Realme Collaborates With This Avenger for Realme X

marvel movies

Realme launched its new Smartphone variant realme x in china and it was an avenger who scaled the production.
Earlier this week, the CEO of cell phone giant Mr.Madhav tweeted about their partnership with the Marvel Avengers and something fun is about to come up.

The tweet said a lot about the branding of avengers and wild guesses were bringing up of all new smart phone cases with avenger based themes and it is totally worth the hype. The Avenger’s End game made a huge impact and the craze is still growing with the re releasing the movie.

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The Avenger mentioned here is none other than spiderman. Obviously for branding purposes the company has tied knots with Marvel and Sony productions for their upcoming set; Spiderman : far from home.
Later on June 26th of 2019, the CEO of realme mobiles, Mr. Madhav tweeted an image depicting the collaboration of real me with Spiderman: Far from home.

The Variants are already on sale in China for around 18,000 Rupees and soon will be available in India from July 9th of 2019 around the same price.

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realme x spiderman version

It will be a spiderman theme based device and there are leaks of the same from the sales in china. The specifications for Realme X spiderman edition remains the same with the previous realme x which was dated on May 15 of 2019.

By the same token are you going to buy the new realme x spiderman edition? let us know in the comment section and share the news with your avenger fam.