How to Get Netflix on DirecTV / AT&T Set-top Box

Want to get Netflix on a DirecTV / AT&T Set-top box? Here is a useful guide for you.

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the top streaming platforms for movies and shows. It has a huge library of classic comedy, thriller, suspense, horror, and most other genres, and or the Netflix app are the most convenient ways to watch Netflix. But how about watching Netflix on TV?

Most smart TVs come with Netflix in their app store, and you can readily download, log in, and start enjoying your favorites. But can you do the same with the AT&T Set-top Box? Can we get Netflix on DirecTV? If you can, then how to set up Netflix on DirecTV, or how to stream in high quality? This guide is all about it.

This guide is also specifically about how to get Netflix on DirecTV via the AT&T Set-top box. Earlier, DirecTV was an individual entertainment giant, but in 2015, AT&T acquired DirecTV, and now users can stream their favorite classics on DirecTV using the AT&T set-top box. Also, this guide works for DirecTV Gemini users.

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Can You Get Netflix on DirecTV?

Yes, you can stream Netflix on DirecTV / AT&T, and there are a few ways you can do it. The first way is to use the Apps menu that allows you to install Netflix directly on your DirecTV and log in to your account. The second way is to use the DirecTV Gemini device to install Netflix or other streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick or Chromecast. There is also another way, which is to use Channel 192 on your DirecTV and then set up your Netflix account.

These are a few effective ways you can get Netflix on DirecTV for seamless entertainment. Don’t worry; in a short time, we will discuss all these methods in detail and help you set up Netflix on DirecTV.

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But before that, does your DirecTV model actually support Netflix? Or is it an outdated model? Let’s look into this important aspect.

Supported Models and Features

Welcome to the second most important question in this guide: does my DirecTV model support streaming Netflix? What are the requirements and features?

Here is the list of the few most popular devices on which Netflix is supported,

  1. DirecTV Genie (HR44, HR54, HS17)
  2. DirecTV Genie 2 (HS17)
  3. DirecTV HD DVR (HR24)
  4. DirecTV HD (H24, H25)
  5. DirecTV 4K Genie Mini (C61K)

Along with these set-top boxes, it is also important that your connected TV is a Smart TV with UHD or HDR streaming capabilities. If you are going to use a smart monitor to do this, you can use the Dell Ultrasharp U2723QE, which is a great monitor for entertainment, PC utilities, and gaming. With such a monitor setup, you can turn your game room into a small living space without having to spend extra money.

Most DirecTV models include captivating features such as subtitles, easy navigation, resolution, and parental controls. But remember, there is always a need for a faster internet connection for buffer-free entertainment. If you want to boost your overall internet connection, you can use some of the best ethernet cables or use a speed booster to increase your internet speed.

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Setting up Netflix on DirecTV

Once we confirm we have a supported AT&T set-top box, let’s now see how we can set up Netflix on DirecTV using multiple ways. To make it simple and straightforward, we will be individually discussing each of the methods to set up Netflix on DirectTV.

1. Using the Apps Menu

Similar to most other streaming devices or set-top box, DirecTV / AT&T also come with its own apps menu. Fortunately, Netflix has a peering agreement with AT&T, and it comes pre-installed on your Set-top box.

Here is how to stream Netflix on DirecTV using the apps menu,

  • Press the “Home” button on your remote
  • Navigate to the “Apps” section of the main menu
  • Look for Netflix from all the streaming options available
  • Sign in using your Netflix account or sign up using the on-screen instructions

You can now peacefully stream Netflix on DirecTV. However, if you can browse through channels, the Netflix channel is available on Channel 192. To help you stream on Netflix on DirecTV using the channels, here are the steps you can follow,

  • Using your AT&T remote, browser through channels and navigate to channel 192
  • You will now be on the Netflix app; sign in using your Netflix account credentials or sign up using the on-screen instructions

For some reason, if you cannot find Netflix on Channel 192 or the Apps menu of your AT&T Set-top box / DirecTV, you can use the DirecTV Gemini device to stream Netflix and other popular entertainment services.

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2. DirecTV Gemini – Get Netflix on DirecTV

DirecTV Gemini is a streaming receiver that connects to your Smart TV and uses Google’s interface to help you get the most entertainment on your Smart TV. You get a Google voice-activated remote and access to Play Store and most other Google Apps to get apps like Netflix, Paramount+, Hulu, HBO Max, and other apps on your DirecTV.

One of the advantages of the DirecTV Gemini receiver is it detects if your Smart TV supports 4K resolution and adjusts the resolution to give you the best viewing experience. Inside the box alongside the remote, you get an HDMI cable and power cable, and the DirecTV Gemini receiver supports additional ports for USB and ethernet, so you can attach more supported peripherals and get a faster internet connection with direct ethernet connection. 

Once you set it up, here is how you can get Netflix on DirecTV Gemini,

  • Tap on the “Apps” button on the DirecTV Gemini voice remote.
  • From the options on your screen, tap on the “Get More Apps on Google Play Store” option.
  • If you still haven’t signed in to your Google account, complete the sign-in process. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it again unless you sign out of this device.
  • Search for the “Netflix” app using the search bar and download it. The Netflix app should now be installed on your DirecTV Gemini device.

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3. Streaming Devices or Sticks

Most users prefer having a standalone solution for all their entertainment preferences instead of investing in multiple devices. For instance, being only able to stream limited platforms because of the limited streaming capacity of certain streaming devices.

This is where you can have streaming solutions such as Amazon Fire Stick, Roku 4K, Google Chromecast, and many other popular options. These streaming solutions support thousands of streaming platforms, including popular and common ones like Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, Twitch TV, and many more. And it is a lot more convenient.

Get the Popular Streaming Sticks,

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast 3

Amazon FireStick

Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Stick

Most Smart TVs come with multiple USB options where you can connect these streaming solutions and readily access your favorite entertainment platform. These streaming solutions also come with 4K streaming capabilities, so you don’t have to worry about your crisp viewing enjoyment. Regardless, you will still have to get individual subscriptions for the platforms that you wish to stream, and in this case, to stream Netflix on DirecTV.

How to Sign Out or Close the Netflix App on DirecTV

While Netflix is now constraining how many users can share the Netflix account password and who can or who cannot, streaming on other devices has become a lot more difficult. Now, unlike the Disney Star platform, you don’t get a notification of your account signed in to secondary devices, and in this case, it is best to sign out of your Netflix account when you are done watching.

Sign-out also becomes necessary when you no longer crave to watch Netflix, and it is only eating up the subscription money each month from your bank account. In such a case, you can cancel your subscription and sign out of Netflix from your DirecTV.

Here is how to sign out of Netflix on DirecTV,

  • Navigate to the Netflix home screen
  • Using the remote, press the back or last button
  • On the right, select the “Settings” gear icon
  • Choose the “Sign Out” option and confirm signing out by pressing the “OK” button.

Also, even if you don’t want to sign out, the correct way to exit the Netflix app on your DirecTV is important. This can save you from a lot of cache and app issues or errors in the future and is also the prominent reason most times.

Here is how to exit the Netflix app,

  • Navigate to the Netflix home screen
  • Using the remote, press the back or last button
  • On the right, select the “Settings” gear icon
  • Tap on “Exit” and then confirm exit by pressing “OK.”

If you are DirecTV Gemini to stream Netflix with Smart TVs like Samsung that come with their Bixby remote or other respective remotes, you can also press and hold the back button to force close the app.

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Streaming Netflix in HDR & UHD on DirecTV

It is possible to stream Netflix in HDR or Ultra HD, and it is only supported on select AT&T Set-top boxes and definitely not on older devices. Alongside, there are a few other requirements, such as a faster internet connection with the least data loss, a Netflix plan that supports HDR or UHD streaming, which is usually the higher plan, and streaming quality set to auto or high.

As of now, AT&T TV (Android TV) and DirecTV Gemini support streaming Netflix in UHD and HDR.

As per Netflix, to stream in UHD, you will require,

A 2014 or newer Ultra HD TV that is capable of streaming Ultra HD content at 60 Hz, connected to your set-top box via an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2 or later (usually the HDMI 1 port).

And to stream Netflix in HDR on DirecTV, you will require,

A smart TV that supports either Dolby Vision or HDR10 connected to your device via an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2 or later (usually the HDMI 1 port).

If you are connecting a streaming device, then additional support for either Dolby Vision or HDR and Netflix.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Does my DirecTV model support Netflix?

To ensure Netflix compatibility, your DirecTV model should be one of the following: DirecTV Genie (HR44, HR54, HS17), DirecTV Genie 2 (HS17), DirecTV HD DVR (HR24), DirecTV HD (H24, H25), or DirecTV 4K Genie Mini (C61K).

How can I sign out or close the Netflix app on DirecTV?

To sign out of Netflix, navigate to the Netflix home screen, press the back or last button on your remote, select “Settings,” and choose “Sign Out.” To properly exit the Netflix app without signing out, go to the Netflix home screen, press the back or last button, select “Settings,” and tap on “Exit.”

Can I stream Netflix in HDR and UHD on DirecTV?

Yes, you can stream Netflix in HDR or Ultra HD, but it’s supported on select AT&T set-top boxes and not on older devices. Make sure you have a compatible Ultra HD TV, an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2 or later, and a Netflix plan that allows HDR or UHD streaming. AT&T TV (Android TV) and DirecTV Gemini support streaming Netflix in UHD and HDR.

Are there any recommended streaming devices for DirecTV if I prefer not to use the built-in apps menu?

Yes, you can opt for standalone streaming devices or sticks like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku 4K, or Google Chromecast to enjoy a wider range of streaming platforms on your DirecTV.

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Wrapping up: Get Netflix on DirecTV / AT&T Set-top Box for Seamless Entertainment

In conclusion, yes, you can get Netflix on DirecTV/AT&T Set-top boxes, but there are a few workarounds as it is limited to select models. Even if your set-top box does not support Netflix, you can use streaming devices or sticks like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Stick, or Google Chromecast and enjoy Netflix. If the AT&T set-top box supports Netflix, you can use Channel 192 or the apps menu to get Netflix and sign in to your account. DirecTV Gemini users can also install Netflix and stream peacefully. And ensure you have a good internet connection for buffer-free entertainment.

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I hope to have helped you with how to get Netflix on DirecTV/AT&T Set-top boxes; if you have any queries, doubts, or alternate methods, do mention them in the comments section below. If you like this article, do give this a quick share on your social media handles and do tag us. Also, join our Telegram channelFacebook page, and Twitter to never miss a quick update.

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