Delete These When Storage Is Full On Your Android Device

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No matter which device you use, the most irritating problem is “Storage full, delete some files”. The common confusion is what to do next? What to delete when storage is full on mobile? The concept behind the lag in mobiles does not depend on processor speed solely. Instead the ROM part should also be considerate when you buy a cell phone.

Our everyday life deals a lot with what we use and how we use it. Our roughly usage of cell phones revolve around different social apps, music libraries and of course Audio and video files. The most troublesome and confusing part is what to delete because at that stage everything seems to be important. In this case the question pops up again what to delete when storage is full? Let’s not panic and get hard on the deleting apps and photos which consume a lot of space.

What to delete when storage is full on mobile? Is it all the apps and images?

The foremost thing to delete is the cache memory which is nothing but clearing RAM memory. Now, what is cache memory? Cache memory is the temporary memory stored between the processor and memory unit which consist of memory which is used frequently. This memory in mobile phones can be default apps such as browser and launchers. It also consists of auto fill concept in some cases which help in ease of time complexity. The cache memory is not independent of apps. You have to sometimes clear data individually for all the apps.

To clear RAM memory in android phone just perform these basic steps,

Settings > Application manager > App > clear cache

To clear default cache memory,

Long press home button (in some cell phones long press the multi window button) > clear cache memory

What to delete when storage is full on mobile? – Inappropriate Apps

Once you have cleared cache memory, let’s move on to next part. Deleting battery saving and clear memory apps. True, these apps don’t optimize your cell phones. Instead they slow down your devices. Also always check the permissions you grant them while installation. Sometimes they access sensitive information and put your device on risk.

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After deleting apps which are not useful or have lost their existence, let’s move on to images and videos. Always backup your photos and videos to cloud storage. Delete photos and videos from phone which are not useful and save a backup of important media files on cloud storage. The best example is Google photos which does the same. This app is available for both IOS and Android.

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Not to mention the most regular mistake we do to increase phone storage is existence of burst photos. Always choose your favorite picture and delete the rest of them. They may consume unnecessary space and add up to slow of devices.

What to delete when storage is full ?- Data of Background Apps which are not useful and are malicious.

Check for background apps. We usually don’t notice apps running in the background. They can be malicious apps and may not be visible in menu drawer. Such apps reduce the speed performance and also cause harm to device. One must take care of apps in background; your data on your phone is sensitive.

Talking more about saving your data and space. The most reliable way is to transfer your data into micro SD card. Every device has capacity of storage which can be extended in a limited way. You can use external storage data for saving space and files.

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