Credit Karma App – Free Credit Score and Tax-Saving Benefits

Credit karma compares personalized loans, checks credit scores, and help you check your credit score for free. The credit karma app is available for both android and IOS devices with great offers and savings on loans and personalized reports of your credit score.

Download Credit Karma App for Android and IOS

The credit karma app is available for both android and IOS devices.

My view is quite easy on the credit karma services; it is great for saving money and comparing offers. To use the credit karma services, you need to have a free member account that will be used to sign in on the app and checking your credit scores.

It is a financially good app and bends more towards customer guidance and promotes money saving. Additionally, it is partners with over 800+ banks to help more and more customers signing up on the credit karma app. I am quite astonished by the amount of money saved on the comparison of offers from different banks and businesses.

Now, unlike other credit score apps, credit karma allows you to choose from different credit cards based on the offers and services. A few of them are listed below –

  • Reward cards
  • Transfer cards
  • Travel cards
  • Cash back cards
  • 0% APR cards
  • Cards for bad and fair credits
  • Business credit cards

Credit karma also automates the process of insurance and provides savings on taxes. This is great for managing personal savings and increasing tax benefits.

Fix Credit Score on Own: Use The Space Shuttle Strategy

Features of Credit Karma –

  • Get a Free Credit Score
    With the Credit Karma app, Get a free credit score check.
  • Monitor and take control
    Check if there are any potential changes in your credit score and take control over the changes to improve them.
  • High-interest rate
    Maximize your income with high-interest rate returns with the savings account.
  • Credit card offers
    Why choose any credit card randomly? Compare all the offers on the credit card and save big.
  • Taxes Support
    Ensure maximum returns and audit defense with a free tax filing from start to end.
  • EquiFax & TransUnion
    Monitor any changes and get alerts when there are changes in your Equifax and Transunion.
  • Few more tools
    There are a few more tools available along with the free credit score checker; these include Debt repayment calculator, Simple loan calculator, Amortization calculator, and credit score simulator.

Tax Filing Made Easier and Free

Tax filing is much easier and free for users on the credit karma app. From the start, till the end, you can file your state and federal tax for free. Additionally, this is true even if you are taking deductions or credits on your accounts.

One of the most loved features of tax filing on credit karma is the audit defense. This feature allows you to hire a tax preparation professional to help you for free in certain cases. Moreover, credit karma also supports multiple IRS forms to support you filing almost any type of tax returns.

Tax filing on Credit karma is not for everyone, here is what the Editorials say –

It’s important to note that while the app can help lots of people file their state and federal taxes, Credit Karma Tax® isn’t for everybody. 

To know more about how to file tax using Credit karma, Read an informative blog here.

Fix Credit Score on Own: Use The Space Shuttle Strategy

Loans on Credit karma

There are great deals on loans and taxes using credit karma. There are three types of loans on credit karma –

  • Personal Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Auto Loans

After you sign up on the credit karma, you can get personalized loan options based on your credit score. Most of the time, these loans are much better than what other banks and mortgage holders offer you. Planning to buy a car? Must check out the personal loans on credit karma to get maximum profits and benefits in comparison to other loan providers.

Home Loans are great on the credit karma app too; this is possible with the best refinance rates for the registered users. Registering on Credit Karma is free and gets you with the best deals on loans in comparison with 800+ banks.

A specific and dedicated loan category for automobiles on credit karma helps maximise car loans. All you need to do is input your credit score, select the car type, and input your loan value.

Savings and Benefits

Now, most of the banks may not give you high-interest rates for your money but this is not true with credit karma. Here, you get high-interest rates in comparison to other banks and institutions. To avail of the benefits, open a savings account for free on credit karma and deposit the money in your account.

Along with the high-interest rates, you can avail of many other benefits such as free ID monitoring and personalized approval odds. The free ID monitoring feature alerts you when your details are not safe and can potentially threaten you. Personalized approval odds show the chances of approvals in comparison to other users who got approval in the past. This shows if you are having a high chance of getting personalized approval based on the credit score.

Fix Credit Score on Own: Use The Space Shuttle Strategy


Credit Karma allows you to check your credit score for free and saves you big on tax filings and savings. It is great to monitor and take control of your credit score and improve it substantially. Get personalized approval odds and tax benefits using the credit karma app. The features and tools are exceptionally great to improve your loans, taxes, and insurances.

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