How to avoid being added to unwanted Whatsapp groups?

Waking up to annoying whatsapp group messages which you have been exiting for long now have been resolved. The developers at whatsapp have now solved the problem with a simple yet working solution.

The family groups where you have been receiving cheesy morning and night messages or random groups you never wanted to be into can now be avoided with this simple feature updated in the whatsapp.

The recent update for whatsapp allows you to choose whether you want to be added to the group or not.

The following are the steps to enable this feature –

  • Open Whatsapp application
  • Go to settings menu


  • Click on Account section
  • Select Privacy

  • Click on Groups.

  • change it from everyone to nobody.

After changing this setting, if someone tries adding you to any group it will pop them an error. Does that mean you will never be added to any group?

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No, that is not the case here. The admin will now be given an option to invite you privately and only if you are interested then you can join the group.