11 Easy Ways for Men to look More Handsome and Attractive

How to be handsome? This is the most frequently asked question by almost every man and there are a lot of blogs already out there. But there are not many problems faced by average men’s in this country. Here are a few tips to groom without any expensive products or complex techniques. Just take care of this every day and you will look more attractive and handsome.

Look More Handsome and Attractive –

First Tip: Let’s start with the haircut. Most people try to grow long hair and think they will look more charming but is it really a good option? Growing long hair is not a good option if you have a rough hairline. If you have smooth hair like Bhuvan Bam or Keanu Reeves then definitely you can give a shot. Again, you should have a good physique and not be too lean or be overweight to have this haircut. It really doesn’t make you look handsome.

hansome haircut

The solution to this is to have a haircut with a medium amount in the center and slightly lesser in the sideways of your head. This proportion may change again depending on your face style and suiting. But this is exactly how it should be; it looks more attractive and makes you look more handsome.

chapped lips

The second tip is to adjust your eyebrows. Many Men have their eyebrows joint in the middle (unibrow) and this makes them look unattractive. You don’t need to shave all of it, keep some hair strands and remove all the other hair in the middle part. It will look natural and won’t make it look awkward.

Use face scrubs once or twice in a month to remove the blackheads from your nose. Yes, that’s our third tip. When we use hot water to shower a lot of pores on our face open up. These pores fill in dust and you have both blackheads and whiteheads.

Use face scrubs to remove these blackheads which are mostly found on the nose part. Use cold water for washing your face and press gently against the skin using a soft cloth.

face scrub

Also, prefer using organic face scrubs most likely one with charcoal or coffee as the main ingredient. Don’t forget to moisturize your face before applying the scrub. This will open up all the pores so that you can clean them.

Our fourth tip is about the beard. If you have patchy beards, just remove them. Have a clean shave if you are not able to grow a full beard. If you want to grow beards then comb it properly and make it even and you will look more handsome. I encountered this amazing blog post by balding beards on 10 ways to fix patchy beard, this will be a helpful guide for you.

look handsome

If you prefer to remove the beard then just don’t keep the mustache. Keeping patchy mustache is unattractive to a lot of women out there.

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Tip number five. Use lip balm and lip scrub to keep your lips from chapping. Chapped lips are those with cracks and peeling of the skin. Use organic homemade organic lip balms which are much more safe and helpful than the one present in the market.

The sixth and most important tip is to use face wash regularly. At least twice a day wash your face to remove the oil present on your skin. Oily skin is responsible for pimples on your face and is also makes you face dull. To bring back the handsome charm, wash your face with oil controlled face wash. Prefer using organic products which will reduce the risk of damaging your skin.

face wash handsome

Take a considerable amount of face wash on your palm according to your face size and rub it gently on your wet face. Rub it inwards and also apply it on your neck. Make sure the face wash is getting inside your deep skin and then wash your face.

You can use a bonus tip that I learned from beer biceps, use moisturizer and baby powder on special occasions; this will add more charm to your face. Using baby powder over normal has many advantages; you get finer granules in baby powder. Whenever you have special occasions use this technique and make yourself stand out in the crowd.

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The seventh tip is to maintain your cleanliness. You must keep yourself clean. Cut your nails and remove the hair strand on your ears. Use can just trim them off (Make sure you do it safely). Maintain your hygiene and make sure you brush twice a day.

Tip number Eight. The way you dress up is one of the important ways to fill up your confidence. Wear ironed clothes which are bright in color. If you are wearing formals then make sure that all of the buttons are in alignment with your belt in the center and the color of your belt matches the color of your shoes. If you are wearing casuals then avoid wearing too loose clothes.


Tip number nine is to use Fragrances. Now you might think why fragrance is important to look handsome. Good fragrance builds a nice and attractive image of yours which influences your looks of being handsome. Don’t use too much excess of it, just a few drops or spray is enough.

handsome man

Handsome men prefer wearing watches; it adds weight to their looks. Wearing a watch will make you look stylish and build an attractive image of yours. It shows that you value time. Wear a good watch which suits your physique and make sure it is not loose on your hand. This is tip number ten.


The last and final tip is to walk in confidence. You need to always show confidence to attract other people’s minds. In fact, in my opinion, handsome men are more about the confidence they carry with them.

Final Words

So, these were some amazing tips to look handsome for every average man without any fancy expenses and complicated techniques.

Let us know in the comments how well it works for you and does let us know if you want us to write about some other Male grooming tips.

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