Iphone X Price And Specifications | Production Stopped – Where To Buy?

Iphone x price

Hey everyone, this blog is all about the Iphone x price, specifications and other things you would love to know about. The Iphone x is one of the best phones for gaming and you can check the list here. Though there are phones like Iphone XS Max and Iphone XR which are latest models from apple, the question is how much you will spend for it?

X provides same gaming experience and at an affordable price. The production of Iphone X is stopped but can be bought refurbished on Ecommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. The refurbished Iphone X is also available on Best buy, OLX and other similar websites.

Key Specifications –

Display: 5.8 inch OLED diagonal all screen multi touch display.

Ram: 3GB

Storage: 128GB

Height: 5.65 inches

Width: 2.79 inches

Depth: 0.30 inch

Weight: 6.14 ounces

Battery life: Apple claims that Iphone x has 2 hours longer battery than Iphone 7

Talktime( wireless ): up to 21 hours

Internet: up to 12 hours

Video playback: up to 13 hours

Audio playback: up to 60 hours

Iphone X price and Specifications –

The Iphone x which came in with the no notch long display is very well suited for playing action games. In some cases it may turn out to be distracting while it all depends on the gamers’ compatibility. The A11 bionic chip helps with the performance while a better battery backup compared to previous model does the interrupt less gaming job.

The variant has better colour and depth which signifies the huge impact in gaming experience. Iphone x uses better true colours compared to the basic models and kicks in with great storage compatibility.

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The highest possible storage capacity Iphone x can be bought with is 128GB and that is a lot of storage for regular and heavy updates. Games like PUBG and Fortnite regularly needs updating for better fixes and gaming environment.

The office experience is seamless on the go with Iphone x. The built in apps such as stocks, keynotes and numbers simplify your job and kick out your laptop for simple presentations.

The other features such as setting up reminders and other calendar events with the help of siri is a lot of time saving. You can check out for blog by Igeeksblog on how to set up siri on Iphone X if you really don’t know about it.

Home button is a call for buying Iphone x for gamers. With Iphone x gamers can completely utilise the long display screen for comfortable gaming and better experience.The 5.8 inch of screen is fully utilised as the home button goes missing and all it takes it face ID to unlock your device.

2436 X 1125 pixel resolution at 458ppi and true tone technology maximizes the gaming experience. Lifewire is a great saviour when you don’t have much knowledge about things. Here is the complete information about True tone technology by Lifewire. Again, Different resolutions from the basic available to the highest possible can be used with the Iphone x. No doubt it comes in huge cost; Quality does matter.

Simpler Applications And Iphone X Price –

If you are a fitness freak then you will definitely love the information Apple tracks for you. The infographics available on apple watch is quite amazing.

The series 4 which is recently launched by the Apple even monitors your heart rate and pulses on the go with ceramic back and digital crown. Read the complete review of apple watch series 4.

The student life is no less than the others. With apps from apple like Notes and Pages, students can always write points whenever it is required and phones are out of reach. The simplification of life by technology is just remarkable and is improving every day. The choice of AR in Education is significantly the best answer for this.

Weighing approximately 175 grams, Iphone x turns out to be an easy gaming device which is light weight. The handy device gives out an improved performance compared to the older models.

Apple has been over 10 years in this industry progressively giving out better user performance. While it hold ios 12 for now, it has better AR gaming experience and utility in ios 13 claimed by apple rumors.

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App store is the best gaming bazaar compared to android. Fortnite’s exclusive appearance on App store is the reason Iphone always stand out in gaming industry and holds the finest position in best phones for gaming.

Iphone x price is around 70,000 Indian rupees for 64GB space. Check the link below to buy the Iphone x on amazon. Moreover, The production is currently stopped but apple Iphone x can be bought refurbished.

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