Kotlin vs Java – Why Kotlin is better than Java?

There are a number of programming languages and it is difficult for the learner to choose one over another. This article is all about kotlin vs java; two of the programming languages used for android development.

All the programming languages are best in their own way; it is the development and improvisation of some which lead to another. The best part is, you get to choose which programming language to play with.

Kotlin vs Java – The Perks & Drawbacks

kotlin is better than java
Easy UnderstandingYesFair
Shorter ProgramShorter Programs to solve problems.Long programs for smaller tasks.
CompatibilityKotlin is a child of Java and supports java advanced frameworks.Highly compatible with Android development.
Problem SolvingKotlin solves the problem of null pointer exception.Has problems like null pointer exception and reference.

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1. Easy Understanding

Kotlin is much easier to understand as compared to Java. There is no use of semicolons in kotlin. They also have many more advantages with smart casts and string templates.

Kotlin simplifies the use of mutable and immutable declarations for data structures and also it is succinctly written than Java. Here succinctly signifies ease of reading the language which is lesser in Java as compared to Kotlin. Such kind of deficiencies lead to buggy code and improper compilation at both run time and compile time.

2. Shorter Program

Kotlin is much simpler in developing as compared to java. The LOC (Lines of code) are very less for the same kind of problem which helps developers in a lot of ways.

  • The very first perk for developers is easy coding with lesser code.
  •  Developers and testers can easily find errors and fix them in a shorter span of time.
  • Modification of codes can be done in a much easier way in the developing and testing process.
  • It takes less amount of time.

3. Kotlin – Child of Java:

When it is about compatibility with java, kotlin is not a disappointment. Kotlin is easily compatible with java. There is no need to redevelop the whole project into kotlin programming language. In fact, kotlin supports a huge number of java libraries and advanced frameworks.

best app development language

4. Solves a lot of Problems Compared to Java:

Java has a huge problem to deal with, the null pointer exception. If a member from a null reference is accessed then a null pointer exception is forked. This problem is solved by kotlin programming language. Along with this kotlin in comparison with java is well documented.

Kotlin solves most of the flaws of Java. It takes logic from a different number of programming languages to solve them. It also removes boilerplate code which helps it to deal with late realization and delegations.

Visit Kotlin official’s Website – Kotlin Programming Language

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