fill all of your favourite files.

The resolution property of Razer phone is 1440 x 2560 pixels which let you play games at high definition. The charm in playing with HDR properties takes away discomposure of the game play. The resolution is best for playing heavy games and in classic way.


Amazing expandable space

8GB of RAM

4000mAh of battery backup

Refresh rate of 250Hz


More bezels


Could have better processing unit.