Mi Trimmer – A Beard Trimmer By Xiaomi Launched In India

The Chinese tech giant xiaomi is now up with a new product – mi trimmer. This tech giant is one of the most selling cell phone brands in India. Xiaomi after launching premium smart phones at cheaper price is now stepping into other sectors of products; Grooming is one of them for now.
Recently Xiaomi successfully step into grooming industry with its latest product mi trimmer.

The mi trimmer is handy, easy to use and packed up with a lot of features you can’t resist. These features not only do the job easier but are also much more comfortable.

beard trimmer for men

Mi trimmer – a classy and comfortable design

The mi trimmer is no different than any other common trimmer when it comes to design perspective. The medium sized handle and the top blade sums up most of the trimmer.

“Yes. No sending data to cloud about your beard styling strategies. Sad reacts only.”

On the serious note, it is not just about the medium sized handle and the top blade. It has much more to do with. The 40 length setting allow you for precision and sharpness of beard while trimming.

I personally feel awkward and uncomfortable when I have a lot of uneven beard hair on my face. The precision let you having your style and nothing much less or more. The 40 precision is also cumbersome for some people who just want few options to trim and move on.

The blades are made up of stainless steel. There are a lot of advantages of using stainless steel blades. They don’t rust easily, warms up quick and are good against your skin compared to other alternatives.

The trimmer reaches every corner very smoothly with round blades. These blades are with precision as small as 0.5mm. The box contains two blades with different precision.

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Battery Backup?

The battery backup of Mi trimmer is 90 minutes cordless. This may seem like a powerful battery backup but honestly there are many Philips trimmer which last longer than 90 minutes.

The MI trimmer can run cord and cordless both. This means that you can trim while you are still charging the trimmer.

The fast charging feature will charge in no time. The developers claim 5 minutes of charging will give you a backup of 10 minutes. Which is great when you are getting late for something.

Is MI trimmer waterproof?

trimmer for men

Yes, the Mi trimmer is totally water proof with whole body being washable when you are getting late. Usually it is troublesome to remove the head of trimmer and clean the blades but with mi trimmer you can directly place the whole trimmer under a running tap and clean it without having to get on your nerves.

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Are you travel ready with your trimmer?

Mi really focused on one of the problems men face while carrying a trimmer in their travel backpack. The trimmer is designed with a travel lock feature which turns the trimmer into non functional until you turn it off using the travel button. The box also contains a travel pouch for your trimmer.

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