How To Do Windows 10 Free Update?

On 29 July, 2015 Windows 10 free update released and microsoft  announced to get Windows 10  so far till July 2016. Which offered anyone running a windows other versions can update free to windows 10.As of now the Windows 10 free update is shirnked but even though we can still update to windows 10 freely. This can be done using the windows 10 update assistant.

What do you need for windows 10 free update?


  1. The most important thing is that the current version windows 7, 8, 8.1 should be activated. To check whether your windows is activated follow the steps.

In Windows 7.

Start->Control panel->System and Security->System

Windows 10 free upgrade win 7 activated

In Windows 8.

Press Windows+W and in search type activated in the search box and then open the see if windows is activated . You can look under control panel->System to see the status of the machine.

Windows 10 free upgrade -win8 activated

  1. Backing up your pc is second thing . If the backup process is done regularly there is no problem if not be sure that your pc is fully backup. The update procedure is not destructive to your files but we cannot anticipate you will run any problems. Better Consider a full system backup using  the Windows built in system image backup or any third party backup applications.
  2. Turning off any third party antivirus applications which may interfere in the windows 10 free update process. Moreover its better to uninstall them because after update you can reinstall the windows 10 version.
  3. Downloading the Windows 10 free update tool. You can download this from here. on the other hand the windows assistant tool will figure out the right version of windows you need to update. In addition if you are using the pro versions of windows 7 it will update to pro version windows 10.


Running the installation for windows 10 free update

The last and final step is to run the windows 10 free update tool on your current version of windows 7, 8, 8.1. You will be see a application asking you want to “update this pc now” and “Create installation media for another pc”. Choose the “update this pc now” to install windows 10 on the you downloaded the windows 10 free update Tool. If you want to install the windows 10 on another pc select the “Create installation media for another pc”.

Windows 10 free upgrade tool

After the selection just follow the prompts to complete the update and the product key will not be asked.

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